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Tirana - Bauprojekte

Erstellt von Arbanasi, 24.10.2009, 20:06 Uhr · 719 Antworten · 198.304 Aufrufe

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    Das bizinis läuft so gut? na gut ...
    Es gibt viele Stipendien die vergeben werden, zudem kriegen viele ihr Studium von Verwandten aus dem Ausland finanziert. So behilft man sich.

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    The 85 meters high building provides a complex and various functional program: six underground levels for parking, the first four floors for commercial spaces, seven floors for offices and the last eight for dwellings. A luxurious hotel is placed on the top of the building from which a big panorama can be enjoyed. The project, entitled ″4 ever green″, has emerged for the peculiar attention paid to the insertion of the project inside the urban context and for the creation of public spaces in the ground floor, gained thanks to the tightening of the base of the building.
    More then referring to the contemporary skyscrapers characterized by glass and steel, the building refers to the traditional masonry of towers that animated the historical landscape. So as in the movements even the skin of the building reinvents the tradition elaborating the pattern of the ancient tissues of the Tirana land, changing them in a texture which creates vibrating and ethereal fronts.

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    Großer Stadtring von Tirana:

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    Neuer Boulevard in Tirana, sieben der bekanntesten Architekten weltweit werden für das Projekt konkurrieren und haben ihre Pläne bereits am 9 märz bekannt gegeben. Der Bolulevard soll ca. 1,8 Km lang sein, mehrere Parks sowie diverse Freizeitanlagen umfassen. Das Projekt wurde vor genau 1. Woche im Gemeinderat beschlossen, 7 Milionen Euro wurden für die Anfangsarbeiten zugeteilt, weitere 50 Milionen wurden aus Abu Dhabi als Kredit bezogen:

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    After several years of bureaucracies and efforts, concrete offers from three companies have arrived for the construction of a new stadium.

    One of them is the “Bouygues” company, second to Europe as regards construction and very experienced in stadiums, and with all the resources to demolish, build and manage the stadium alone.

    Another one is the Italian “Serenissima Construzioni”, which comes with a consortium, since they don’t have all the resources or great experience for stadiums on their own.

    A Korean company, “For You Global Tech”, has shown its interest months ago and has brought a project idea.

    The stadium’s board, with the help of a French consulting company, TeamStadia, has established the technical criteria for all companies who have shown their interest, and one of them is preserving the façade of the current Qemal Stafa stadium. The procedure ends on January 20th.

    Many studies have been done, and the most important is the feasibility. The auditing KPMG company says that the average cost for a 16.000 seat stadium would be 71 million EUR, while for a stadium that can host 23.000 viewers, the price would be 40% higher.

    Based on the KMPG study, the investment, together with the property value, would go to 93 million EUR for 16.000 seats, and 130 million EUR for 23.000 seats. The state’s contribution will be only the property, although the agreement with the “Kuq e Zi” Association, the shares are 75% for the Albanian Football Federation and 25% for the Albanian state.

    Regardless of these numbers, the goal is one. Demolishing the 60-year-old stadium and building a new modern one. The works might start in 2014 and the stadium could be complete by 2016.

    Glaubt ihr das dieses Projekt realisiert wird oder werden die es einfach wieder nicht machen?
    Dass Projekt sollte am Anfang so aussehen, ich weiss nicht ob sie ein anderes Planen aber sieht schon gut aus.

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    The new concept of Polytechnic University of Tirana

    "Kristal" Komplex

    Projekt Sky Hotel, es wird immernoch angeblich auf die Genehmigung gewartet, finde keine weiteren infos davon.

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    Mehr über das Stadion, hoffentlich wird das so gemacht und nicht anders, oder hoffentlich machen die es überhaupt.

    The Concepts for the Design of the new Albanian National Stadium

    When designing a new stadium, especially one which is to be considered a “National Stadium”, it is always of interest for the future design to evoke recognizable elements of both the city and the country.
    The design for the new Albanian Stadium in Tirana looks to bring into the design the following 3 main concepts:

    Concept 1: The shape of the Country of Albania itself
    Concept 2: The rugged and faceted mountain landscape of Tirana
    Concept 3: The National Flag its strong colors of red and black

    The Shape of the Country of Albania

    The Concept evolves from the shape of the country and also refers to its north south orientation in Europe. Albania is placed north south and this also corresponds to the ideal orientation of a football stadium. The shape of Albania is then simplified in a faceted and geometrical irregular shape, and the main cities or towns are located on the geometrical “Albanian map”.

    The design then joins the main towns of the country forming a series of triangular shapes, representing the union of the people in these towns, and the stadium. The centre area is void in order to allow light to the pitch.

    The formalization of the faceted form and the lateral facades, with the rugged geometry of the mountains and the Albanian landscape begin to come apparent in the formal concept design of the stadium.
    The black color evokes the form and the memory of the Albanian Eagle which is present on the flag of Albania, and the black color is again used in respect for the color of the bird on the National Flag.
    The red of the inside bowl and seating responds to the red color of the flag, the background for the stadium national colors and the team colors when representing their country.

    The Faceted landscape of Tirana

    Tirana has an impressive wild surrounding landscape which is present every moment in life of Its citizens like a background.
    This strong, powerful and sharpened envelope is represented in the spirit of the new stadium and their people. One only has to look at the surroundings of Tirana, to the nearby mountain ranges, to establish how the city is accustomed to a rugged and faceted environment. The stadium design is made up from some different faceted triangular panels, and when placed on the structure with different heights the effect is an irregular faceted façade of great architectural presence.

    The Albanian Flag

    The Albanian flag is a very strong image. It is the symbol of Albania and as such the project looks to take on two of the main element of the flag,
    The colors Black and Red are strong and dynamic colors and the Concept design looks to incorporate these into the final design.

    Stadium Brief (UEFA ELITE standards)

    UEFA recommends a minimum of 30.00 net seats. This capacity must be at least 75% covered. The stadium needs to be suitable for segregating various target groups into self containing sectors.

    VIP Facilities. Hospitality Areas.
    UEFA must provide to their VIP guests a minimum of 100 places of VVIP (premium) access controlled with specific tier area and its dedicated VIP lounge (ratio 2m2 per person). One secondary Hospitality Area for at least 300 VIP with easy access to the seats (ratio 1.5 m2/person) and two areas for each of the two competing teams for at least 250 guest each club (ratio 1.5 m2/person)

    Media Facilities
    TV and Media must be considered like another VIP partner. The stadium will have a provision of first-rate media facilities, excellent communications and controlled accesses, specific tier reserved zones and ancillary working areas. Floodlighting of a minimum of 1400 lux in main camera direction.

    Stadium Facilities:
    First quality seats conditions, 105x68 pitch dimensions, adequate distances between playing field and retaining walls (7.5 goals and 6.0 sides recommended), room around field of play for advertising boards and event activities. Fence free concept must be implemented. Sanitary facilities for spectators (both sexes) refreshment, catering and First aid facilities for public, media and officials.

    Stadium Ancillary areas:
    Direct, private and protected accesses and movement into the stadium for both teams and referees to their first quality dressing rooms (equal size and furnishings). Suitable and appropriately equipped dope-testing room and UEFA delegate. A stadium control room (police, fire, public announcers and medical services located in) with a TV surveillance system.

    Stadium Surroundings
    The stadium must be easily accessible (access and egress in safe conditions) and should have sufficient space around it for promoting activities and being available for fans. Game day public transport systems must be implemented and sufficient Parking spaces for busses and cars in the near vicinity in relation with its capacity must be reserved.

    Building Sequence

    Capacity (Upper Tier)

    UEFA recommends a minimum of 30.00 net seats. This capacity must be at least 75% covered. The stadium needs to be suitable for segregating various target groups into self containing sectors.

    2 TIERS - 33.825 SEATS (gross figures)
    UPPER TIER 16.093 SEATS (gross)
    VIP Premium 120 seats
    VIP Boxes (20 units) 320 seats
    VIP Upper Tier 2800 seats
    Gen Public: 12853 seats

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    Der Bau des Stadions soll angeblich Juli 2014 beginnen.
    Die Tram angeblich 2014 und die Bauzeit geht bis 2016

    Business Park Projekt

    Tirana Ring Center

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    The new concept of Polytechnic University of Tirana

    "Kristal" Komplex

    Projekt Sky Hotel, es wird immernoch angeblich auf die Genehmigung gewartet, finde keine weiteren infos davon.
    Toll! Mit Rama als Kunstliebhaber könnte das noch realisiert werden, kann ich mir vorstellen...

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    Toll! Mit Rama als Kunstliebhaber könnte das noch realisiert werden, kann ich mir vorstellen...
    Rama? Der Bürgermeister Tiranas heißt Basha!

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    Rama? Der Bürgermeister Tiranas heißt Basha!
    Ja, das weiss ich. :
    Ich meinte Edi als Premier.

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    Ja, das weiss ich. :
    Ich meinte Edi als Premier.
    Jaaa der Edi…da er jetzt Premier ist, wird er wohl den Rest der Blöcke in Albanien mit schönen leuchtenden Farben anmalen lassen.

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