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Erstellt von @rdi, 04.02.2011, 21:04 Uhr · 119 Antworten · 11.695 Aufrufe

  1. #111

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    Zitat Zitat von Ardian Beitrag anzeigen
    geh ihn doch einen lutschen
    Wat soll ick sagen? Hab´s versucht aber er hat nach dir verlangt. Habe ihm sagen müssen dass du Schiss hast.

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    Avatar von @rdi

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    Zitat Zitat von Aktivist Vetevendosje Beitrag anzeigen
    o te knofte zemra o beqir gashi, beqir sef mleqani, zoti nxhenet !!

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    Serben und Kosovaren beenden Gespräche - Kosovo -

    meiner Meinung nach in diesen Umständen also wie sich Serbien gegenüber Kosovo verhält, sollte man ganz unterbrechen und erst dann Gespräche aufnehmen wenn Serbien solche territoriale Ansprüche aufgibt.

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    Avatar von Singidunum

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    Serbien hat die Gespräche vorerst beendet, aufgrund der Zusammenstöße am administrativen Übergang.

    Eskalation: Serbien lässt Dialog mit Kosovo platzen «

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    Avatar von BIG-Eagle

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    Und schon wieder scheitert es an Serbien.

    Dieser Borko kann es auch nicht lassen. Tja , nun haben sie die EU auch noch verloren.
    KFOR ; EU ; NATO ; USA ... alle auf unserer Seite.
    Undihr ... hahaha , mit Russlandchen.
    Und die Chinesen wedet ihr auch verlieren.

  7. #117
    pusite nam kite nase srpske picke zvalave jebo vas eu i ameri dupe im lizete ko kurve sto jeste fotzen breeee

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    pusite nam kite nase srpske picke zvalave jebo vas eu i ameri dupe im lizete ko kurve sto jeste fotzen breeee
    Tvoj nos brzi vos, a moja guzica je stanica

  9. #119
    Zitat Zitat von Azzlack Beitrag anzeigen
    Tvoj nos brzi vos, a moja guzica je stanica
    ich mag dich weil du ein Azzlack bist deswegen sag ich nix

  10. #120

    Belgrade and Pristina poised to continue talks

    Belgrade has decided to continue dialogue with Pristina on technical issues – the EUˈs most important condition for granting Belgrade candidate status at its December 9th summit.

    By Igor Jovanovic and Linda Karadaku for Southeast European Times in Belgrade and Pristina -- 18/11/11

    Serbia’s chief negotiator Borislav Stefanovic addresses Serbs in Rudare, northern Kosovo. [Reuters]

    Belgrade-Pristina talks are expected to resume on Monday (November 21st), almost two months after being stopped in the aftermath of conflict between northern Kosovo Serbs and KFOR at the Jarinje administrative crossing.

    Belgrade had conditioned continuation of the talks on finding a solution for the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings, saying a solution is close.

    The sticking point says Borislav Stefanovic, head of Belgrade’s negotiating team, is Pristina’s insistence that they become "state borders". He told SETimes, "This is absolutely unacceptable to Serbia. The Kosovo flag or border signs cannot be at the crossings. All solutions must be in accordance with the Serbian Constitution and UN Resolution 1244."

    Stefanovic said the dialogue concerning university degrees and Kosovo's regional representation would resume, but it is likely the two sides will talk about the northern Kosovo crossings. Pristina backs the concept of integrated management of the borders. The head of Kosovo’s negotiating team in the talks, Edita Tahiri, told SETimes that Kosovo is ready to reach an agreement with Serbia, with EU guarantees.

    "If Serbia accepts it, it should know that it is an agreement between two independent states, an agreement that shows a European philosophy," Tahiri said.

    Stefanovic said the agreements reached with Pristina -- concerning freedom of movement, peoples' registers and the cadastre -- will be implemented, and the Serbian government has already acted to carry out the decisions. But Belgrade media reported recently these agreements were not adopted unanimously, with some cabinet members arguing that parts of the agreement are contrary to Serbiaˈs laws.

    A complicating factor is the unanimous decision by northern Kosovo mayors not to implement any agreement harmful to Serbs and Serbia. The mayors announced they would press criminal charges against Stefanovic because of the agreement he reached with Kosovo.

    "We particularly warned Stefanovic that no agreement having joint management of customs on Jarinje and Brnjak is acceptable … [as] Pristina wants to make state borders out of the crossings," Zvecan Mayor Dragisa Milovic told SETimes, after meeting with Stefanovic on Thursday in Belgrade.

    The issue many now weigh is whether continuing dialogue with Pristina is sufficient for Serbia to gain EU candidacy in December.

    Trans-conflict co-founder Ian Bancroft told SETimes that simply resuming talks would unlikely be enough for Serbia to be granted candidacy status. "Instead, Belgrade will be expected to both reach -- and implement -- agreements with Pristina, particularly to resolve the crisis created by the latter's unilateral attempt to install customs officers in the north at the end of July."

    Bancroft argues that to implement any agreement, Belgrade needs the support of Kosovo Serbs, over which it has very limited leverage. This is primarily because of the strength of Serbia's opposition in the north of Kosovo and its influence on the negotiations. Many in Serbia oppose continuing talks with Pristina.

    Kosovo Compromise Project Director Aleksandar Mitic told SETimes the negotiations are "disastrous for Serbian interests".

    Mitic says that the talks have been held in an extremely unfavourable context, under the auspices of the EU -- which he sees as "absolutely in favour of the Albanians and Kosovo's independence" -- and under time pressure whereby Brussels places conditions on Belgrade to grant it candidacy status in December.

    "Meanwhile, Stefanovic not only lost the confidence among the Serbs in northern Kosovo, but also among a good part of the ruling coalition ministers, who warned they do not want to implement something that is unconstitutional and [through which] they can be criminally charged later on," said Mitic.

    Kosovo analyst Ramadan Ilazi told SETimes that "while the EU aspires [to] a genuine objective of normalisation of the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, their efforts have been met with arrogance from both sides, as none of them truly shares the EU aspiration for normalisation and stability in the region."

    He adds: "the EU needs to make the negotiation process ... about human security and the human needs in the region, and it has to stop fuelling unrealistic and irrational aspirations of Balkan politicians."

    Belgrade and Pristina poised to continue talks (

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