Friday, 27 February 2009 An El Paso resident and native Kosovo pilot is planning to fly throughout most of Central and South America, in order to gain recognition for Kosovo’s newfound independence from Serbia, in a trip planned for early March.

James Berisha, 37, of Brestovc, Kosovo, is planning to depart in his single engine plane from El Paso, TX in early March and visit more than 30 countries to rally support for newly independent Kosovo, which officially became an independent country in February of 2008.

“I want to thank those countries who have already recognized us,” said Berisha while explaining how he “will try to end racial stereotypes” that he says are still the basis for many peoples’ perception of the country.

The two-to-three week trip is currently being funded out-of-pocket by Berisha who said “it’s tough, and I wish I had more funding” but explained that the overall benefit to Kosovo will far outweigh the expenses.

Berisha, who considers himself an unofficial ambassador for Kosovo, will conclude his trip by landing in Florida.

After the trip Berisha says he plans to go back to Kosovo and start a flight school along with the Executive Officer of Flying for Kosovo Howard West, 21, of El Paso, TX.

Berisha, who currently works as a pilot for Sierra West Airlines, left Kosovo at the age of seventeen, going first to Switzerland and then to Florida.

Kosovo announced its coordinated declaration of independence from Serbia in February of 2008. Kosovo is currently recognized by 55 of the 192 countries in the United Nations.

New Kosova Report - Flying ambassador of Kosovo

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