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Maryam Hedayatzadeh and Hamed Nahofti

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    Maryam Hedayatzadeh and Hamed Nahofti

    Maryam Hedayatzadeh and Hamed Nahofti

    By Westport Magazine, May/June 2014
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    Reza Nahofti, Helga Nahofti, Hamed, Maryam, Shifteh Hedayatzadeh, Marjan Hedayatzadeh, Reza Hedayatzadeh

    Maryam and Hamed’s wedding was a truly international affair with family and friends arriving from far-flung locales—from Sweden and China to the Middle East. The ceremony, officiated
    by Dr. Dolatshahi at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City, incorporated Persian traditions. One such tradition included casting a drape over the bride and groom’s heads as they sat in front of a large mirror. Family members then ground sugar into the drape as a sign of giving sweetness and good luck to the couple for their new life together.
    Maryam and Hamed met via Facebook. Since they had many friends in common, Hamed first messaged Maryam and they became good friends online. New Year’s Eve marks the date that the couple first met, because they attended the same friend’s party. After four years of dating, Hamed proposed at Le Cirque in NYC with a bottle of champagne engraved with the question: “Will you marry me?” Maryam accepted and the entire restaurant cheered.
    The bride is a physician in Norwalk. She earned degrees from the University of California, Irvine and the Ross University School of Medicine. The groom, Hamed, has a degree from Southern Connecticut State University. He is currently a student of chiropractic studies at NY Chiropractic College.
    After a honeymoon in the French Riviera, the couple returned home to Easton, Connecticut.

    Maryam Hedayatzadeh and Hamed Nahofti's Wedding | Westport, CT

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