Die Auflösung des Büros ist organisert und die Bosnien Politiker wünschen nicht die Beendigung dieses UN Repräsenten Mndates.

Am 30. Juni 2007, wird das Büro gschlossen und die Bosnier können ihren Scheiss, selber machen.

High Representative advises against delaying OHR's departure


SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- Delaying the closure of the Office of High Representative is not in the interest of BiH, High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling wrote in his weekly column published in the local press on Friday (25 August). Schwarz-Schilling said that the country has remained under international guidance for too long and if this practice continues, it will lose confidence in its own strength and bring upon a slowdown in the EU integration process. "BiH must take its destiny in its own hands, BiH politicians have to take responsibility for their country’s future and BiH citizens have to take ownership of the peace," he wrote. The OHR is due to be closed on 30 June 2007, however, the political directors of the Peace Implementation Council are expected to confirm this decision in February next year. (OHR web site, Fena, RTRS - 25/08/06)