Durch das hochschnellen der Kriminalität in Albanien rief der Albanische Präsident die Sicherheits Chefs des Landes ein um die Kriminalität umgehend zu bekämpfen, weil diese Vorfälle das Image des Landes schädigen.

Albanian President Demands Authorities Address Rising Crime Rate


TIRANA, Albania -- President Alfred Moisiu is demanding that those overseeing national security deal urgently with the significant jump in crime registered over the past few days. His office said on Wednesday (3 August) that Moisiu called a meeting with the head of the State Intelligence Service, Bahri Shaqiri, the head of State Police, Bajram Ibraj, Attorney General Theodori Sollaku, and the deputy head of the Supreme Justice Council, Ilir Panda, as well as local police officials, in Vlora the previous evening. Moisui expressed his concern that a recent hike in the crime rate is damaging Albania's image and affecting tourism. The president insisted that authorities take firm measures to stop criminals and bring them to justice. (Albanian News - 04/08/05; Albanian President Web site - 03/08/05)

President Moisiu met the heads of national and local security structures.

August 3, 2005

The President of the Republic, Alfred Moisiu held last evening a meeting with the General Attorney, Theodhori Sollkau, the Head of the State Intelligence Service, Bahri Shaqiri, the Head of State Police, Director Bajram Ibraj, the Deputy Head of the Supreme Justice Council, Ilir Panda and also with other heads of public order, police and courts of Vlora.

The Head of State expressed his concern about the rise of criminal acts during the last days which are grave and damage the image in public of the calm post-electoral situation.

President Moisiu also pointed out that these condemnable acts by all are troubling, but in the mean time damage the tourism, which is an important source of income to the country.

President Moisiu demanded the heads of the respective organs to take the measures and to act with determination in order to prevent any criminal act and to their best in bringing the authors in front of justice.

The Head of State demanded from the justice organs to strike the organized crime, which appears any time by asking to get to the bottom of the penal cases. The work of the respective organs must become object of deep analyses and also be transparent for the public opinion.

Based on the work being carried out by the security organs to catch the authors of the penal acts, Mr. Moisiu demanded full coordination of the activity of the public order and justice structures.

In the mean time, President Moisiu re-emphasized that regardless of the post-electoral situation, the work in these depoliticized structures must continue normally in implementing the laws and the constitutional obligations.

Today before noon, President Moisiu visited the naval military base of Pasha Liman. In the evening Mr. Moisiu met also the parliamentarians of the city of Vlora.


Hintergrund düfte wohl sein, das immer noch viele Polizisten ihren Dienst nur erkauft haben und jetzt diese Vertreter der Albanischen Mafia das Macht Vakum ausnützen, noch schnell zu Reichtum zu kommen.

Die Tragödie von Kabarun-Vlore im Januar 2004 hatte erneut gezeigt, das höchste verantwortliche Polizei Chefs (von Skhoder und Vlore) in Wirklichkeit den Menschenschmuggel organisieren.