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Al-Qaeda-Albaner in Pakistan festgenommen....!!!!

Erstellt von Partibrejker, 09.03.2005, 09:15 Uhr · 2 Antworten · 724 Aufrufe

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    Al-Qaeda-Albaner in Pakistan festgenommen....!!!!

    Captured militants are from Qatar, Albania and Somalia

    PESHAWAR: The four foreign militants captured in the military operation in a border village in North Waziristan on March 5 include one each from Qatar, Albania, Somalia and Tajikistan.

    Official sources told The News that the four men, along with seven others who are Pakistanis, were being interrogated at a military station. The sources said one of the two foreigners killed in action belonged to Sudan. The other man had not been conclusively identified but he could either be an Arab national or Chechen. It is the first time that information about the identity of the militants who were killed or captured in an operation has been provided to the media.

    Elite troops took part in the raid on a compound in Dewgar, a village near Saidgai in North Waziristan tribal agency, in the early hours last Saturday. The village is near the border with Afghanistan’s Khost province. Across the border is the complex of six former Afghan Mujahideen training camps in Zhawara village. Osama bin Laden held his famous press conference in one of these camps in May 1998 and declared "Jihad" against the US and Israel from the platform of the International Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Crusaders and Jews. In August the same year, the camps were attacked by the US with Tomahawk cruise missiles but bin Laden and his top lieutenants had already left the place.

    Unlike past military operations in North Waziristan and South Waziristan in which excessive force aided by helicopters was used, the latest action involved less number of troops and choppers. A military official, requesting anonymity, described it as a low-key but swift operation backed by strong intelligence.

    The compound used as a hideout by the militants belonged to a Wazir tribesman named Ghazal. He too was netted along with another tribesman Noor Ayaz. Also arrested were three men from Karachi and one each from Peshawar and Tank districts. Some of the Pakistanis who were captured reportedly confessed that they had come for "Jihad." The four foreign militants caught in the operation belong to countries located in three continents, ie Qatar, Albania, Somalia and Tajikistan.

    Two persons were injured in the raid. One was a woman belonging to the homeowner Ghazal’s family. The troops seized three rocket-launchers, 28 grenades, two RPG-7 rockets, eight sub-machineguns, one light machinegun and five anti-tank mines.


    Das pakistanische Militaer hat, in einer Aktion gegen Mitglieder der Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, unteranderem auch einen Al-Baner gefangen genommen....

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    Liebe UCK Banditen?

    Müsst Ihr die ganz Welt mit Euren Terror, Drogen und primitiven Mord Banden überziehen.

    Und in Albanischer Sprache gibt es den Artikel hier!

    Wann schickt Bush endlich ein paar Cruise Missel's um die Albanischen Terror Nester im Kosovo auszulöschen?

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    Auf solche Threads, wissen die UCK Banditen wieder einmal keine Antwort.

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