Hier die 5 Albanischen Mafia Organisationen, welche sich beschweren, das man Albanische Emmigranten durch einen FBI Bericht als neue Top Amerikanische Mafia outet.

Natürlich wie immer: www.aacl.com die Organisation des Gambino Clans

die Tarnfirma www.naac.org, wo der Verbrecher und CIA Agent Walker im Beirat sitzt. Der nächste Mafia Tarn Verein wie AAWO und natürlich der Auslands Verein der Kosovaren UCK Mafia KAN usw..

Es war ja nicht anders zu erwarten, das sich genau die Albanisch-Amerikanischen Mafia Organisationen über den CNN-FBI Bericht aufregen.


AUGUST 23, 2004


Five Albanian-American groups today sent a joint letter to the international
news network CNN protesting their recent depiction of Albanians as ³kingpins
of U.S. crime² in a news piece dealing with organized crime in the United

The CNN article, entitled ³FBI: Albanian mobsters 'new Mafia'², was
published on CNN¹s international website on August 19, 2004. It sparked
immediate reaction among Albanian-Americans, a group of whom decided that
they would not stand idly while their entire community was being defamed by
poor piece of journalism published by a powerful news outlet.

In their letter to CNN, the Albanian-American groups called the article
³entirely one-sided, inaccurate, and outright derogatory,² referring to its
unsupported and carelessly worded assertions and completely unbalanced
representation of the Albanian-American community.

Furthermore, the letter stated that one of the assertions in the article
³effectively qualifies all Albanian-Americans and recent Albanian immigrants
to the United States as criminals,² while the rest of the article
unjustifiably referred to Albanians as possible ³kingpins of U.S. crime²
without providing any evidence in support of such a seriously disparaging

What was especially shocking was the suggestion that the Albanian-American
community may harbor ³militant Muslims² who may potentially be involved in
the support of terrorism. No evidence was provided to substantiate the
highly tendentious claim. The letter to CNN retorted: ³As a community that
has been directly affected by the horrific events of September 11, 2001,
with respectable and hard-working members of our community having perished
in the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center, with
Albanian-Americans proudly serving in the New York Police and Fire
Departments, with thousands of us lending our assistance and support to
victims, and as a proud, hard-working component of the civic fabric of New
York City, we are appalled by any insinuation that we, as a community,
provide any kind of support to any type of terrorist activity.²

The letter was signed by the Alliance of Albanian-American Professionals
(AAAP), the National Albanian-American Council (NAAC), the Albanian-American
Women¹s Organization (AAWO), the Albanian-American Student Organization
(AASO), and the Kosova Action Network (KAN). This was the first time that
such a broad coalition stepped up in a joint initiative to counter negative
media representations of the Albanian-American community.


hier ein Mafia Hotel des AACL


Das Hotel war natürlich von den "Kollegen" aus dem Kosovo und Mazedonien gut besucht im August, denn richtige Albaner meiden diese Mafia Hotels, welche illegal auf den Grundstücken der Durres Bevölkerung gebaut wurden.