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Albaner die für Kroatien gekämpft haben

Erstellt von Albanesi2, 19.09.2005, 17:37 Uhr · 2 Antworten · 2.068 Aufrufe

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    Albaner die für Kroatien gekämpft haben

    Rahim Ademi
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Rahim Ademi (born January 30, 1954) is Croatian Army general of Kosovo-Albanian origin.

    Born and raised in the village of Karač, Vučitrn municipality of Kosovo, Rahim Ademi finished the Yugoslav military academy in Belgrade in 1976 and was assigned to a station in Rogoznica near Šibenik in Croatia, where he got married and had two children.

    In 1986, the Military Court in Sarajevo convicted him of counterrevolutionary acts and Albanian irredentism, but after serving a year and a half in jail, the Supreme Military Court agreed with his appeal and acquitted him. He would spend the next years serving as an officer in Sinj until 1990 when the war in Croatia was starting and he deserted from the Yugoslav People's Army in order to help create Croatian army formations in that part of the country.

    He officially joined the Ministry of the Interior in 1990 and later became part of the Croatian Army forces. In 1993 he was assigned to the post of the subcommander of the Gospić military district, but was relieved of duty later in the year, after the infamous Medak pocket operation.

    Ademi later served as a subcommander of the Split military district and was promoted to brigadier general for his achievements in Operation Storm in 1995. He remained there until 1999 when he was reassigned to the post of the Assistant Chief Inspector of the Armed Forces in Zagreb.

    In 2001 the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia finally indicted Ademi for crimes against humanity (ethnic cleansing) committed against the Krajina Serbs in the aforementioned Medak pocket operation. He was in the custody of the Court but was later allowed to prepare his defence free.

    Ademi claims that the Croatian government, under pressure from the international community, relieved him of duty in Gospić in 1993 in order to make him a scapegoat, rather than implicating actual commanding officers Janko Bobetko, Mirko Norac and Mladen Markač.

    He also claims that the Tribunal prosecution wanted him for questioning as far back as 1998 but that the government never allowed him to answer their questions. He is convinced that he is being sacrificed because of his Albanian descent.

    Agim Ceku is a Kosovo Albanian soldier who commanded the Kosovo Liberation Army during the 1999 Kosovo War and now commands the Kosovo Protection Corps.

    Born in the Kosovo town of Pec on 29 October 1960, Ceku is a career soldier. He graduated from the Belgrade military academy and joined the Yugoslav National Army as an artillery captain. He moved to the newly-formed Croatian Army in 1991 as Croatia made its bid for independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He was closely involved in the subsequent war against Serbia and the breakaway Republic of Serbian Krajina, suffering wounds during fighting at the Medak Pocket in September 1993. He helped to update the doctrine and tactics of the Croatian Army over the next two years, planning the successful Operation Storm in 1995 that ended the war in Croatia. He was decorated nine times by Croatia for his service and rose to the rank of brigadier-general.

    Ceku developed contacts with the Kosovo Liberation Army, a guerrilla group fighting Serbian rule in Kosovo, some time in the mid-1990s. He resigned from the Croatian Army in February 1999. When the Kosovo War broke out in March 1999, the KLA initially did very badly against Serbian/Yugoslav forces, due in part to poor leadership under its senior commander Suleiman "Sultan" Selimi, a militarily inexperienced individual who had been given the post largely for political reasons.

    In May 1999, Ceku was appointed the KLA's chief of staff, replacing Selimi. He immediately set about reorganising the KLA and implementing a proper military structure within the organisation. In the closing days of the Kosovo War, the KLA began providing systematic intelligence to NATO as well as mounting attacks to lure Serbian forces into the open, enabling NATO warplanes to bomb them. According to reports at the time, Ceku was the principal liaison between NATO and the KLA.

    Following the end of the war in June 1999, Ceku oversaw the demilitarisation of the KLA and its transformation into the Kosovo Protection Corps.

    Accusations of war crimes have frequently dogged Ceku. In March 2004, he was briefly detained in Hungary under a Serbian arrest warrant before being released, sparking angry demonstrations in Kosovo. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia has, however, stated that Ceku is not being sought for war crimes.

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    Du dummer :!: zensiert :!: lupo,kannst du nicht zählen?

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    Bin Laden Leute halt, wie Agim Ceku. siehe heutige Albanische Presse

    thaci traf sich ja 1996 mit Bin Laden und Co. wie Interpol dokumentierte

    wikipedia ist keine tolle Quelle

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