Auf Grund eines Deutsch-Albanischen Militär Bündnissen, begannen damals Albanische Soldaten in Bosnien unter dem Kommando der Deutschen ihre Spezial Ausbildungen und Auslands Einsätze.

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Albanian Contingent has served in BiH since 1996

The two-headed black eagle on the red flag of Albania has been flying in Bosnia since September 1996 when Albania first contributed troops to IFOR. Albania's desire to fulfil a more significant role in international affairs is exemplified by its membership of the Partnership for Peace programme.

When you arrive at Rajlovac, the first people you see upon entering the German-Italian BG HQ, are the Albanian guards. Dressed in German uniforms they are distinguishable by the two-headed eagle flying on their left shoulder. The Albanian company consists of 6 commissioned officers, 6 non-commissioned officers and 57 conscripts and is an independent part of the German Unit.
"We are happy to be part in SFOR mission. We see this as an important job that helps to stabilise the Balkan region, of which Albania is a part," said, Major Xhelal Laci, the contingent's Commanding Officer. Before coming to Rajlovac the soldiers have to complete an extensive training course in their own country. To qualify as guards, the soldiers go through a four week peacekeeping training program that includes basic, as well as mission oriented, training in Shwerin, Germany.
The Company is responsible for security at Rajlovac and controls who and what goes in and out of the camp. "Showing the Albanian flag is a pleasure for everyone who does this job," said Maj Laci. Pvt. Mertiri said that although his job is demanding, he is happy to be here. Pvt. Ismet said he enjoys the chance to communicate with so many different people, which gives him an opportunity to broadened his mind and learn about soldiers from different countries and cultures.
Another Albanian guard said he is very proud to be here representing his country. "This is a really good feeling for me," said Pvt. Arben Kola. With so many different soldiers in the camp , there is sure to be a variety of memories and lessons that each one will take back to Albania.”
All the soldiers will return to Albania in late May; most of the solders are doing their one-year compulsory military service and will be leaving the army when they return home.
Over the past few years Albania has made other modest, but politically significant, military contributions to peace-support operations: in Afghanistan and more recently in Iraq.
Albania's first overseas deployment began in 1994 when it sent military observers to Georgia, a deployment that still exists today. Currently there are also 30 Albanian soldiers from the special Operations Battalion serving in Afganistan where their professionalism and experience in operating and training in rugged mountain terrain has proved extremely useful. In April 2003 a further company of 70 soldiers from the Commando Brigade deployed to Iraq. It is notable that among the coalition of nations supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, Albania is one of the countries actually committing combat troops.
The Albanian contingents in BiH, Afghanistan and Iraq continue to raise the profile of Albania and its forces. The military contributions are instrumental in forming a positive image about the Albanian Defence Forces and proved that Albania is ready and has the ability to participate in international operations.