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Avioni oboreni na teritoriji SFRJ,SRJ !!

Erstellt von BitterSweet, 03.01.2006, 16:46 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 4.724 Aufrufe

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    Avioni oboreni na teritoriji SFRJ,SRJ !!

    Table of killed/captured pilots/soldiers during the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
    No. Day Time

    Type of aircraft and number of dead/captured pilots/soldiers
    1. 26.03. 17:20 village Donja Trnova, 15km southwest of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska American F-15E. Crew (2) was killed. The plane was shot down by a MiG-21.
    2. 27.03. around 1:00 Mt. Maljen German Tornado. Crew (2) ejected and landed in the vicinity of the village Konjevici, near Cacak, where they were captured
    3. 27.03. around 3:20 area between Vrutak and Kremna, near Uzice SFOR helicopter with 22 soldiers on board. After a short gunfight with the Yugoslav infantry unit, helicopter was destroyed by Strela-2M portable SAM. No survivors.
    4. 28.03. 2:50 Zabrdje, near Bijeljina Most probably an American F-15. Pilot was killed. Some sources say that it was in fact an F-117!
    5. 3:00 near Bijeljina SFOR helicopter HH-60 Pave Hawk with 12 soldiers on board. Only two crew members survived
    6. 29.03. 1:30 near Pale, Republic of Srpska Some sources say that it was either F-15 or F-16, American. Pilot ejected but found dead later on. His neck was broken
    7. 30.03. around 1:00 near Virpazar British Harrier. Pilot ejected but was soon captured
    8. 31.03. 18:00 Rescue helicopter with 20 commandos on board
    9. 22:45 Mt. Tara NATO rescue helicopter CH-53 with 25 commandos. No survivors
    10. 31.03. Sirig, north of Novi Sad German Tornado. Crew (2) ejected and captured shortly after that
    11. 01.04. 1:00 Mt. Tara NATO (possibly SFOR) helicopter CH-53 Stallion with 25 crew members. No survivors
    12. 03.04. 19:45 Novi Sad Aircraft damaged during the attack on Novi Sad's bridge "Most Slobode". Airplane crashed near Stara Pazova. Pilot captured
    13. 05.04. 21:00 Mt. Fruska Gora One NATO plane downed. Pilot ejected near 'Pobeda' factory and was soon captured. Most likely F-117A
    14. 20:00 Novi Sad During the attack on Novi Sad's "Zezelj" bridge, one German Tornado was shot down. Crew (2) ejected and was captured shortly after
    15. 06.04. 11:10 Mt. Skopska Crna Gora Two NATO SAR helicopters with 40 commandos on board. No survivors
    16. after midnight Yugoslav-Albanian border (Montenegro) NATO helicopter with 20 soldiers and one rescued pilot on board. No survivors
    17. 07.04. before midnight near Novi Sad Belgian F-16D. 42 year old pilot and 28 years old female co-pilot captured. Plane was shot down by Aleksandar Sunjka with 20mm AAA
    18. 08.04. after midnight near Nis German Tornado. Crew (2) captured
    19. 12.04. 21:30 village Osmaci, near Tuzla British Sea Harrier. Pilot killed. Aircraft was hit over Zrenjanin, where it jettisoned its fuel tanks
    20. 13.04. after midnight near Srbinje (ex Foca), Bosnia Pilot killed
    21. 14.04. 10:00* Sirig, north of Novi Sad Aircraft crashed near Kamendin agronomic well. Pilot ejected and captured
    22. 15.04. 19:35 Podgorica French Mirage 2000. Airplane shot down by Lt. Zdravko Bankovic, with L70 Bofors. Plane crashed on Rumija mountain. Pilot ejected and captured shortly after. According to some other info, plane was shot own by Lt. Goran Ratkovic
    23. 19:45 near Podgorica One NATO aircraft shot down by soldier Predrag Dzonic with Strela-2M portable SAM. Pilot ejected and landed in the village of Kruse where he was captured
    24. 17.04. 14:30 Urosevac Airplane crashed 4 km into Macedonian territory, near the village Tanusevci. Pilot killed
    25. 22.04. 1:20 Lipovica, near Belgrade Rescue helicopter. Crew (?) killed, helicopter captured
    26. 24.04. Mt. Kukavica, near Leskovac Pilot captured
    27. 29.04. 11:15 Samokov, 40 km southwest of Skopje According to stories of eyewitnesses, the crew of two was found carbonized
    28. 02.05. 12:15 Umka, near Belgrade According to eyewitnesses, two parachutes seen in the sky. From reliable sources, one pilot, an American, around 30-years old was captured in Mostanica, after 2 hours of pursuit. He was on a recon mission to photograph a bridge in Ostruznica
    29. 05.05. morning 75 km northeast of Tirana AH-64 Apache. Pilot and gunner killed. NATO's classified report cited a SAM hit as a possible reason for the crash
    30. 07.05. between
    3:43 and 4:30 area around Nis One plane crashed near Leskovac. Reports say that captured pilot was Canadian (probably CF-18 Hornet)
    31. 13.05. around 5:00 Rakovica, near Belgrade Rescue helicopter captured. 17 soldiers killed, 3 captured
    32. 13.05. 14:23 Stara Pazova One French Mirage (probably Mirage 2000) shot sown. Pilot captured
    33. 17.05. 15:30 area between Brestovik and Smederevo One French Mirage 2000 that crashed on a highway Belgrade-Obrenovac. Pilot ejected and captured shortly after
    34. 20.05. 4:00 Mt. Cer, southwest of Sabac One B-52H Stratofortress shot down along with its entire crew (5)
    35. 28.05. 0:50 Nis Aircraft crashed several kilometers northwest of Nis. Pilot killed
    36. 29.05. 15:45 Nis Aircraft hit over the city. Plane headed for Sicevo, east of Nis but exploded on route. Pilot killed
    37. 30.05. 1:45 south of Nis F/A-18 Hornet. Pilot killed
    38. 30.05. 1:45 south of Nis F/A-18 hornet. Pilot ejected and was captured near Zitni Potok, south of Prokuplje

    Map of killed/captured pilots/soldiers during the aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
    • number by "X" is serial number in the table
    • number between borders "(number)" is number of dead/captured pilots/soldiers

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