Unter dem Vorsitz des Ex-PM von Italien, hat die Balkan Commision unter Guilian Amato einen Aufgaben Kathalog für den Balkan erstellt.

Im kompletten Report, ist das Versagen und Scheitern des Westens im Kosovo dokumentiert.

Bis Herbst 2006, soll der Status des Kosovo festgelegt werden.
Der Balkan soll an die EU heran geführt werden.
Albanien, Kroatien, Mazedonien soll in die NATO

Key recommendations:

* Closing the status issues by autumn of 2006
* An EU-Balkans summit in fall 2006 in order to move Balkan states to EU accession
* An EU road map for each Balkan country at end of 2006
* NATO membership as the second important pillar of integration strategy, with Albania, Croatia and Macedonia invited to join at the NATO summit in 2006
* Co-ordinated EU-US policies toward the region

The International Commission on the Balkans is chaired by former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato, and its members are internationally renowned decision-makers from different countries of Europe and the United States. Among them are: the former Presidents of Germany Richard von Weizsacker and of Macedonia Kiro Gligorov; the former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt, of Belgium Jean-Luc Dehaene, of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zlatko Lagumdzija, and of Albania Ilir Meta; two former Foreign Ministers, Mircea Geoana of Romania and Goran Svilanovic of Serbia and Montenegro; the Slovenian EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik; Avis Bohlen, former US Assistant Secretary of State; Kemal Dervis, Member of the Turkish Parliament, former Vice President of the World Bank; Istvan Gyarmati, Chairman of the board, Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy, Hungary; Francois Heisbourg, Director of the Foundation of Strategic Research, France; Bruce Jackson, President of the Project on Transitional Democracies, US; Neven Mimica, former Minister for European Integration, Croatia; Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, former Governor of the BBC; Alexander Rondos, former advisor to the Greek Foreign Minister. Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria, is the Executive Director of the Comission.


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