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Die Balkan-Connection des 9/11

Erstellt von lupo-de-mare, 17.07.2004, 09:20 Uhr · 144 Antworten · 20.264 Aufrufe

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    Ramuz Haradinaj spielt eine besonders wichtige Rolle, bei Terroristischen Aktionen und Mord Aktionen gegen Albaner im Kosovo. Er ist einer der wichtigsten Verbindungs Männer zu Al-Quida und dem Islamischen Terrorismus.

    Who is Ramush Haradinaj?

    Serbian original at Apis Group, Belgrade

    Ramush Haradinaj, born on July 3, 1968 in the village of Glodjane, municipality of Decani, is not only a criminal but a terrorist and perpetrator of war crimes!

    Terrorism and crimes of Ramush Haradinaj

    Namely, in 1996, under the watchful eye of Albanian officers, Haradinaj completed terrorist training and upon completion took part in the opening of logistical bases for terrorists in the cities of Kuks and Tropoi in Albania. From these bases he and a group of trustworthy associates continuously injected weapons into Kosovo and Metohija.

    In mid-1997 he illegally entered the country [the Federal Republic of [Yugoslavia] and together with his brothers, Daut and Skeljzen, organized terrorist attacks on police departments in the villages of Rznic, municipality of Decani, and Ponosevac, municipality of Djakovica, as well as against refugee camps in Junik and Babalac. In the beginning of 1998 he formed a terrorist group in Glodjane which according to his orders conducted ambushes and harrassment of Serbs and Albanians loyal to the Republic of Serbia. In March 1998 this group carried out an attack on a police patrol in the village of Glodjane and on that occasion killed policeman Miodrag Otovic.

    In April of the same year Haradinaj established the Metohija headquarters of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army and a special unit called the Black Eagles, promoting Idriz Balaj aka Toger as its commander. Under the leadership of Ramush Haradinaj, the Black Eagles kidnapped and brutally murdered approximately forty Serbian civilians, including Slobodan Radojevic, Milos and Milica Radunovic, Darinka Kovac, Novica Vujsic, Zdravko Radunovic. Some of the bodies were recovered from Lake Radonjic (Radonjicko Jezero) and from water wells in the villages of the muncipality of Decani.

    Crimes against compatriots

    Terrorists under the command of Ramush Haradinaj did not kill only Serbs but also Albanians. Thus the aforementioned commander of the Black Eagles Idriz Balaj Toger killed Agim Ibrahimi, a taxi driver from Djakovica, at the end of 1998. At the end of 1999 the Black Eagles of Ramush Haradinaj abducted Vesel Mursij and four other ethnic Albanians who were thereafter kept imprisoned in the Dukadjini building in Pec. Vesel Murisi managed to escape and the other four men were killed. Their bodies were thrown into the Beli Drim River. Dzafer Djuka, a political official from Pec, was among the victims.

    That the terrorists under Ramush Haradinaj's command killed and abused Albanian civilians, too, was proven in a trial conducted against Ramush Haradinaj's brother, Daut, who has already been sentenced by the UNMIK judiciary for crimes committed against Albanians in June 1999 and is currently serving a prison term. Since we know that Daut was the deputy of his brother Ramush in the Metohija headquarters of the terrorist KLA, if we follow the principle of command responsibility the line leads directly to Ramush Haradinaj. Unfortunately, the principle of command responsibility has not been respected in this instance, i.e. the international community has once again implemented its double standards, leaving Ramush Haradinaj untouched by justice.

    German general Claus Reinhardt (KFOR commander Oct 1999-Apr 2000) and Ramush Haradinaj shaking hands in Prishtina. According to Dnevnik they have close cooperation.

    Organizer of ethnic cleansing

    Ramush Haradinaj is the organizer of ethnic cleansing of Serbs and other non-Albanians from the areas of Pec, Decani and Djakovica. The main perpetrators of these activities were members of the Black Eagles under the commander of Toger. For example, in order to intimidate the Serbs and destroy signs of Serb life and history on the territory of Metohija, the Black Eagles torched the Serbian Orthodox church in the village of Donji Ratis.

    Ramush Haradinaj organized the murder of Zahir Zemaj

    Haradinaj described his terrorist activities in an autobiographical book in which he of course hides the killing of Serbian civilians and his compatriots. He has gone so far as to organize, in June 2003, the murder of Tahir Zemaj who testified regarding his crimes before investigators of the Hague tribunal. The murder of Tahir Zemaj on January 4, 2004 on Ramush Haradinaj's orders was carried out by the Elsani brothers - Agim, Avni, Cerim, Adem and Ahmet - together with Sali Lajic and Florim Ejupi aka Mazul and Luli.

    However, evidence against Haradinaj for his crimes did not disappear with the murder of Zemaj. It is in the possession of the Republic of Serbia, which is currently conducting a case against Haradinaj before the district court in Pristina, presently located in Nis, for terrorist activities, murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Evidence has also been provided to the Hague tribunal which has so far failed to issue an indictment against this proven criminal.

    Organization and financing of terrorist activities in south central Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia

    Haradinaj continued to conduct terrorist activities even after the arrival of itnernational forces in Kosovo and Metohija and is deeply involved in Albanian terrorist activities in south central Serbia. Thus, for example, Malic Ndrecaj was sent on his orders to the district of Vitina to organize the terrorist Albanian National Army. Today Haradinaj is also especially active in acquisition of weapons and secret training of Albanian terrorists from south central Serbia which is being conducted in the villages of Kosovo and Metohija near the administrative line.

    Haradinaj is also involved in the operations of Albanian terrorists in the Republic of Macedonia and providing financial support to Nazim Haradinaj, who provided weapons for the Albanian terrorists in Macedonia. Following the orders of Ramush Haradinaj, until the moment of his arrest by Kfor in July 2002, his brother Daut was directly involved in organizing the terrorist Albanian Liberation Army and participated in clashes with security forces of the Republic of Macedonia.

    Ramush Haradinaj acquires the financial means for terrorism through criminalactivities.

    Murder and intimidation of political opponents

    Ramush Haradinaj does not flinch from murdering his political opponents. Thus the Eslani brothers together with the notorious Toger followed his order on January 17, 2002 and liquidated DSK deputy Ismajl Haradnaj and attempted the murder of Ramiz and Sadik Murici from Pec, both DSK supporters. As well, the Elsani borthers in 2002 following Haradinaj's order liquidated his former bodyguard Avni Elezaj, who was supposed to testify regarding Haradinaj's conflict with the Musaj family and Tahir Zemaj.

    Under the patronage (command) of the Haradinaj brothers, prison camps (detention centers) were formed which functioned from 1997-2003 in the following locations: Likovac, Orlate, Malisevska Banja, Jablanica, Smonica, Ozrim, Glamocer, Rakoc, and Kodralija. As an epilogue to this, left behind them were mass graves in the following locations: Brekovac, Ljubizda, Pec NN cemetery, Piskote, Radonjicko Jezero, Goden, Rakoc, etc.

    It is estimated that the number of their victims (of all nationalities) may exceed three hundred people, largely civilizans.

    It is estimated that Ramush Haradinaj is directly responsible for the abuction of over four hundred people (1998-2002) of all nationalities.

    It is estimated that three groups for stalking and liquidation under his direct command are comprised of about 30 people specially trained for this type of task. The punishment for disloyalty or disobedience of members of the Kosovo Police Service or Kosovo Protection Corps is death and his groups are responsible for multiple murders of Albanian members of the KPS and translators.

    Threats and intimidation of members of UNMIK (political and police organizations) as well as their "lobbying" (bribery) also fall under the domain of the work of Haradinaj's groups. All Albanian leaders in the Kosovo Police Service must obey Haradinaj. He is the logistical mastermind behind all Albanian National Army operations and an active participant in its organization and planning. His men have been appointed municipal mayors and, paradoxically, are also members of negotiating groups for displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija (giving them access to Serbian and UNMIK plans).

    In districts under his direct control, he has the most contact with members of Italian Kfor and also controls the entire UNMIK judicial system in Pec. He is behind attacks on Serb returnee villages near Klina (Bicha). His groups is also responsible for the hushed up murder of three members of UNMIK police in the village of Citak in 2003. Haradinaj also has the most developed and organized operative intelligence netweork in Kosovo, which also covers zones of interest in central Serbia and throughout the territory of Montenegro. His intelligence network also supports the increasingly strong illegal network of associates and sympathizers of the Party of Democratic Action (based in Pec with local branches in Rozaj, Plav and in the Sandzak.

    Al Q'aida connection

    As far as Ramush Haradinaj himself is concerned, it is well to keep in mind a fact presented before the U.S. Congress on December 13, 2000 by Ralph Machek, the deputy director of the Criminal Intelligence Administration of Interpol - that Muhamed al Zavahiri, the brother of Dr. Ajman Zavahiri, the leader of the terrorist organization Egyptian Jihad and ideologue of al-Q'aida, commanded an elite unit of the terrorist KLA during the time of the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija. What Machek failed to mention was that this unit was a part of the military policy of the terrorist KLA for the region of Metohija under the command of Daut Haradinaj, while the commander of all units of the terrorist KLA for the region of Metohija was Ramush Haradinaj.

    Even after the arrival of international forces in Kosovo and Metohija the Haradinaj brothers continued to nurture their connections with Islamic terrorists. In October 2001 on orders of Ramush Haradinaj his brother Daut visited Sofia where he met with the aforementioned Muhamed al Zavahiriji and discussed further tactics and activities by Islamic terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija and the Republic of Macedonia.

    It is not known whether al-Q'aida continues to count on the further services of the Haradinaj clan, first and foremost, on Ramush Haradinaj, a proven champion of the terrorist ideology of Islamic extremists.

    Albaner-Familie erhebt schwere Vorwürfe gegen Ramush Haradinaj

    Im Netz der Blutrache

    Der in Den Haag angeklagte frühere Regierungschef des Kosovo soll in eine tödliche Fehde verstrickt sein
    Von Bernhard Küppers

    Gllogian -- Am letzten Gehöft von Gllogian steht ein älterer Mann in Pantoffeln im Schnee und nimmt Mitgefühl entgegen. Es ist Hilmi Haradinaj, der Vater von Ramush Haradinaj, der wegen einer Anklage des Haager Tribunals für Kriegsverbrechen als Ministerpräsident im UN-Protektorat Kosovo zurückgetreten ist und sich dem Gericht gestellt hat.

    In dem Albaner-Dorf bei Decani wurde Haradinaj 1968 geboren. Dort hatte der einstige Rausschmeißer in Schweizer Nachtlokalen als regionaler Kommandant der Kosovo-Befreiungsarmee (UCK) einen Stützpunkt. Auf einem Friedhof für Gefallene des Kriegs von 1998/99 steht zwischen Festungsmauern und Gräberreihen ein Turm, wie er Albanern bei drohender Blutrache zur Zuflucht dient.

    In Gllogian will niemand darüber sprechen, was sich in der Gegend unter Haradinajs Kommando zutrug. "Das wird er vor Gericht selber erklären, und das Fernsehen wird es übertragen", sagt ein Wachhabender am Gehöft der Haradinajs. Von hier schweift der Blick zu den Bergen an der Grenze zu Albanien, über die die UCK im Krieg Nachschub schmuggelte.

    Der UN-Gouverneur des Kosovo, Sören Jessen-Petersen, machte Dienstag dieser Woche mit dem Kommandanten der Nato-Friedenstruppe KFOR noch einen Abschiedsbesuch in Haradinajs Villa in Pristina. Dann verabschiedete sich der Angeklagte am Flughafen von einigen Hundert Menschen und bestieg ein Flugzeug der Bundeswehr. "Persönlich bin ich betrübt, nicht länger mit einem Partner und Freund zusammenarbeiten zu können", sagte Jessen-Petersen.

    Ganz anders fühlt die albanische Familie Musaj, die unweit von Gllogian ihr Gehöft an der Straße von Decani nach Pec hat. "Wäre Haradinaj früher nach Den Haag beordert worden, hätte er weniger Leute umbringen können", sagt Qazim Musaj. Drei seiner Brüder rechnet der 29-Jährige auf das Konto von Haradinaj und seinen Leuten. Zuletzt sei sein Bruder Sadik Ende Januar auf der Straße in Pec erschossen worden, nachdem er vor Haager Ermittlern als Zeuge gegen Haradinaj ausgesagt habe.

    Haradinajs Bruder Daut sitzt seit zwei Jahren im Gefängnis. Mit Kämpfern Haradinajs nahm er bei Kriegsende im Juni 1999 fünf Angehörige der konkurrierenden Freischärlermiliz FARK gefangen, die hinter Präsident Ibrahim Rugova standen. Einer entkam, vier wurden umgebracht -- auch Sinan Musaj. Im Jahr darauf zog Haradinaj mit seinen Leuten eines Nachts bewaffnet vor das Gehöft der Musajs, um sie vor Nachfragen nach dem Tod Sinans abzuhalten. Bei der Aktion wurde Haradinaj verletzt. Amerikaner brachten ihn nach Deutschland in ein Militärhospital. Eine Anklage gegen Haradinaj wegen "Gefährdung der öffentlichen Sicherheit" schlugen die internationalen Behörden im Kosovo nieder.

    Quazim Musaj führt die Fehde zwischen seiner Familie und Haradinaj auf den Versuch zurück, Zeugen mundtot zu machen. Vom Prozess in Den Haag erhofft er sich "späte Gerechtigkeit". Haradinaj sei durch Erpressungen reich geworden. Dass seine eigene Sippe in dunkle Machenschaften verstrickt sein könnte, weist Qazim von sich.

    In Westkosovo hatte Haradinaj die meisten Anhänger. Dort kontrollieren die verstärkten Kfor-Soldaten jetzt die Straßen. Nach Aufrufen von Haradinaj und der anderen Albaner-Führer, "Ruhe zu bewahren", hat es aber außer einer Studentendemonstration in Pristina bislang keine größeren Proteste gegeben.

    (SZ vom 11.3.2005)

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    Sehr interessant - good staff!

    Da die ganze Welt aber weiss, dass Milosevic die CIA, ALQ, NATO, UCK etc, etc, kontrolliert hat, ist ja alles ok soweit... 8)

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    jetzt fehlen nur noch ein paar links von unserem jürgen und von der jungen welt und wir haben alles komplett.

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    Zitat Zitat von BalkanSurfer
    jetzt fehlen nur noch ein paar links von unserem jürgen und von der jungen welt und wir haben alles komplett.
    Deine Standartargumente langweilen. Sogar vor dem US Kongress wurden Dokumente vorgelegt in denen die Albanian-Bosnia-Al Quaida Connection bewiesen wurde.

    Schon scheisse?

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    Why should one read articles refuting the charge that Serbs committed mass murder in Srebrenica?

    by Jared Israel
    Emperor's Clothes

    UN document detailing crimes against Serbs in and around Srebrenica, 1992-1993
    PDF files
    Comments by Petar Makara
    Emperor's Clothes
    [10 June 2005]

    Memorandum on War Crimes and Crimes of Genocide in Eastern Bosnia (communes of Bratunac, Skelani and Srebrenica) committed against the Serbian population from April 1992 to April 1993.

    A/46/171 and S/25635

    Item 115 (c) of the preliminary list
    Human Rights Questions: Human Rights Situations and Reports of Special Rapporteurs and Representatives

    2 June 1993

    Note: Four sections of the UN document repeat the same three introductory pages, followed by the appropriate texts.

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    Nice work, Lupo....

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    Zitat Zitat von Partibrejker
    Nice work, Lupo....
    Wird ja auch oft gelesen, was allein für das Interesse spricht!

    Mein Internationaler Rekord im Chouss Forum im Info Forum Nr. 1 liegt bei über 15.000 anklicker!

    Es ist doch sehr erfreulich, wenn immer wieder Teile sogar von der seriösen Presse übernommen werden.

    Wenn man bedeckt, das die meisten Webseiten der Welt, keine 1.000 Anklicker haben und hier ein Forums Beitrag schon 15.000 Anklicker weltweit überschritten hat, so sieht man ein deutliches Interesse der Welt, über die Aktivitäten von Bin Laden in Albanien zu erfahren.

    Vor allem das Foto der Hochhäuser vom Bin Laden Financier Yassin Kadi, direkt gegenüber dem PM von Albanien, war Premiere!

    Fotos: Of the Bin Laden - Yassin Kadi construction in Tirana-Albania

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    Und die Terroristen schlagen direkt in Pristina wieder zu!

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    Zitat Zitat von Denis_Zec
    I would like to suggest that if we are serious about finding Osama bin Laden, we look in Bosnia and Kosovo.

    Genau das haben ohne Zweifel Geheimdienst udn FBI Reports bestätigt und mit einem heutigem Artikel ein Fränzösicher Colonel.

    US/NATO Plans in support of Islamic Terrorists in the Balkans
    Revelations of Former French Intelligence Official

    by Z. Petrovic Pirocanac

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    August 18, 2005
    Allies and Vassals
    by Nebojsa Malic

    Laboring to Please the Empire

    Balkan wars and terrorist ties

    Director of the U.S. Congress' Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional warfare: "Some Call It Peace"

    NATO Probes Claims that Bin Laden is in Kosovo

    Persecution Watch : Kosovo

    Defang the KLA

    Destabilizing the Balkans: US & Albanian Defense Cooperation in the 1990s

    Bin Laden in Kosovo

    Bosnia Arrests Three Suspected Bin Laden´s Associates

    A Bosnian Village's Terrorist Ties; Links to U.S. Bomb Plot Arouse Concern About Enclave of Islamic Guerrillas

    Bin Laden opens European terror base in Albania

    US tackles Islamic militancy in Kosovo

    US alarmed as Mujahidin join Kosovo rebels

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