Kurz gesagt: Bill Clinton, Holbrock, Hays, Wesley Clark, Allbright organisierten über einen eigenen Geheimdienst am CIA vorbei mit der MPRI www.mpri.com
den Aufbau der übelsten Islamischen Terroristen und Verbrecher auf dem Balkan, mit Hilfe von Afghanistan Veteranen und alten Terror Verbündeten, wie den Iranischen Revolutions Garden und Bin Ladens Terror Truppe.

GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs

Holbrooke, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the Clinton White House all played key rôles in supporting the Islamists who, as it transpired, were consistently working with al-Qaida and the Iranian Government, among others, in planning major terrorist attacks on the US. Amb. Hays worked closely with Mr Holbrooke in the UN during this period. As a result, it was now seen as important that this pattern of support for people who were later seen to be involved in terrorist actions against the US should not be allowed to emerge, particularly in the build-up to the elections, which were regarded as being critical to Sen. Hillary Clinton and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander-Europe (SACEUR) Gen. Clark

GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs

October 9, 2003

Bosnian Sources Admit Izetbegovic Not Dead; Liaising With Clinton, Holbrooke

Exclusive. Analysis. By Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS. With input from GIS Station Sarajevo. Very reliable sources in the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the radical Bosnian Islamist political party, on October 8, 2003, confirmed to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily that its leader, Alija Izetbegovic, 78, had not died but that the party had once again leaked stories of an illness and death to reduce the chances that Izetbegovic would face war crimes charges from the International Criminal Tribunal on [former] Yugoslavia (ICTY)...................

The Deputy High Representative is US Ambassador Donald Hays, who worked with Holbrooke when he was Clinton Administration Ambassador (Permanent Representative) to the United Nations in New York and earlier, during Holbrooke’s time working on Balkan issues when Amb. Hays was Executive Director of the US State Department’s Bureau of European Affairs.

At the UN, on January 21, 2000, Holbrooke said: “I am fortunate to have as part of my team the indefatigable Ambassador Don Hays.” Hays, then, came to the post of Deputy High Representative with strong biases in favor of Clinton Administration support for the Bosnian Islamists and Alija Izetbegovic......................

September 22, 2003

Izetbegovic Now Believed Dead

The former President of the Bosnia-Herzegovina collective presidency, Alija Izetbegovic, 78, was reported by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs sources and at least one authoritative regional media source to have died of illness on September 19, 2003, in a Sarajevo hospital. The local media source was the Bijeljina-based television station, BN TV. BN TV is one of the few truly independent television services in Bosnia-Herzegovina, based in Bijeljina, in Republica Srpska, the predominantly Serbian province.

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