Alltag in Albanien, wo man mittels Tritol und Dynamit, seine illegalen Bauten verteidigt.

Explosion without big damages
Vlore- An amount of dynamite has been thrown at the door of the Director of the Theatre “Petro Marko” in Vlora. Luckily, it did not cause damage on people and the material damages are negligible.This big explosion happened around 05.00, in an apartment near the elementary school “Rilindja”. The first moments have been shocking for everybody, but later on was told that the explosion happened in the lower part of the door of the famous actor, Kristaq Skrami, who that moment was not home, but in an official visit in Bulgaria. The evidences for the moment are not enough because the members of the family did not report the case in the police yet, and they did not want the situation to be commented on the media. Also, in the Directory of the Police of the district do not give information even the spokesman of the directory was not informed at all for the incident. We tried to learn as much as we could from sources close to the family for the possible hypothesis. The first one is the mixing up the address of the target where the explosive was meant to explode, because the actor, Skrami is a well- respected person in his job and in his relations with the neighbors. So no one thinks that the explosive has anything to do neither with the job of Mr.Skrami, nor with any possible revenge against him for other problems.