Deutsche Politische Wasser Firma verantwortlich für Blutsauger Parasiten im Trinkwasser in Elbasan. Ähnlich ist es ja im Kosovo. In Afghanistan sowieso usw..

siehe Quelle unten. Und in Durres sind die auch als Berater tätig, und deshalb muss 50% der Durres Bevölkerung gefährlich verseuchtes Wasser trinken.

Wo Deutsche Politiker Geschäfte machen und die erste Privatisierung des Trinkwassers durchziehen, kommt dann sowas heraus!

Und die auf der Website von Berlin Wasser erwähnte Firma Rodecco ist schon lange in Albanien (mindestens seit 1998) und hat bis heute als vollkommen überteuerte Consult Nichts zustande gebracht.

• Caterpillars in tap water
Elbasan – The tens of families of the “Katund i ri” village in the Bradashesh commune, located 3 km away from Elbasan have been seriously concerned by the discovery of waste and suspicious organisms in their potable water.They inform us of having noticed in the water pipes small multiped beings known as the dangerous and venomous “qimzja”. The on site verification has shown that the deteriorated water pipes pass through polluted water where these organisms, known as bloodsuckers, having the appearance of small snakes that attach themselves to humans and feed of their blood until causing asphyxiation. Moreover, inhabitants of the Katund i Ri village report that since a few days red water, similar to a mixture of rust and ground, flows out of their taps. The local authorities shall inform the “ELBER” Water Supply Company which carries the responsibility for the created situation.

Elbasan, Albania

Albania, pumping gear
Elber Sh.p.k. - a subsidiary of Berlinwasser International and RODECO Consulting GmbH - has been granted the concession for the water supply and wastewater disposal in the city of Elbasan, about 60km south-eastern of Tirana, with a population of around 100,000.

The Elbasan concession company is the first privatisation project within the Albanian water industry which has until now been run entirely by the state. It is therefore a groundbreaking project for development in Albania. The 30 years contract period commenced on 1st April, 2002.

The main responsibilities of Elber Sh.p.k. are to secure the water supply by rehabilitating existing wells and constructing new ones, to rehabilitate and expand the existing water supply network, to create new connections and to eliminate illegal water connections, as well as to establish a reliable wastewater disposal facility.

The ambitious goal of Elber Sh.p.k. is to increase the water supply to the city of Elbasan from its current level of 4 hours per day to 24 hours per day within the next few years.

• Half of Durres drinks polluted water
Durres – For some days now half of the coastal city, including the Plazhi and Shkozet area are drinking polluted area.The old water supply network in most of the city and peripheral areas has alarmed the citizens who after complaining to the Water Supply Facility have addressed their concerns to the Hygiene and Epidemiology Directorate where they submitted samples of water for analysis. According to laboratory expert N.M “ the water received by the citizens, samples takes in the areas of Plazhi, Shkozet, Nish-Tulla, and other peripheral and central areas, has larger than accepted bacterial percentage. It is too polluted and I don’t understand and refuse to believe that the Water Supply facility would remain indifferent toward such a fact”. The water pollution has alarmed also the different food production companies that have switched to other water sources. The water pollution in the coastal city remains an “old” problem, which requires immediate intervention.