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Draskovic: We need to learn from Albanians

Erstellt von ooops, 09.02.2009, 23:52 Uhr · 52 Antworten · 2.750 Aufrufe

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    Draskovic: We need to learn from Albanians

    Draskovic: We need to learn from Albanians

    Monday, 09 February 2009 Former Serbian Foreign Minister and Serbian Renewal Movement leader Vuk Draskovic has expressed concern about the relations of his country with the United States.

    Draskovic, who took part in the annual morning prayers ceremony in Washington, D.C., expressed pessimism when it comes to the possibility of changing the US approach towards Serbia. He has said in an interview for the Voice of America that the United States is a serious state and nothing important will change in its attitude towards Serbia and the region.

    Draskovic expressed concern with the Serbian position versus the Euro-Atlantic integration, which seems to have changed, as Serbian officials in Belgrade have already begun to speak against membership in NATO.

    Asked what Serbia can do to promote its interests in the United States, Draskovic stressed that Serbia must first clarify things to itself. He suggested the Albanian-American relations as a model.

    "We should learn more from our neighbors, for example, Albanians. Today in the prayer lunch I was sitting near the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But she was at the table of the Albanian Prime Minister Berisha."

    In this context, Draskovic also spoke about the relations of Kosovo with America.

    "When Bill Clinton arrives tomorrow in Prishtina he will be met there by Bill Clinton, the great statue that Albanians have built for Clinton. Statue of Liberty will also greet every American. The world today is the world of symbols. We are far behind. We even often do what is against our interests."

    Draskovic apparently mistook the billboard of Clinton on Prishtina’s main thoroughfare for the statue.

    Draskovic has been a target of two assassinations by Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic and throughout his political career dabbled ultra nationalism with pro-western positions. He established his own paramilitary unit which went on to fight in Croatia. In the years leading to the brutal massacres in Bosnia, his graphic writing glorified the slaying of Bosnian Muslims.

    Draskovic has not commented about the current approach towards Kosovo, remembering the proposals he made regarding the Kosovo status at the time when he was Serbian Foreign Minister.

    New Kosova Report - Draskovic: We need to learn from Albanians

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    wo er recht hat, hat er recht :signoops:

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    Theres nothing to learn from.....

    Albanians, Europe's Last Cavemen

    Albanian checkpoint

    “Natural Albania” or Cavemen United

    “(...) Epoka e Re, an Albanian paper published in Kosovo, printed an interview on Aug. 22 with Koco Danaj, political adviser to Albania's Prime Minister Sali Berisha, in which Danaj called for the creation of a “natural Albania” by 2013.
    Already assuming the independence of Kosovo, Danaj invoked Montenegro's separation from Serbia as an argument that Albanians in Montenegro and Macedonia should have the right to secede as well. “Instead of having Albanians participate in those countries' governments, it would be more natural that they had one government in the Albanian capital, Tirana, Danaj said.” (AKI)
    The Italian news service that reported Danaj's comments didn't note the significance of the date, but 2013 would be the 100th anniversary of the creation of Albania. It was in 1913 that the European “Great Powers” created the first Albanian state by the Treaty of London, which officially ended the Balkan Wars. For the rest of the 20th century, Albanian nationalists have attempted to adjust the borders laid out by that treaty to ones more closely approximating those claimed by the 1878 League of Prizren as "ethnic Albania." This is the “natural Albania” Danaj was referring to, no mistake.
    Danaj's comments drew a sharp reaction from Serbia's de facto Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic, who condemned them as expansionist and sent a message to the Contact Group that amounted to “Did we not tell you so?”
    Belgrade's warnings that the campaign for Kosovo's independence, the Macedonian rebellion, and the Albanian participation in Montenegrin secession were all parts of a wider strategy for the creation of a Greater Albania have been played down by Imperial officials and mocked by Albanian partisans such as the ICG. But as days go by, it's become obvious that such a pattern does indeed exist (...)”
    Entire article by Nebojsa Malic, Wishful Thinking
    Viral Meningitis Outbreak

    In his excellent analysis, Malic also mentions the outbreak of viral meningitis in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, where contaminated tap water and public pools have helped infect over 400 people so far.
    Sanitation in Kosovo is not UNMIK's responsibility, but squarely that of the authorities led by the “former” KLA thugs. Over the past eight years, they have demonstrated an unquestionable talent for atrocities, terrorism, propaganda, and lobbying, but a complete lack of ability to protect the lives or property of their fellow Albanians, let alone the Turks, Roma, Ashkali, or Serbs who lived in Kosovo.
    Mind you, the competence – or lack thereof – of the Albanian authorities should not be a factor in deciding whether their separatist cause should be allowed to violate international law, precedent, and principle. But it would at least help the Albanian claims some if they actually appeared even marginally capable of running their own affairs.
    UNMIK: We Call the Albanians Rats and Cockroaches

    The spread of infections in Kosovo due to the appallingly unsanitary conditions brings to mind a testimony of Mark Ames, an American visiting Kosovo a year after it was handed over to UNMIK, NATO and KLA terrorists, aptly titled GET ME OUTTA HERE!

    Mark Ames: “Trash literally everywhere, in every ravine, gully, roadside, in rivers, streams, besides schoolyards...” Bijelo Polje, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia
    Yeah, this is a lovely fucking place. Trash everywhere. Trash literally everywhere, in every ravine, gully, roadside, in rivers, streams, besides schoolyards…. Albanian leaders are trying to educate their people about the evils of trash, but they’ve got a long way to go. The entire south side is dusty, filthy, polluted. Power cuts and water cuts are frequent.
    (...) The province is filthy, ugly, completely polluted by NATO ordinance, run by half-wits and thugs, soaked in blood and doomed to be the permanent asshole of Europe, a stain on the Balkans.
    I can’t wait to get the fuck out.
    But before commenting on the filth and trash Albanians pile up literally everywhere, including the schoolyards, Ames goes into more detail about the feelings The Cavemen, up-close and personal, awake in their rescuers and allies:
    (...) You may have read about how members of the United States’ 82nd Airborne have been running amok in their sector, brutalizing the local Albanian population. What you probably haven’t read is the reason why: the soldiers couldn’t take the lawlessness, and the attacks on the totally defenseless local Serbs, and it drove them mad. Literally.

    OSCE worker: “Albanians treat women like shit”
    The internationals working here for the UN administration, for the OSCE, for NGOs and news organizations, are the most demoralized, cynical group of people this side of the Moscow Times headquarters. Most came in hating the Serbs, and found themselves soon hating the Albanians at least as much, and now are just trying to save their sanity and get out of this hellhole before they’re dragged down with it.
    “We call the Albanians ‘rats’ and ‘cockroaches,'” one top UNMIK official told me. “If they gave guns to the internationals here, there’d be another genocide. Much bigger than what the Serbs did. Much worse.”
    His girlfriend, who works for the OSCE here, nodded her head and rolled her eyes, eagerly agreeing. “All the Albanians do is complain. They have no culture, they hate us, they have no respect for us at all. They leave garbage everywhere, they treat women like shit.”
    Only a Mother...

    Meanwhile, Spanish police has arrested a gang of thieves in connection with 150 robberies from homes on the Costa del Sol. All those arrested are linked to an international network of Kosovo Albanian thieves. Which gives us an insight into what Albanians do when they are not trafficking drugs, slaves and arms, or when they're not starting another war. Robbing other people's homes is what Albanians do when they go to summer vacation.

    Albanian tradition: killing Serbian priest on the doorstep of the church, Devic Monastery, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia

    So if, when you look at it in all honesty, only a mother can love this, why is West so keen on giving them all they want and more? As we could plainly see in Mark Ames' article, it's certainly not love and tenderness Albanian thugs evoke in an average Westerner, so what is the connection?
    In the above quoted article Nebojsa Malic offers the answer:
    The only clear winner emerging here is the Empire: it gets to keep the bases Halliburton built in the occupied province, and boast of its “intervention done right.”
    In other words, Serbs are expected to continue paying for the entire mountain of Western miscalculations, mistakes and purposeful wrongs piled up during the last 15 years, while The Cavemen will continue to reap benefits from the same? Not bloody likely.

    Byzantine Blog: Albanians, Europe's Last Cavemen

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    venom hat klar ausgekontert

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    Nen anderen Thread hab ich auch von dem Nazi "oooops" nicht erwartet

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    Frauen und Kinder wurden deportiert. Der Führer der bosnischen Serben, Radovan Karadzic, gilt neben Mladic als Hauptverantwortlicher für die blutigste Gräueltat im Bosnien-Krieg. Das Massaker wird als Völkermord eingestuft
    im gegensatz zu den serben haben die albaner einen viel besseren ruf...

    und warum meldet sich ein grieche bei jedem albaner-thread??
    (@kreek-stil: wurdest du von einem albaner richtig durch......???)

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    Zitat Zitat von MIC SOKOLI Beitrag anzeigen
    im gegensatz zu den serben haben die albaner einen viel besseren ruf...

    und warum meldet sich ein grieche bei jedem albaner-thread??
    (@kreek-stil: wurdest du von einem albaner richtig durch......???)
    und warum melden sich albaner bei jedem serben tread?

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    Schaue und lerne

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    im gegensatz zu den serben haben die albaner einen viel besseren ruf...

    und warum meldet sich ein grieche bei jedem albaner-thread??
    (@kreek-stil: wurdest du von einem albaner richtig durch......???)
    Der grieche meldet sich daher weil er ein Serbe ist und möchte gerne ein grieche sein.

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    Vielleicht ist es auch nur, weil er das Thema interessant findet? Immerhin ist es nicht nur ethnischen Gruppen jeweils erlaubt, zu posten..

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    und warum melden sich albaner bei jedem serben tread?
    die Albanern melden sich daher um die Neuigkeiten zu korrigieren die,die Serben in thread einstellen Bezug zu den kosovo und Albanien,quasi ihr lernt noch von Albanern die euch korrigieren:big13:

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