Rama withdraws from Tirana Municipality
Chief Socialist Edi Rama has definitely withdrawn from rerunning for Mayor of Tirana Municipality in the approaching local elections.Confidential sources close Edi Rama said the chief socialist will not run for Mayor and that the latter has done his selection that who is going to be the most suitable candidate to represent socialists in the capital. Sources confirmed that Edi Rama has done such invitation to the head of Mjaft movement, Erjon Veliaj, while the latter has not yet given a definite response. Meanwhile, Erjon Veliaj has not denied mentioning of his name as candidate for Mayor of Tirana Municipality, which means he has already accepted such challenge. However, whether or not Veliaj accepts to represent the Socialist Party according to the leftwing agreement, what is for sure is that Edi Rama will be neither a candidate for nor Mayor of Tirana Municipality after six years. Sources stressed Rama’s withdrawal has not to do with any fear that the latter could loose the local elections or from internal problems of the Socialist Party. Sources from the SP office as well as from people close the Prime Minister confirmed that Edi Rama’s withdrawal is in the framework of an unspoken and unwritten agreement between the two main leaders of the opposition and majority. Rama has already agreed with Prime Minister Berisha to withdraw in change of not putting him in the list of corrupted that will be delivered to the Prosecution Office. The agreement is simple and clear. Rama withdraws and selects a candidate outside the Socialist Party, because none of the SP figures really meet the standards to confront with the majority’s advantage, or a figure that knows how to deal with grassroots discontent. Erjon Veliaj’s candidature is Edi Rama’s best selection, because, even though he is not member of the Socialist Party, he enjoys a good reputation at ordinary socialists. Nevertheless, socialists consider the capital as their stronghold, although it is being questioned after July 3 elections, as the SP was defeated in its traditional strongholds across the capital, but when is about Edi Rama, things stand differently. But, many of the SP top officials were expressed that if Rama loses in Tirana, he should definitely step down, despite what is envisaged in the statute.
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