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EBRD Confirms Additional Financial Support for Albania


The EBRD is helping to fund a major thermo-central power plant project in southern Albania, considered vital to preventing power shortages. Bank president Jean Lemierre was in Tirana earlier this month, pledging to aid the country's development.

By Ardi Pulaj for Southeast European Times in Tirana - 21/09/04

During a visit to Tirana, EBRD President Jean Lemierre confirmed that the institution is interested in development projects in Albania. [AFP]

During a visit to Tirana in early September, EBRD President Jean Lemierre confirmed that the institution he heads is interested in development projects in Albania. In particular, the bank will grant funds in April 2005 for the construction of a new thermo-central facility in the southern city of Vlora.

"We look forward to the construction of the thermo-central plant, which will solve Albania’s problem of power cuts in the southern part of the country," Lemierre said. Work on the project -- considered one of the most important in Albania's power sector over the last 20 years -- is expected to start in early 2005 and to be completed within two years.

The EBRD has been one of the main financial contributors to thermo-central construction in Albania. Nearly 120m euros are being provided by three international financial institutions -- the EBRD, the World Bank and the European Bank of Investments -- and the Albanian government.

Authorities in Tirana regard the EBRD's involvement as vital. Lemierre met with President Alfred Moisiu and Prime Minister Fatos Nano, who urged the EBRD to assist local authorities with the privatisation process of Albtelekom, the country's main landline telephony company.

The EBRD "would contribute to realise a successful privatisation process of Albania's strategic sector," Lemierre told journalists afterwards. In the meantime, the bank disbursed 200m euros for the continuation of its investments in Albania until 2005.

According to official data, EBRD contributions so far have been concentrated on encouraging the private sector -- especially small and medium-size enterprises -- through investments and direct assistance. The bank also plans investments in infrastructure, airports, tourism and decentralisation of local government. Between January 2002 and December 2003 alone, the EBRD provided nearly 88.2m euros for four projects.