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EU kritisiert Belgrad wegen den schleppenden Reformen

Erstellt von lupo-de-mare, 26.09.2006, 19:24 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 389 Aufrufe

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    EU kritisiert Belgrad wegen den schleppenden Reformen

    EC criticises Belgrade for lag in reforms


    While the issue of war crimes co-operation presents the major obstacle to further Serbian progress towards EU integration, the country also has been slow to implement civilian control of the military and other key changes.

    By Davor Konjikusic for Southeast European Times in Belgrade - 26/09/06

    Serbia's progress towards joining the EU has stalled over the Mladic issue.

    Serbia has not made substantial progress in fulfilling several of its European Partnership priorities, according to the latest report from the European Commission (EC). An ombudsman and supreme state auditor have not been chosen, although the legal deadline for doing so passed long ago. In addition, the EC said, civilian control of the military has not gone very far.

    Two of the five key priorities -- co-operation with the UN tribunal and dialogue with Pristina -- are being considered separately and are not included in the report. UN chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte has not yet made an assessment of Serbian co-operation with the tribunal, and says she will not be able to do so until perhaps the end of this month.

    Serbia's chances of renewing Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) negotiations with the EU, broken off earlier this year over Belgrade's failure to extradite Ratko Mladic, hinge on del Ponte's assessment.

    Meanwhile, Serbia should be working on the other criteria, says Deputy Prime Minister Ivana Dulic-Markovic. "After almost a year since the law was passed, Serbia still does not have the ombudsman -- the citizens' protector," she said, adding that the ombudsman could have been especially significant during the debates on amendments to the law on broadcasting.

    Other unfulfilled political criteria include completing the election law and adopting action plans for reform of the judiciary and the fight against corruption. In addition, the privatisation of state-owned companies should be completed, and steps to counter inflation adopted.

    "Even though we don't have [SAA] negotiations, we may not halt," says Tanja Miscevic, head of the government's office for joining the EU. "The integration process has to proceed. This is only one segment of it, particularly in relation to increasing our capacities."

    Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic has said Serbia is capable of becoming a formal EU candidate by 2008. Until the Mladic issue is resolved, however, Belgrade cannot get past the hurdle of resuming SAA talks.

    Notes Miscevic, "Technically we are capable of doing our job, but with clear political responsibilities. This does not imply only full co-operation with The Hague but also internal reforms and the issue of unambiguous support to the process of European integration for which are responsible -- both the government and the opposition parties."

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