The member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, Angelika Beer, and Sepp Kusstatscher, member of the EU-Macedonia delegation gave comments on the Commission's recommendation to grant candidate status to Macedonia.

"We very much welcome the Commission's statement on Macedonia. This is a huge success. The Government of Vlado Buckovski succeeded in a very short period of time to push through substantial reforms as well as the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement. This is a positive sign and signal for the other countries of the Western Balkans that the implementation of necesary reforms is the most productive way to approach EU membesrhip", said Ber and Kusstatscher.

According to them, Macedonia should now focus on what's leftover and especially concentrate on the reform of its public administration and judiciary so that the December European Council is able to decide positively on its status as a candidate. "We are optimistic that these last barriers will shortly be overcome", they said.

"Against this background we call upon Greece to finally accept the name 'Macedonia'. It would be an absurd move if Greece stops the actual progress in its small neighboring country by vetoing the start of negotiations during the December Council because of non-existent territorial issues. Greece should not continue hindering the actual peace process in Macedonia and in the whole region", reads the statement of the two members of the European Parliament.\038-1011.htm

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