Together with Hila invloved in the transfers of money and sale of lands are also some former officials of KSHKKP and Ministry of Regulation of Territory and Tourism, etc

• “Hila” case: handcuffs ready for high officials
The Court of the Facts of Durresi District gave yesterday the final decision against the former head of the Committee of the Restituition and Compensation of Property, Vasil Hila, former-official Anila Rrapi and four former inspectors of KLSH, accused from the Prosecution of taking the lands and their sale.The oddissey of the court sessions started since last November and finished yesterday at 12.15 o’clock after the reading of 36 pages of the decision of the court body headed by Ndue Gjura. Two weeks before the prosecutor of the case Ferdinand Elezi, asked for 23 years of imprisonement and 5 million leks of penalty for Vasil Hila as well as 3 years of imprisonement for their collaborator Anila Rrapi, whereas for the four ex-inspectors penalties amounting to 600 to 700 thousand lek. The last sessions have been characterized from facts and new arguments that have helped the legal process on charge of Hila and a wide network of people , with whom he had four years that was collaborating. According to the pretence of the prosecutor, but also of the decision argumented from the head of the court body Ndue Gjura, the activity of Hila and of his collaboratos has caused to Durres “150 years of return backwards”, as well as an economic and ecologic damage that is irepairable. At his word the head of the court body Gjura has declared that “regarding this penal process during the investigations there were penally responsable also other subjects, since the prosecution with a decision of date 24/12/2004 decided the separation of this penal proceeding at 2 processes with that no. 756 and 756/1. According to him, the process 756/1 still continues the investigations form the accusing body. There is a moment here for the decisions that during the judgement result as faked, according to the graphical expertise and the prosecution has started the penal proceeding for the subjects that have penal responsability. Gjura has declared that the interests of the citizens have been broken since from 800 former-owners that were awaiting the compensation were treated only 67 as such, and from these only 35 received around 112.150 square meters of land from 147.923 square meters that was the whole designated area. They were compensated with over 2-7 or even 16 decision in their favor precisely from Hila, so just for the inheritors of Haxhi Kokomanit were issued 28 decisions compensating with 26.107 square meters of land or over 15 percent of all the surface”. At the decision of the court it is declared
That “ the decision of the CM no. 528, dated 13/05/1996 is abolished, according to which “only CM is the authority that defines the rules and the time of compensation”, meaning that no other institution can decide on this. Rejecting the arguments of Hila, his lawyer and some other witness, the court body has argumented with facts the illegal decisions as well as all the illegal activity of the official activity of Vasil Hila, and his cooperators. With these facts the court body decided for Vasil Hila 20 years of imprisonment and 6 millions of lek penalty. For Anila Rrapi 3 years of imprisonement argumenting that the accusations for “Faking documentations in 192 cases, misuse of duty”. Whereas the corut body has stopped the peanl case towards the four former inspectors of KLSH. According to Gjura and Elezi “ now after the conclusion of the investigations at the doors of the Court shall come also the penal procedure no. 756/1 which is expected to put in fron of the black lawyers well known names of the local power and central power as well as politicians of many colors, since Hila is accused of “laundering money” in cooperation. The scandal of stolen lands is expected to be streched to various circles in the capital, as cited from the sources of the court. Together with Hila invloved in the transfers of money and sale of lands are also some former officials of KSHKKP and Ministry of Regulation of Territory and Tourism, etc