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KFOR ruft zu Verzicht auf Rache & Gewalt

Erstellt von Feuerengel, 12.06.2005, 08:38 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 727 Aufrufe

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    KFOR ruft zu Verzicht auf Rache & Gewalt

    KFOR ruft zu Verzicht auf Rache & Gewalt

    Pristina (AP) Der Leiter der NATO-Friedenstruppe im Kosovo hat die Bevölkerung am Samstag zu einem Ende von Gewalt und Rache aufgerufen. Auch wenn sie die Vergangenheit nie ganz vergessen könnten, dürften die Menschen nicht zulassen, dass Rachegefühle einen verheerenden Kreislauf der Gewalt in Gang setzten, sagte KFOR-Kommandeur General Yves de Kermabon am sechsten Jahrestag der Stationierung der Truppe im Kosovo.

    Mit einer Schweigeminute gedachten die Soldaten der 120 Kameraden, die bislang in der Unruheprovinz getötet worden. Kermabon legte an einer Gedenkstätte in Pristina für die Soldaten einen Kranz nieder, ein albanisches und ein serbisches Kind pflanzten gemeinsam einen Baum. Die KFOR wurde 1999 mit 50.000 Mann im Kosovo stationiert. Derzeit sind rund 17.000 Soldaten in der von den Vereinten Nationen verwalteten Provinz im Einsatz.

    Die serbische orthodoxe Kirche verurteilte unterdessen die Erschießungen von bosnischen Muslimen in Srebrenica vor zehn Jahren. Auf einem vergangene Woche veröffentlichten Video war zu sehen, wie Kämpfer der serbischen paramilitärischen Einheit «Skorpion» sechs junge Muslime töteten. Die serbische Kirche hat sich bislang mit öffentlicher Kritik an den Kriegsverbrechen während des Bosnien-Krieges zurückgehalten. Die auf dem Video gezeigten Erschießungen seien «kaltblütiger Mord an unschuldigen und hilflosen Zivilpersonen», hieß es in einer Stellungnahme. Dass offenbar einer der Kämpfer die Tötung gefilmt habe, zeuge von unerklärlichem Sadismus.

    Zugleich verteidigte die Kirche jedoch das Verhalten eines Priesters, der - wie auf dem Band zu sehen ist - mehrere «Skorpion»-Kämpfer segnet. Dies sei Tradition, außerdem könne nicht vorab beurteilt werden, «was nach dem gemeinsamen Gebet auf dem Schlachtfeld geschieht».

    Das Video wurde kürzlich vom serbischen Fernsehen gezeigt und löste einen Sturm der Entrüstung aus. Erstmals waren serbische Politiker gezwungen zuzugeben, dass während des Bosnien-Kriegs auch reguläre serbische Truppen an Kriegsverbrechen beteiligt waren und nicht nur örtliche bosnisch-serbische Einheiten. In der UN-Schutzzone Srebrenica wurden im Juli 1995 schätzungsweise 7.800 muslimische Männer und Jungen ermordet.

    Man sieht schon was die serb. orthodoxe Kirche für einen Namen hat.
    Die albanisch orthodoxe Kirche würde niemals so etwas sagen!

    ZITAT: ,,Zugleich verteidigte die Kirche jedoch das Verhalten eines Priesters" Tss,tss und das nennt sich "GLÄUBIG"

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    Was sollen solche Aufrufe! Es zeigt deutlich, das die KFOR und UN nach über 5 Jahren vollkommen versagt haben.

    Wie die SZ schon in der Samstag Ausgabe schrieb, dürfte es sich um eine Teil Fälschung im Video handeln, da gerade bei den entscheidenden und grausamen Minuten der Ermordung der Menschen, die Datums Angabe plötzlich fehlt.

    Death, Lies, and Videotape
    Behind the "Srebrenica Atrocity Video"
    by Nebojsa Malic

    WWW.ANTIWAR.COM 9 June 2005 10 June 2005

    The URL of this article is:

    Several minutes of video footage made public late last week pushed the issue of Kosovo out of the Balkans limelight and focused it firmly on Bosnia. A film showing the execution of six men in civilian clothing by a paramilitary group known as "The Scorpions," procured by a notorious purveyor of atrocity porn, has been cited as crucial, "irrefutable," "final," and "incontrovertible" evidence that not only were the events following the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995 "genocide," but that the government of Serbia was involved.

    Moving features about shocked citizens and grieving relatives who recognized family members came across the wires, along with exclusive revelations of the tape's origins and triumphant boasts of Serb-baiters in the press about the tape. Lobbyists for the Hague Inquisition waxed long and poetic about its importance. Almost everyone commenting on the tape agrees that it is evidence of Serbian involvement in Srebrenica events. Al-Jazeera, for example, calls it "irrefutable proof of Serbia's role."

    That, however, is simply not true. The tape is not a smoking gun, but rather a publicity stunt. Assuming the men shown ? both the killers and the victims ? were identified correctly, it will have clarified one bloody episode in the Bosnian war; no more, no less. The hysteria surrounding its release speaks far more about the machinery dedicated to fabricating and maintaining a web of lies about Bosnia and the Balkans than about anything that actually took place in and around Srebrenica following July 11, 1995.

    Shot on the Hillside

    Portions of the video shown at the ICTY and in Serbia, and available online, show several men in uniform shooting four men in civilian clothing, and ordering two others to dispose of the bodies. It is indeed disgusting, such banality of evil, akin to the Abu Ghraib photos. It is also brethren to mujahedin recruiting videos showing the ritual murder of Serbs: a reminder the war in Bosnia was vicious, brutal, and about as uncivilized as war gets. It is indeed the Devil's sacrament, nourishing the vile State while destroying the souls of men.

    That said, the interpretations and conclusions drawn from the video are so outlandish, so hyperbolic and often entirely factually inaccurate, it becomes obvious that the media and politicians involved have nothing against the devil ? indeed, they worship the State ? or even killing as such. They are simply using this particular document of killing to further lies and violence, while invoking justice, humanity, and peace.

    Atrocity Porn Star

    The video has seen the light of day thanks to the efforts of one Natasa Kandic, often described as a "courageous human rights lawyer" and "Serbia's most prominent human-rights activist." But AP describes her NGO, the Humanitarian Law Center, as an organization that "investigates crimes committed by Serbs during the Balkan wars."

    Indeed, Kandic's focus is not on human rights or humanitarian issues, but on finding "evidence" of alleged Serb atrocities, and making such allegations, the more shocking, the better. She was the source the disgraced USA Today reporter Jack Kelly quoted about the infamous notebook, but when Kelly asked for corroboration she denied his story. Kandic is also behind the freezer-truck hoax, the claims of crematoria for Albanians in southern Serbia, and a host of other atrocity claims that the media eagerly report, but no one ever manages to verify. The London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) is often her accomplice in publishing these claims. So it should not surprise that the most detailed report on the tape and its origins ? containing the most serious allegations and assertions, presented as proven truth ? came from two IWPR hands, Tim Judah and Daniel Sunter, in last Sunday's Observer.

    It cannot be a coincidence that the airing of the tape and its arrival at the ICTY come just days before a conference on Srebrenica that Natasa Kandic is organizing at Belgrade's biggest conference center, "in cooperation" with the ICTY Outreach Office in Serbia. It also comes on the heels of a declaration pushed by a conglomerate of Empire-supporting NGOs in Serbia (one of them being Kandic's HLC) to accept the description of Srebrenica as genocide committed in the name of the Serbian people.

    Claims and Implications

    The ICTY used the videotape, and a document showing that members of the Scorpions served in the Serbian anti-terrorist police units in 1999, to claim that they have always acted on Belgrade's orders. Such contentions were supported by Kandic and Dejan Anastasijevic, a reporter for Time magazine and an eager supporter of the ICTY whom the AP mistakenly dubbed a "military analyst." While these allegations have enormous propaganda value, as "evidence" they are worthless.

    One trial monitor effortlessly tracked down the testimony of a Krajina Serb official from October 2003, indicating that the Scorpions were a mercenary/militia outfit established in 1992 and fighting in Bosnia. Only some individual members of the unit later volunteered for anti-terrorist operations in Kosovo, and were indeed on Serbian police payroll ? in 1999. Two of them were found guilty of murdering Albanian civilians; one is in prison, the other fighting extradition in Canada. That the Scorpions as a unit were never part of the Serbian police was confirmed by General Obrad Stevanovic, former assistant police minister currently testifying at the Milosevic trial.

    But to claim that a 1999 document listing several former Scorpions members as belonging to the Serbian police is "proof" that the unit ? or the individuals ? were in police pay four years earlier is patently absurd.

    Ein Artikel von

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