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Kosovo: Der Entwurf zum Versagen der UNO

Erstellt von Partibrejker, 30.11.2004, 22:31 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 664 Aufrufe

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    Kosovo: Der Entwurf zum Versagen der UNO

    Kosovo: Blueprint Of A U.N. Failure

    By Barbara Stock

    ".... why are you killing our children?" read the sign held up by a grieving man. The Russian Foreign Ministry said "the another act of terrorism." Was this last week in Iraq? No, this was just last month, in Kosovo. Remember Kosovo? Don't feel badly, no one does.

    When they do remember it, it is referred to as great victory for the U.S. and NATO. The blueprint, the liberals like to say, on how things should be done. Not the haphazard way it is being done in Iraq without "international U.N. backing". It is held up as the perfect world created by the United Nations when they are allowed to do "what they do best." They don't want you to look too closely, however, because if you do, you will be dismayed and startled at the unrest that continues on a daily basis, after nearly 5 years. You will realize that people die almost daily and no one, especially the American media, seems to care. The reputation of the mighty U.N. must be protected. As the chaos continues in their own backyard, Europe ignores it, just as they did before.

    As I researched my last article, "The Tale of Two Wars", I did research to compare the two Generals involved in our two most recent conflicts. I didn't expect to find what I found. I was ashamed that I, as well as everyone else apparently, had just forgotten about those people over there in Kosovo. Those people who were being wiped out by genocide and ethnic cleansing. I thought everything was under control. After all, isn't no news, good news? The U.N. is in charge now. How can things go astray? What made me angry was how pompous the U.N. and France, in particular, are about how Iraq needs to be their hands. Chaos and death still rule in Kosovo and they have the nerve to tell the U.S. that only they know how to nation build?

    "We will not allow terrorists to drive us out of Iraq." stated Annon. The U.N. has all but abandoned Iraq. Not safe, they say. There is a man who stands by his words.

    Perhaps he went back to Kosovo, where it's safer? After all, the U.N. has been there for sometime now. Unlikely, it's probably worse, overall, than in Iraq.

    During 78 straight days of blind bombing, ordered by Bill Clinton and carried out by General Wesley Clark, the infrastructure of that country was devastated. Terror attacks happen with great regularity and even the U.N. itself is under constant attack. A bomb was thrown at the UNMIK police headquarters in the Kosovo town of Prizren just last month and an Indian U.N. peacekeeper was just killed there.

    All is not well in Kosovo. Here are some staggering numbers that you never hear on the nightly news. More than 200,000 Serbs have fled the province since the "end of major hostilities" because of constant attacks like this one. "An elderly Serb couple and their son were axed to death and their house was set on fire Wednesday in one of the worst incidents of violence in Kosovo in recent months", said a United Nations official. The flow of refugees continues as they are run out their homes or forced to sell them for next to nothing or suffer the consequences.

    Since the deployment of KFOR and UNMIK in Kosovo and Metohija on June 10, 1999 to August 9 of this year 6,535 attacks have been reported. In those attacks 1,201 people have died, 1,328 have been injured and 1,146 people have just "disappeared". Most of the victims have been Serbs and Montenegrins and these attacks have gone on right under the noses of U.N. 'Peacekeepers'. They continue on a daily basis.

    The Serb leaders accuse the U.N. of favoritism and not protecting them against the constant attacks. The continued violence against civilians discourages the tens of thousands of refugees from returning. Anti-U.N. sentiment is on the rise as courthouses come under RPG attack and U.N. vehicles are routinely vandalized. There is no peace and security in Kosovo. There is still a war going on in Kosovo, we just don't realize it.

    As I watched President Bush give his obligatory speech at the U.N. I could see, almost feel, the resentment and distain from many of the European leaders. Why do they hate this man so, I wondered. They loved Bill Clinton. Then, as I pondered this, it came to me. Clinton carried out a war as they would have. Sloppy with little regard for the civilians under their bombs. When they would get together with Bill, one can imagine they spent more time talking about how many mistresses they had instead of how to make the world a better place. Post-war problems were not their concern because they surrendered all responsibility to the U.N., just as Clinton did. He was a kindred spirit.

    This man Bush is NOT one of them. America suffered it's worst attack since Pearl Harbor and we recovered in record time.

    We have carried out two wars and still we move forward. Bush adamantly refuses to turn over control of Iraq to the U.N. and didn't feel he needed their permission for either war. Our economy continues to improve while their economies decline. We have survived corporate scandals and a stock market crisis. We are upset over a 6% unemployment rate while most of theirs is over 10% and growing. Even under attack...after two wars...STILL Bush is in control and the U.S. is stronger than it was before 9/11.

    Iraq, in many ways, is already ahead of Kosovo in its recovery. The only major problems come from the Sunni Triangle and al Qaeda that has infiltrated the people from neighboring countries who are frantic to see us fail in Iraq. The Iraqi people are beginning to turn these terrorists and their weapons in to American forces. They are sick of war and killing. They want peace. They do NOT want the U.N. The Governing Council and town elders have made this clear to anyone who will listen. They want the Americans. This must gall those European leaders who's only remaining power stems from the U.N.

    What also makes them so angry, is watching this man, this President, this country, do in months what they cannot do in years. Despite attacks from socialist forces from within and without, he goes forward. Despite the constant threat of terrorist attacks, we persist. That is why they hate him. He has shown that the U.S. does not need them. While we would welcome assistance, we do not need it to succeed in Iraq.

    As Kosovo once again is threatened with war even as the U.N. stands guard, there is not "peace and security". There never was, it was all a ruse, but in one year, we Americans will have no only removed a war criminal and butcher, but put an oppressed country on the path to freedom and helped it rebuild. We will do it with or without them. I predict now there will be peace in Iraq long before there is peace in Kosovo.

    I suppose at some point we will have to revisit Kosovo and hopefully this time, with Americans in charge, peace will have a chance of success.


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    Im Englischen Parlament gab es schon vor über einem jahr eine Debatte über das Kosovo Debakel und dieses Witz, für eine Terror Mafia einen Krieg zu führen.

    Vor allem geht es um die Milliarden von Kosten, welche sinnlos sind, was sogar schon Deutsche Politiker nachfragen.

    Aber im Deutschen Bundestag herrscht das grosse Schweigen, mit Ausnahme von Gauweiler und Ludwig Wimmer.

    Und von diesen Kriegs Pyschopaten und "Zuhältern" lt. Glose im Bundestag, wie einem Joschka Fischer hört man NIchts zum Thema.

    Nicht im Hirn und Nichts an Charakter, was Leute wie Joschka Fischer und Tom König anstellten.

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