UNMIK Local Media Monitoring 14 October 2004

Media Analysis 14 October 2004

War between OSCE and UNMIK begins (Lajm)

Lajm newspaper reports that the ‘reserved competencies’ of the SRSG, which Soren Jessen-Petersen is using 101 percent, he is violating every regulation on elections. This constitutes the first indicator of a war between UNMIK and OSCE.
The paper claims that this time along, even the OSCE Mission was surprised to realise the limitless power of the UNMIK chief, ‘who has used his reserved competencies (while avoiding both local and international institutions), to meet the necessities of Kosovo Serbs just so that they can participate in 23 October elections.’
‘Apart from violating the election regulation, it was once again made clear that the real power in Kosovo lies in the hands of the SRSGs,’ the paper comments.
A senior OSCE official in Prishtina, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Lajm that the election regulation doesn’t seem to count when it comes to the new Serb coalition. The source said that the issue of certifying the Serb coalition and its candidates, ‘doesn’t depend on us, but directly on the SRSG Jessen-Petersen.’ The same official said that as far as this issue is concerned, journalists should not pose questions to the OSCE.
Asked to comment on the issue, UNMIK spokeswoman Mechthild Henneke was quoted as saying, ‘We haven’t violated the election regulation, because SRSG Jessen- Petersen has only used his reserved rights as defined by the Constitutional Framework.’