Anführer der griechischen Minderheitspartei und Menschenrechte in Albanien wurden verhaftet wegen Unruhestifterei und ihren antialalbanischen Tönen während des Wahlkampfs , die Zuhörer (Griechen) schwenkten die griechische Flagge.....und schrien "Lang lebe Griechenland" , "die Albaner sind Türken " , "Himara ist griechisch" , die Veranstaltung wurde von der albanischen Polizei aufgelöst :

Leader of Greek Minority Party in Albania Arrested Because of "Anti-Albanian Slogans"

The Albanian Prosecutor's Office started a legal process against the leader of the Party for Human Rights Vangel Dule when following last week's end of the local elections "members of the party shouted anti-Albanian slogans and waved Greek national flags in Southern Albania."

According to Albanian authorities during the celebrations in the Greek majority town of Himara "Greek nationalism raged and the flag of a foreign country was exposed" which violates Albanian law.

The independent TV station "Top Albania Channel" recorded the events of that night and reported that the Albanian police has evidence that slogans such as "Long live Greece," "the Albanians are Turks," "Himara is Greek" were shouted, and the TV recordings will serve the prosecutor's office as an argument in the indictment against the Party leader Dule.

According to police sources that night several other persons were arrested, the ones that were "more aggressive in their protesting". Albanian police also stated that among the crowd, members of the Greek extremist organization "Mavi" were also noticed, who arrived in Himara to cause turmoil.

Albanian Prime Minister Fatos Nano gave a comment on the event, saying that "those people should face the law."

Today's media report that following the local elections results a representative of the Greek Government asked Tirana to proclaim the town of Himara as a "minority zone." According to Albanian analysts, this demand by Greece represents a "dangerous Greek provocation."

Vangel Dule's Party for Human Rights, where majority members are ethnic Greeks, reported that besides Himera they also won the elections in other smaller towns in Southern Albania.