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Minister Besimi Presents Macedonia's Investments Possibilit

Erstellt von Albanesi, 27.05.2005, 19:19 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 433 Aufrufe

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    Minister Besimi Presents Macedonia's Investments Possibilit

    Macedonian Minister of Economy Fatmir Besimi presented to French businessmen in Paris Macedonia's possibilities and conditions for investments, aiming to present the country as a destination for successful business.

    He said that Macedonia and France were connected with friendly relations and high level of understanding and respecting. Macedonia, as Besimi said, had political and economic support from France, such as donations of financial and technical assistance in many spheres, aiming at stable development of the country.

    "We will introduce competitiveness of Macedonian economy through commercial and economic cooperation and strengthening of institutions and standards, aiming at cou
    ntry's competitiveness at regional and European markets", Besimi said.

    Since Macedonia's independence, Besimi said, the total flow of direct foreign investments in the country ranged at US 1,2 billion, and France has invested around US 5 million.

    Macedonian Minister said that French companies could invest in food-processing and leather industry, as well as textile industry, tourism and electric industry. According to him, small French companies could invest in production of clothing, processing of milk and medicines.

    Cooperation in these sectors could be based on agreements, as well as with direct investments in opening of new sections.

    Besimi also told to French businessmen that Macedonia's constitution guaranteed equal, i.e. a national treatment of all investors and that the investments could be protected by a political risk, having in mind that Macedonia since 1994 has been a member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA).

    He also informed French businessmen on Macedonia's activities for improving the investment climate in the country, such as creation of a stable economic ambience and enabling of a private sector a leading role in the Macedonia's economy development.

    Besimi in Paris is accompanied by director of Macedonian Electric Power Company (ESM) Pande Lazarov, representatives from Ministries of Transport and Communications and Ecology and National Bank.

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    Was für ein Geschwätz von diesem Spinner.

    Also wenn einer Investitionen haben will, müßte er vor allem die Italiener, Türken und Griechen fragen!

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