Muhammad Nasiru-d-Din al-Albani -Nasirudin Nuh Nexhati

Nasirudin Nuh Nexhati, Geboren in Shkodra 1914. Gestorben in Aman 2.10.1999

Sheikh" Muhammed Nasir ad-Din al-Albani, considered by most "Salafis" to be the biggest scholars of their sect (after the death of their Mufti), has issued a Fatwa few years ago saying that ALL Muslims in Palestine, Southern Lebanon, and the Golan Heights should leave their land in mass and go somewhere else. His proof was (and he is still clinging to it) that any Muslim land occupied by non-Muslims becomes a non-Muslim land. Thus, it is prohibited for any Muslims to keep living there.

Muhammad Nasiru-d-Din al-Albani (a recently disappeared pseudo-muhaddith from Albania who classified hadiths according to his unlimited fantasy and forbade women to wear golden ornament).

Es gibt in Aman der Hauptstadt von Jemen ein sehr bekanntes Zentrum Namens "Al-Albani", wo viele der bekanntesten islamischen und arabischen Gelerten unterichten usw!

Er war wirklich eine grosse Nummer in der islamisch-arabischen Welt!