Einer der Mitglieder der NAAC schrieb an Präsident Bush.

Das die Albaner im Gegensatz zu denn Griechen, wirklich gegen denn internationalen Terrorismus kämpft (Afghanistan , Irak usw).
So auch die die Verfechter für Freiheit, Demokratie usw sind.

Wo hingegen Griechenland ein antiamerkianisches Land schon bewiesen seid dem NAto-Bombenkrieg gegen Serbien.
Griechenland ist auch nicht Garant für Frieden und Stabilität und Wohlstand für denn Balkan.

Wenn schon die Menschenrechte und Minderheitenrechte garnicht akzeptiert.
Es ist ein unwürdiges EU und Nato-Mitglied...

Vor allem sollte Griechenland in Sachen Kriegzustand gegen Albanien wegen Epiruskonflikt und zweiten Weltkrieg und wegen dem Bau der Autobahn und Pipeline von Türkei in die albanische Adria die Fresse halten.....

NAAC and President Bush Exchange Correspondence on Albanian-Greek Relations

National Albanian American Council
January 10, 2002

The Honorable George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush:
I am writing to you in connection to your upcoming meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Costas Simitis.

Expressing the feelings of Albanians all over the world, we at the National Albanian American Council fully support America's War on Terrorism under your valuable leadership. Albanians are the strongest supporters of the United States in Europe. All of them mourned for the victims of September 11 tragedy, and many of them have volunteered to fight alongside our forces in Afghanistan.

We, however, view with considerable concern the upsurge of Anti-American feelings in Greece after September 11. We join our fellow Greek-Americans in deploring such irresponsible actions. We also urge you to press the Greek government to fight and eradicate terrorism in Greece, especially the 17 November and MAVI terrorist organizations. There is no justification for the prolonged inaction or indifference in that regard.

In addition, Greece can and should do more to contribute to the peace, stability and prosperity of Southeastern Europe by respecting human and minority rights. We urge you to press the Greek government to recognize all ethnic minorities within its territory (Albanians, Turks, Macedonians, etc.) and provide them full protection in accordance with International law. As Greek Human Right Groups state clearly, Greece's policy of non-recognition of the existence of ethnic minorities is no longer permissible. A truly democratic country must not use double standards when preaching about the rights of its own minorities in other countries and refusing to grant recognition and rights to ethnic minorities within its own borders.

Moreover, the Greek government should take further steps to improve the relations with its neighboring countries and help build a spirit of friendly cooperation so much needed in Southeastern Europe. We urge you to ask the Greek government to abolish the Status of War with Albania dating back to 1940. Although today Greece and Italy are both members of EU and NATO and have no WWII related issues outstanding between them, the Status of War Law with the then Italian occupied Albania remains still in force, in violation of the NATO treaty and other provisions of International Law. The necessity to abrogate of such law becomes even more pressing in light of some very disturbing comments that Mr. Simitis made in his visit to Russia last year in reference to the Greek nationalist doctrine of Greater Greece or Megali Idea. Finally, the Greek government can contribute to the economic development of the region simply by not opposing US interests and projects in the Balkans such as the Baky Ceyhan and Burgas - Durrës pipelines.

On behalf of NAAC, I thank you for your valuable time and attention to these matters.


The White House

February 14, 2002

Mr. Richard Lukaj
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
National Albanian American Council
1700 K Street, N.W. Suite 1201
Washington, D.C. 20006

Dear Mr. Lukaj:
Thank you for your letter on the war against terrorism and on our relations with Greece. I welcome the support of the National Albanian American Council, of the Albanian American Community, and of the Government of Albania for our efforts to fight terrorism.

Greece is a close friend and ally of America. I had a constructive and friendly meeting with Greek Prime Minister Simitis on January 10, which advanced U.S.-Greek cooperation on counterterrorism. We also discussed the importance of fostering inter-ethnic tolerance, economic prosperity, and thus, stability throughout the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. My administration strongly encourages Greece to continue improving relations with all of its neighbors and to play an increasing role in fostering regional economic development.

I appreciate your views and suggestions and your continued personal involvement in issues related to Greece.