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Nachrichten aus Mazedonien

Erstellt von Zoran, 28.02.2012, 09:06 Uhr · 13.413 Antworten · 715.449 Aufrufe

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    Zitat Zitat von Ilir O Beitrag anzeigen
    Um was gehts denn?

    Der Bürgermeister von Opstina Centar, Andrej Žernovski (SDSM), hat die Bauarbeiten zur neuen Kirche neben dem Mutter Theresa Denkmal gestoppt.

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    10. Preparations for highway R6 to Macedonia are advancing (LOI ¶¶8, 9).

    The 2013 budget contains an allocation of €28 million (0.5 percent of GDP) to start construction during the year’s final months. Construction will stretch overall several years, however, and the total cost to the budget
    could amount to up to 15 percent of GDP. The authorities and staff followed up on the agreed preconditions for starting the project’s implementation, notably economic viability and fiscal sustainability.

    Fiscal sustainability. The 2013 budget law specifies that the allocation for R6 would be executed only once the level of the usable government bank balance amounts to at least €300 million (close 6 percent of GDP). Whether this level can be reached in 2013 depends primarily on success with PTK privatization.

    Economic viability. The authorities submitted an updated feasibility study for R6 to World Bank and IMF staff in January, in line with the corresponding structural benchmark. World Bank staff confirmed that R6 passes minimum thresholds of viability, although only after incorporating additional cost savings, as was done in an updated version of the study in March. However, the study failed to analyze less expensive design options, in contrast to the authorities’ commitment in the Letter of Intent of December 5, 2012. In particular, the design continues to include tunnels and other technically demanding elements in the southern section of R6that—as experiences in neighboring countries suggest—hold the risk of potentially severe cost overruns. To limit risks to the public finances, it was agreed that the southern section would be procured as a ―design and build‖, which requires the companies bidding for R6 to submit alternative designs. Further, a World Bank representative will join the Project Steering Committee for R6 as an observer.

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    Zitat Zitat von Čento Beitrag anzeigen
    Der Bürgermeister von Opstina Centar, Andrej Žernovski (SDSM), hat die Bauarbeiten zur neuen Kirche neben dem Mutter Theresa Denkmal gestoppt.

    Mittlerweile hat er aber gesagt, es sei nur SPEKULATION

    - - - Aktualisiert - - -

    PS, nicht SDS sondern LDP in Koalition mit SDS

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    Kumanovo und ganz MK ist in Schock wegen dem Tod der 15 jährigen Teodora Cvetkovska. Der Täter fuhr zu schnell und erfasste sie tödlich.

    Шок и тага во Куманово поради смртта на Теодора

    Петок, 07 Јуни 2013 00:38

    Со тага и неверување, кумановци ја примија веста за смртта на петнаесет годишната Теодора Цветковска, која синоќа подлегна на повредите задобиени во сообраќајната несреќа пред три дена, јавува Кумановоњуз.


    Трагедијата во семејството Цветковски и изгубениот млад и невин живот ги потресе граѓаните, кои на социјалните мрежи го искажуваат револтот кон несовесниот возачи и побараа поголема безбедност во сообраќајот за нашите деца.
    -Теодора ја изгуби битката и повеќе не е со нас. Почина мојата внука Дори, невино и младо дете со многу неисполнети сништа. Тажно и страшно! Нека почива во мир. Упатувам порака до сите кумановски фраери кои не знаат да возат, нека ги остават скапите коли дома за да не гинат невини суштества- гласи една од многуте пораки на Фејсбук.
    Двете девојчиња беа прегазени кога во нив удри автомобил рено, кој чекал да помине на семфорот, а во него удрил бмв управувано од Б.М.(25), кој поради неприлагодена брзина не успејал да закочи на раскрсницата. Истражен судија од Кумановскиот суд на Б.М. му одреди притвор од 30 дена, а ќе одговара за крвично дело сообраќајка со смртни последици.
    Граѓаните покренаа иницијатива за поставување на лежечки полицајци на булеварот и за реконструкција на „црната„ раскрсница, која ја сметаат за главен виновник и предлагаат нејзино преуредување во кружен тек.
    So ein junges Mädchen, einfach unglaublich Почивај во мир Анѓелче...

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    Avatar von Zoran

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    MPs pass law on Abortion
    Monday, 10 June 2013

    The Macedonian Parliament adopted on Monday the Law on Termination of Pregnancy in a shortened procedure. Opposition deputies did not take part in the debate and voting and the law was voted against only by one MP.

    Two weeks ago, the government submitted the draft-law to parliament.

    Under the proposed changes, women seeking an abortion beyond the tenth week of pregnancy will have to file requests for abortions to the Health Ministry and will have to affirm that they attended counselling, informed the partner or spouse of their intention to abort and met a gynaecologist.

    The law further forbids women from having a second abortion within a year of the first one.

    The current law from 1976 left key decisions on abortions to doctors.

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    Macedonia, Serbia step forward in co-operation
    12 June 2013

    EU integration was the main focus of the recent Macedonian and Serbian intergovernmental meeting in Belgrade, as Skopje and Belgrade agreed to help each other toward faster EU and NATO integration.

    At the meeting, led by Serbia Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Macedonia Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, the two countries agreed on several specific projects that will soon be implemented.

    "We want to collaborate on the EU membership path. As small countries must work together since we have common interests. With this we show commitment to improving bilateral relations on all levels. We are ready and would be pleased if the initiatives [discussed at the meeting] are accepted, as we should join in our common interests, as other regions, like Scandinavia and the Baltics," Dacic said.

    Gruevski said there is dedication between the two countries for reconciliation and closure of all open issues from the past.

    "Successful regional co-operation manifested through activities in regional organisations and initiatives are another confirmation of the Europeanisation of Macedonia and Serbia, and the Europeanisation of our region," Gruevski said.

    The internal affairs ministers of the two countries agreed on police co-operation in the form of an exchange of police officers during the upcoming tourist season, and the health ministers signed a memorandum of co-operation in health and medical sciences.

    An agreement was signed on mutual recognition of educational degrees, and the completion of Corridor 10 was discussed, especially the section at the Macedonia-Serbia border.

    "It was agreed that a common contact centre for police co-operation at the border crossing Tabanovce would start working, as well as the common control of the railway traffic," Aleksandar Georgiev, a spokesman for the Macedonian government, told SETimes.

    "We defined specific proposals and initiatives that will work in the coming period, from which citizens of both countries will benefit," he added.

    Both states will soon establish a joint committee for economic co-operation and national minorities.

    Dimitar Mircev, foreign policy adviser to the Macedonian president, said that the joint government meeting is a good example for other regional countries.

    "Many common issues, disputes and dilemmas can be solved in such a direct way. This will affect future relations between the two neighbours, the co-ordination of interstate agreements and projects, and in the creation of a new climate in the Balkans. Two years ago there was a joint government meeting between Turkey and Greece. The more such examples we have, the better for the entire region. Such meetings should extend to multilateral and trilateral meetings," Mircev said.

    Zoran Stoiljkovic, a professor of sociology at Belgrade's political sciences faculty, said that such high-level communication will positively impact mutual trust between Belgrade and Skopje.

    "Both countries are multinational and complex communities, and their priority should be an exchange of experiences in respect and regulation of interethnic relations. Economic relations are important, and will contribute to the re-opening of common markets, as was the former Yugoslav market," Stoiljkovic told SETimes.

    Mile Solaja, former president of the Bitola-based Serbian-Macedonian Association of Friendship Srma, said that Belgrade meeting is a sign that things in the Balkans are moving in the right direction.

    "We organise many activities that help improve relations between the two peoples and countries. Recently, an event 'Days of Serbian Culture in Macedonia' was held, so we have an exchange between cultural and artistic associations, and we marked the dates of historical figures, thus actively improving our relationships," Solaja told SETimes.

    The next meeting between the governments of Macedonia and Serbia is planned for the first half of 2014 in Skopje.

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    Makedonija nije Zrbija!!!

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    Stadtteilgruppensprecher der SG 8, Goce Peroski, zu Gast bei der Grünen Jugend Mazedoniens

    zu Gast in Mazedonien: Goce Peroski (rechts), neben ihm: Simona Sardelik, Vorsitzende der Grünen Jugend und Baze Josifovski, stellvertretender Vorsitzender
    Montag 8. Juni 2013. Auf Einladung der MODOM, der Grüne Jugend Mazedoniens, hielt Stadtteilgruppensprecher Goce Peroski (SG 8) einen Vortrag über unsere hiesigen Parteistrukturen. Die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer waren sehr interessiert und stellten Fragen, insbesondere dazu, ob bzw. welche Mechanismen zur Trennung zwischen Amt und Mandat existieren. Auch wurde der Bedarf nach Seminaren zu folgenden Inhalten formuliert: Erneuerbare Energien, Energieeffizienz, Schutz vor Umweltverschmutzung, alternativer, umweltfreundlicher Verkehr, Partizipation in der Gesellschaft, insbesondere von jungen Leuten; auch wurde die Frage gestellt, wie man die Menschen in der Gesellschaft erreichen und ihnen diese Themen nahebringen kann. Stadtbezirk 8 - Bündnis90/Die Grünen Düsseldorf

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    Shqiptarėt ortodoksė nė Maqedoni u kthehen rrėnjėve

    Kryetari i Kuvendit tė Republikės sė Kosovės dr. Jakup Krasniqi, priti sot misionarin e ringjalljes kombėtare ndėr shqiptarėt ortodoksė nė Maqedoni, Branko Manojlovski , tė cilin e ka pėrgėzuar pėr punėn e madhe dhe tė mundimshme qė ėshtė duke e bėrė pėr vetėdijesimin kombėtar tė njė numri tė madh tė shqiptarėve ortodoksė nė kėtė vend fqinj, tė cilėt, nė kohėn e socializmit jugosllav kanė pėsuar goditje tė rėndė tė asimilimit kombėtar.

    Misionari Branko Manojlovski, me origjinė nga Reka e Epėrme ( qė pėrfshinė 18 fshatra nė rrethinat e Dibrės), i cili tash e 40 vjet jeton dhe punon nė SHBA, por njė pjesė tė mirė tė kohės e kalon nė vendlindjen e tij, ka rrėfyer fakte pikėlluese pėr fatin e rreth 300 mijė shqiptarėve ortodoksė nė Maqedoni , ringjalljes kombėtarėve tė tė cilėve ua ka kushtuar jetėn e tij prej misionari.

    Ai ėshtė shprehur optimist pėr suksesin e misionit tė tij tė vėshtirė: “Shqiptarėt ortodoksė nė Maqedoni po u kthehen rrėnjėve. Dua qė fėmijėt tanė dhe fėmijėt e fėmijėve tanė ta dinė se vijnė nga etėr e gjyshėr shqiptarė, e ta kuptojnė se gjaku ujė nuk bėhet”, ėshtė shprehur veprimtari nga Reka e Epėrme, duke pėrkujtuar rilindėsin e madh shqiptar tė asaj treve, Josif Bageri .

    Ai ėshtė shprehur shumė i kėnaqur qė ndodhet nė Kosovėn e lirė, duke i uruar popullit shqiptar tė Kosovės suksese edhe mė tė mėdha nė tė ardhmen , e duke qenė i bindur se shteti i pavarur i Kosovės duhet tė bėjė mė shumė pėr bashkėkombėsit tanė kudo qė janė. ”Tė punojmė shumė dhe drejtė pėr ardhmėrinė e ndritur tė kombit tonė”, ka uruar Manojlovski.

    Kryeparlamentari Krasniqi ka spikatur vėshtirėsitė qė kanė pasur rilindėsit dhe ēlirimtarėt e popullit shqiptarė nė faza tė ndryshme tė qenies sė tyre kombėtare, duke theksuar se sakrificat ia kanė vlejtur. “Sot e kemi edhe Kosovėn e pavarur, pėr pėrparimin dhe ngritjen e sė cilės duhet tė punojmė me pėrkushtim, siē do tė kujdesemi edhe pėr pėrparimin dhe emancipimin e ēdo pjese tė trungut kombėtar, tė mėrgatės e tė diasporės shqiptare”, ka theksuar Krasniqi.

    Lajm i mir

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