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Nachrichten aus Mazedonien

Erstellt von Zoran, 28.02.2012, 09:06 Uhr · 13.429 Antworten · 716.085 Aufrufe

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    Foreign Minister: Czech Republic wants Macedonia in NATO
    Foreign Minister: Czech Republic wants Macedonia in NATO | Prague Monitor
    ČTK | 30 MARCH 2012
    Prague, March 29 (CTK) - The Czech Republic supports Macedonia's quickest possible admission to NATO, but this cannot be expected at the forthcoming NATO summit, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said after a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Poposki Thursday.

    The summit to be held in Chicago in May will deal with other themes, such as anti-missile defence, Schwarzenberg said.

    Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov recently asked for his country being admitted to NATO in Chicago.

    The admission was blocked by Greece over years-long disputes over whether the former Yugoslav republic or the north Greek region has the right to use the name Macedonia.

    "The summit in Chicago is not devoted to enlargement," Schwarzenberg said.

    He said, however, it is not necessary that the allies call on Macedonia to enter the Alliance at top level.

    This can also be done on another opportunity, said Schwarzenberg who has also long supported Macedonia's effort to enter the EU.

    Poposki pointed out Thursday that Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas will visit Macedonia within a month and that he will be accompanied by a strong business delegation.

    Macedonia sends ambassador to Nigeria

    President Goodluck Jonathan, on Thursday, said his administration is fully aware of the importance of education and is doing everything possible to ensure that the nation’s youth are properly trained to contribute significantly to national development.

    Speaking at an audience with Darko Angelov, the non-resident Ambassador of Macedonia to Nigeria, Jonathan expressed the Federal Government’s appreciation of scholarships offered by the Macedonian Government for the training of some Nigerian youth in Macedonia.

    The President said he was happy to welcome the envoy who presented his letters of credence as Macedonia’s first-ever Ambassador to Nigeria, adding that he looked forward to the consolidation and expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries.

    In turn, Angelov told Jonathan that his country was very keen on developing existing relations with Nigeria because of Nigeria’s importance on the African continent.
    Macedonia opens first honorary consulate in Czech Republic
    Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki attended Wednesday the formal opening of Macedonia's Honorary Consulate in the Czech Republic.

    The Consulate is located in city of Hradec Kralove, about 120 km from Prague.

    Jiri Flidr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of 'Zvu Potez' company, has the honor to be Macedonian Consul for the Czech East Bohemia region.

    Connecting of Macedonian and Czech business communities is going to be my main objective, as there is a room for bolstering the cooperation, Flidr said at the opening ceremony.
    Macedonian MPs meet with US congressmen in Washington
    Macedonia's opportunities to join NATO were discussed on Wednesday in Washington by a delegation of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee - comprised of MPs Antonio Milososki, Igor Ivanovski, Desira Imeri and Pavle Sazdov - with US congressmen Bill Pascrell, Alcee Hastings, David Dreier and Candice Miller.

    The MPs at the meetings highlighted Macedonia's commitment to the process through its completed reform activities and participation in NATO-led international missions, Parliament's press service said. The judgement of the International Court of Justice was presented to the congressmen as one of the main arguments for Macedonian membership to NATO.

    "A meeting was also held between ambassadors of the A5 group and the parliamentary delegation with a group of US congressmen. The ambassadors clearly voiced their willingness and support for Macedonia's NATO membership. Committee's chairman Milososki took the opportunity to present arguments being in favour of the need of prompt Macedonian accession to NATO," stated the press release.

    The delegation also met with members of the United Macedonian Diaspora, who outlined their efforts in promoting the interests of Macedonia and its steps made to join NATO.

    During their visit to Washington, the MPs met with representatives of the International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI).

    Culture Minister Kanceska-Milevska pays Croatia visit

    Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska pays Friday an official visit to the Republic of Croatia, meeting with host Andrea Zlatar-Violic.

    Talks will focus on bilateral culture relations and activities for their future enhancement.

    Kanceska-Milevska will promote edition "130 Volumes Macedonian Literature" in English language in the Zagreb-based National Library, thus marking 20 years from the establishment of Macedonia-Croatia bilateral ties.

    The Culture Minister will also visit the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

    Moreover, Kanceska-Milevska will attend the concert of Macedonian piano virtuoso Simon Trpceski with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of Ivan Repusic.

    Macedonia and Croatia share excellent cultural ties, demonstrated through frequent tours of artists, theatres, projects. The latest cooperation agreement for period 2012-2015 was signed last year in Dubrovnik.
    Macedonia, Croatia enhance culture cooperation

    Zagreb, 30 March 2012 (MIA) - Cooperation among institutions in all culture fields is at a high level, including numerous exchanges and tours of theatres, exhibitions, projects in cultural heritage protection, assessed Macedonian and Croatian Culture Ministers, Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska and Andrea Zlatar-Violic respectively, at Friday's meeting, MIA reports from Zagreb.

    Kanceska-Milevska voiced her conviction after the meeting that cooperation would intensify towards implementing activities within the culture cooperation agreement 2012-2015, signed in Dubrovnik last year.

    "The Croatia's Culture Ministry has supported concerts, exhibitions and tour of theatres from Macedonia. We also referred to publishing and cooperation in translations of Macedonian and Croatian authors", she said.

    Kanceska-Milevska emphasized the support that the Ministry of Culture is providing to the Croat Community in Skopje and Croatian association "Marko Marulic" in Bitola.

    Croatian Minister Zlata-Violic stressed talks tackled certain projects, adding the necessity for institutional communication.

    "We attach high importance to continuity in presentation of contemporary Croatian literature in Macedonian language. There are series of themes from modern life that are of common interest", said Zlatar-Violic.

    Interlocutors agreed on the importance of culture management and putting cultural heritage in the function of tourism.

    The Croatian Minister underlined on the necessity of institutional networking towards creating co-productions for joint presentation in Europe.

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    Police arrests 23 in Kocani & Vinica for racketeering...
    Sunday, 01 April 2012

    In the early hours of Sunday, strong police presence descended on Kocani and Vinica after months of gathering evidence on two dozen criminals who have wreaked havoc throughout Eastern Macedonia by forcing dozens of shops and businesses to give them racket money, physical attacks, drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering etc.

    "Police had a search warrant on two disco clubs, but also the homes of the suspects in which we found guns, rifles, baseball bats, swords, large sums of cash etc" says Kotevski, the spokesman for MoI.

    All of the arrested were transported to Skopje for interrogation.
    Citizens of both Kocani and Vinica woke up this morning with a huge sigh of relief, commenting police should have done this long time ago, but were still satisfied the operation was carried out - better late than never.

    MOI Minister Gordana Jankulovska at a press conference said charges are forthcoming against Kocani's head of police and others. "It has become apparent criminals in and around Kocani operated with impunity. The police in Kocani and Vinica did nothing to prevent this."

    The MOI sent 300 policemen from Skopje in the wee hours on Sunday. Both the Kocani and Vinica police suspected of aiding criminals were not notified of the operation to avoid any communication between the two.
    Eigentlich ist da noch ein Video bei, aber es ist private
    MINA Breaking News - Update: Police arrests 23 in Kocani & Vinica for racketeering...


    Macedonia completes denationalization process

    The Ministry of Finance has settled the last of a total of 30,744 requests for denationalization of property in a first-instance procedure, Vice-Premier and FinMin Zoran Stavreski said Saturday at a press conference.

    Resolving of these cases has brought justice to about half a million citizens, who were deprived of their property about 50 years ago, Stavreski said.

    "The Government has wrapped up yet another historic process for the citizens of Macedonia," Stavreski said.

    The denationalisation, i.e. returning of property to former owners, is one of the key processes for the development of a democratic society in terms of rule of law, he added.

    Most of the property restitution settlements are effective, while about 10 percent of them are subject of s complaint procedure before the Constitutional Court.

    The Law on Denationalisation entered into force in May of 2000.
    Macedonia appoints first non-resident ambassador to Nigeria
    02. April 2012. | 09:46

    Source: MIA

    Macedonia's ambassador to Hungary, Darko Angelov presented his credentials to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, thus becoming the first non-resident Macedonian ambassador to Nigeria, based in Budapest.

    The first Macedonian ambassador to Nigeria was accredited following a collaboration between the Macedonian and Nigerian embassies in Budapest.

    Angelov at meetings with the Nigerian President, Foreign Minister Viola Onwuliri and other top officials of the ministries of foreign affairs, trade and economy, discussed the dynamic of establishing a basic legal framework on bilateral relations, including agreements on avoiding double taxation and investment protection. Interlocutors also agreed to endorse countries' candidacies for securing membership in international organisation, such as Macedonia's nomination for a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    Nigeria's top officials expressed gratitude to the Macedonian government for allocating scholarships to students from Nigeria.

    Ambassador Angelov during his visit to Abuja met with resident ambassadors of several EU members and SEE countries.

    Macedonia and Nigeria established diplomatic ties in 2003 under Macedonia's constitutional name. Darko Angelov is the first Macedonian ambassador accredited to a country in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Nigeria is the largest African state with 160 million inhabitants. It is included in the group of 20 countries having the biggest potential for development.
    USAID promotes interethnic integration in Kumanovo
    02. April 2012. | 09:47

    Source: MIA

    The new USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project is a 4-year initiative in support of ethnic integration in Macedonia.

    Project staff gathered Wednesday representatives of Kumanovo institutions that will work on integration in the North-East region to build their awareness of the project’s goals and explain how the activities will be implemented. Participants included representatives of local primary and secondary schools, advisors from the regional offices of the Bureau for Development of Education, inspectors from the local offices of the State Education Inspectorate, and representatives of each municipality in this region.

    "We all agree on the need and importance of interethnic integration in education in order to promote an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. Our strategy to ensure sustainability of the project is to use a highly participatory approach," said Nebojsa Mojsoski, the project's Chief of Party. “The riches of Macedonia are its multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism. The responsibility to implement this project is shared among us jointly.”

    The project's primary components are: Community Outreach, Capacity Building of School Management and Teachers, Demonstration Schools, and Provision of Incentives to Schools and Communities.

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    Dort wo die Polizei rein ist diese Gangster haben ihre Buchhaltung zuhause gemacht,schon für das hätte der Bulle ihm einen Boxen sollen..

    Seit wann hat die MK Polizei neue Waffen?

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    Zitat Zitat von tetovë Beitrag anzeigen
    Dort wo die Polizei rein ist diese Gangster haben ihre Buchhaltung zuhause gemacht,schon für das hätte der Bulle ihm einen Boxen sollen..

    Seit wann hat die MK Polizei neue Waffen?
    Das wird noch interessant, laut einiger makedonische Medien sind die führenden Leute Verwandte von VMRO Abgeordnete.

    Da kommt noch einiges raus. Und ich finde es gut, egal ob aus den eigenen Reihen, es muss endlich aufgeräumt werden!!!

    Државни службеници им помагале на криминалците во Кочани?
    Во притвор завршија роднини на пратеници од власта, сопруг на пратеничка од ВМРО ДПМНЕ од истокот и брат на поранешен командир на полиција кој подоцна станал пратеник од владејачката партија. Од МВР велат дека тие што им биле грб нема да можат да ги заштитат. Детално се анализира кој затаил во полицијата, инспекциите, судовите непостапувајќи пред очигледниот криминал.

    14 мината детонатори од ноќеска се во притвор, а уште двајца кои се во бегство притворот ќе им почне откако ќе бидат фатени. Притворените се разделени во три групи поради просторните проблеми во Шутка. Само 5 мина ноќеска завршиле таму, другите се однесени во истражните затвори во Прилеп и Битола.

    Според информации на Канал 5 од истрагата, само двајца давале исказ пред истражниот судија. Другите засега одлучиле да се бранат со молчење. Канал 5 дознава и дека дел од нив имале бугарски пасоши и пријавиле имот во Бугарија.

    Во притвор завршија роднини на пратеници од власта, сопруг на пратеничка од ВМРО ДПМНЕ од истокот и брат на поранешен командир на полиција кој подоцна станал пратеник од владејачката партија.

    Пратеничката денеска остана недостапна за коментар за медиумите.

    Од МВР денеска не сакаа да коментираат роднинските врски меѓу уапсените и политички и локални моќници. Велат дека тие што им биле грб нема да можат да ги заштитат. На брифингот со новинарите директорот на Бирото за јавна безбедност Љупчо Тодоровски рече дека групата станала моќна и организирана во мај 2011 откако претходно вршеле насилство и други кривични дела, но полицијата не ги расчистувала делата.

    Но, информациите за организираната група која го тероризира истокот стасала од централата на МВР и така започнала оперативната обработка Детонатор. Информациите ги добивале од локални информатори кои биле близу до осомничените. Но, и осомничените имале доушници, љубовници, пријатели, обични луѓе кои им јавувале секакви движења на полицијата.

    Почнале со насилство, па отвориле агенција за обезбедување во која сите од најмало гранапче до поголеми локали биле принудувани да бидат нивни клиенти. Ако одбиеле имале насилни начини како да ги натераат. Сопственикот на некое кафуле не сакал да ги ангажира. Една вечер влегле во голем број се поделиле наводно во две групи кои се пресметуваат. Искршиле се внатре, но меѓу себе не се повредиле. Од другиот ден и тоа кафуле станало под нивна закрила. Потоа групата го проширила бизнисот и со кафуле и дискотека каде продавале хероин на младите. Следно бил бизнисот со кабелски оператор и со игри на среќа и автомати.

    МВР сега детално анализира кој се затаил во полицијата, инспекциите, судовите, непостапувајќи пред очигледниот криминал.

    Ваква моќна криминална група која вршела токава лепеза на кривични дела немало ни во Скопје, оцени Тодоровски.

    На маскенбалот во Кочани во петокот се приклучија и маскираните специјалци од Скопје и ги приведоа сите за кои имале докази сведоци и изјави од нивните жртви. Тодоровски вели дека сега градот бил мирен. Ги повика сите граѓани на кои досега им било страв да се обратат во СВР Штип или во Скопје и да пријават доколку биле малтретирани или оштетени.

    Das mit den Waffen kann dir bestimmt Makedonier sagen

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    Du schnell zoran hvala

    Ja makedonier erzähl mal bitte was über die polizei

    Und die wichtigste frage sind auch albaner dabei?

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    17 Jähriger Albaner wurde auf brutalster Weise von den "Masken" zusammengeschlagen in Struga

    Strugë, ?maskat? rrahin brutalisht 17-vjeçarin « Lajme - Telegrafi

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    Police applauded for intervention in Kocani

    Monday, 02 April 2012
    MINA Breaking News
    Around 300 Alphas (members of Skopje police) rounded up 23 people in Kocani and Vinica, in the wee hours on Sunday night. Few others are on the run.

    Residents of these smaller eastern Macedonian towns hailed the action of the police.
    "This is strange to say, but when news spread on Sunday that police arrested the individuals that everyone feared and were protected by higher ups in the police here, one could feel a joint sigh of relief by the entire city" says a Kocani resident.

    The Alphas are famous for their work throughout the country, and have made well over 5,000 arrests since the police unit was formed several years ago.

    Even the opposition was surprised to find out that police arrested the husband of a current VMRO-DPMNE MP from Kocani, Elizabeta Kuzmanovska.
    On her part, Kuzmanovska stated that she was not aware of what her husband was doing, however if he did something wrong that she wasn't aware of, he just like everyone else will face his day in Court. Needless to say, the Prime Minister will need to re-evaluate Kuzmanovska's role in the party.

    Kocani and Vinica residents claim that the sole reason why their cities and others in eastern Macedonia had not had any investments is because of the individuals who got arrested on Sunday.
    "No coffee shop owner was safe in our city. Nobody wanted to expand their business because of constant racketeering and threats on business owners. Kocani police let them do whatever they wished. Thankfully, the head of the police retired two months ago, so we hope to see a real policeman in charge," says a local business owner.

    The criminal network in Kocani was extremely elaborate. Police never pressed any charges against local criminals, tax collectors didn't collect any taxes while corrupt judges turned a blind eye to what was happening. What raised eyebrows among the Skopje police is the fact that local gas station and shop attendants were instructed to contact their crime bosses as soon as they spotted "suspicious" policemen that weren't local.
    Crime bosses in Kocani set up a "security agency" which established a 'security fee' for all shops in the city at 30-50 euros a month. Those who refused to pay the fee had their cars set on fire, shops demolished... until they paid the fee.

    Heroin was dealt to local youths, sometimes openly in shops. The criminals even illegally set up lottary shops. As their power grew, they expanded to Kriva Palanka, Makedonska Kamenica. Police in each city was unable to do anything about it.
    Police bosses in Skopje became aware of the situation few months ago and had inserted moles within the group. After enough material evidence was gathered, it was decided on a swift action dubbed "Detonator" on April 1st, during the April Fool Day carneval. The large carneval had provided a cover for the police to enter Kocani without being noticed by informants whose job was to warn the crime bosses of any outside police presence.

    Police bosses in Skopje stated that although 23 people were arrested initially, the number may increase at least three fold as they gather more evidence of everyone involved in covering their crimes and offering police protection.

    Currently police in Kocani, Vinica, Kriva Palanka has been taken over by officials from Skopje.
    President Ivanov to meet ambassadors of Western Balkan, EU countries

    Skopje, 3 April 2012 (MIA) - President Gjorge Ivanov will host Tuesday a lunch for ambassadors of Western Balkan countries, Slovenian Ambassador Alain Brian Bergant, and Head of the EU Delegation to Macedonia, Ambassador Aivo Orav.

    Talks will focus on current regional developments, Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations, as well as enhancement of regional cooperation.
    Minister Dimovski at workshop on rural development project
    Skopje, 3 April 2012 (MIA) - Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupco Dimovski will address Tuesday the final workshop within a Macedonia-Netherlands joint project.

    The joint project is titled STIMERALD - Strategy and Institutional Building for Macedonia's Endeavours to Rural Land Development.

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    Daumen hoch

    [QUOTE=Zoran;3187317]Police applauded for intervention in Kocani



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    Macedonia grants Taiwanese citizens visa-free status

    2012/04/03 23:20:38
    Macedonia grants Taiwanese citizens visa-free status - CNA ENGLISH NEWS
    Taipei, April 3 (CNA) The Republic of Macedonia has granted Republic of China passport holders visa waiver privileges, a move that began April 1, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday.

    Macedonia is the 127th country or region to have granted Taiwanese people visa-free or landing visa status, according to a press statement released by the ministry.

    In Macedonia's case, however, the program will last only until March 31, 2013 in the initial stage, said ministry spokesman James Chang.

    "We will strive to make the privilege a lasting one," he told CNA in a telephone interview.

    The country is so far one of the few countries in the world that grants Taiwan visa-wavier privileges based on a one-year term.

    It will apply to Taiwanese nationals with a six-month passport validity intending to enter the southeastern European country for a stay of up to 90 days within a six-month period.

    The visa waiver is expected to enhance bilateral exchanges in the fields
    Lincoln students send thousands of books to Macedonia

    Lincoln students send thousands of books to Macedonia - News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;
    Posted: Apr 03, 2012 4:03 PM
    Updated: Apr 03, 2012 4:04 PM

    Some students in Macedonia are about to be blessed with the gift of reading.The gift comes from the generosity of students at Holmes Elementary School in Lincoln.

    For the last year, Holmes Elementary teacher Jen Birdsall has been teaching in Macedonia. She came up with the book donation idea, and soon Holmes and many other schools jumped on board. Then they got a surprise when Mainfreight Omaha decided to pitch in.

    On this special day in Omaha this group of Holmes students go picking and packing a rather large group of books.

    "It feels really good to know that other kids will get to have the same reading experience that we do," said 5th grader Alivia Chealey.

    This all started after Holmes teacher Jen Birdsall came up with an idea to bring joy to her students in Tetovo, Macedonia. And, of course, her Holmes elementary family got on board. At first they started with more than a few, but then Mainfreight Omaha pitched in.. more students did too...and soon that number grew, grew, grew.

    "I really like sharing my love of reading with people who aren't as fortunate as me," said 5th grader Emory Anderson.

    The total number of books to be sent is not exactly known, but it's somewhere in ballpark of 12,000.

    For those involved this is not just a fun school project. It's about helping others and making memories they'll never forget.

    "This to me is about a life experience. This is something they're going to remember forever. It's something they're getting back and contributing that is in desperate need of having some books," said Holmes Principal Haeven Pederson.

    The books will now soon be on their way. Once they get there, they'll be given to students, schools, and public libraries. Jen Birdsall is expected to be back at Holmes Elementary in June.
    UMD: 54 members of U.S. Congress urge President Obama to invite Macedonia during Chicago summit
    04. April 2012. | 08:20

    UMD: 54 members of U.S. Congress urge President Obama to invite Macedonia during Chicago summit :: EMG :: SEE news

    The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) announced Tuesday that fifty-four members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a bipartisan letter to President Barack Obama, strongly urging his administration "to make sure that NATO finally offers the Republic of Macedonia its well-deserved formal invitation to join the Alliance during the Chicago Summit," on May 20-21.

    "The 54 signatures represent the most Congressional support for Macedonia's NATO bid ever, almost three times more than leading up to the Lisbon Summit. This is not just a letter, but a symbol of growing support for U.S. support for Macedonia and frustration with the status quo," said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski.

    He added this was a testament to the hard work of the Macedonian-American community-at-large over many years, which would not have been possible without citizen activism, such as letters, phone calls, and meetings with representatives.

    According to UMD, the statement recognizes Macedonia's contributions to democracy, stability, and security around the world, including NATO missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Presently, Macedonia is the fourth largest troop contributor to ISAF.

    "If Macedonian troops can be counted on and trusted to guard the NATO tent in Afghanistan, then they should be invited to sleep in the NATO tent as full members of the alliance," said Congresswoman Candice Miller, Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Macedonia and Macedonian-Americans, during a recent Congressional briefing held on NATO enlargement.

    At the 2009 NATO Summit in Strasbourg/Kehl, President Obama stated: "I look forward to the day when we can welcome Macedonia to the Alliance. The door to membership will remain open for other countries that meet NATO's standards and can make a meaningful contribution to allied security."

    However, even at the 2008 Bucharest Summit, Macedonia had already met or exceeded those standards, by fulfilling the Membership Action Plan from nine years previous. Instead, Macedonia's NATO membership was vetoed by Greece, an act the International Court of Justice ruled on December 5, 2011 to have been in violation of international law.

    Members of Congress called on the President to stand by his words in 2009, stating it is their "strong belief that an invitation to Macedonia to join the Alliance will benefit U.S. national security interests and NATO's global mission."

    UMD applauds the efforts of Congresswoman Candice Miller, Congressman Michael Turner, Chair of the U.S. Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and Congressman Alcee Hastings, former Chair of the U.S. Helsinki Commission, who have been spearheading this initiative over the last month. UMD also thanks Ambassador Dr. Zoran Jolevski for strengthening the U.S.-Macedonia relationship, especially in the context of NATO.

    Among the signatories to the letter are twenty-two Republicans, thirty-two Democrats, the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, twelve members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, eight members of the House Armed Services Committee, seven members of the House Homeland Security Committee, the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, the Chair and Ranking Member of the House Democracy Partnership, and six members from President Obama's home-state, Illinois. Twenty-three U.S. States were represented out of 50, as well as the territories of American Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

    Copies of the letter were sent to Vice President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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    Was wollen denn Taiwanesen in Mazedonien?

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