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Nachrichten aus Mazedonien

Erstellt von Zoran, 28.02.2012, 09:06 Uhr · 13.454 Antworten · 720.147 Aufrufe

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    First group of Dutch tourists arrives in Ohrid
    Ohrid, 27 April 2012 (MIA) - The first group of 120 tourists from the Netherlands using arrangements of tour-operator "Arke Travel -TUI", arrived in Ohrid on Friday.
    A formal event was held at Ohrid-based airport "St. Paul the Apostle", with Economy Minister Valon Saraqini and Netherlands Ambassador to Macedonia Marriet Schuurman greeting the Dutch tourists.
    Minister Saraqini wished the guests a warm welcome, saying they should acquaint with Macedonia as much as possible during their stay and convey their impressions to friends at home.
    Saraqini told reporters efforts would be implemented this year towards increasing the number of foreign tourists in Macedonia.
    "Besides lowering the VAT for tourism services, we have adopted a new rulebook on categorization of capacities, which would significantly improve services offered by hotels. Another measure for attraction of tourists is the subsidizing of low-cost airlines with EUR 4,9 million allocated for the next three years", said the Economy Minister.
    According to expectations, nine flights carrying foreign tourists are to land at the Ohrid airport every week.
    "Taking into account information we have from tour-operators, we expect about 700 tourists per day from the Benelux countries only. Over 14,000 tourists are expected from the Netherlands this year", emphasized Saraqini while thanking the Dutch Embassy for successful promotion of Macedonia as an attractive tourism destination.
    Ambassador Schuurman recalled that such charter flights brought 22,000 Dutch guests to Macedonia last year.
    "We are convinced that more tourists will come from the Netherlands this year. I know that Dutch tourists like Macedonia very much, which has been confirmed by the fact that many who came last year are planning to spend their holidays here again this summer", underlined Schuurman.

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    Schon interessant zu sehen, dass es immer einige wenige Interviewer sind, die das ganze betreiben.

    Und noch lustiger zu ist es, Interviews von Makedoniern auf bulgarisch zu hören.


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    Macedonia, Northern Cyprus to bolster cooperation in tourism
    27. April 2012. | 10:16

    Source: MIA

    Macedonia and Northern Cyprus are taking steps for bolstering the bilateral cooperation in the sphere of tourism. To that effect the two countries have already signed a memo of cooperation, which inter alia, includes organization of charter flights for seven-day packages for Macedonian tourists to visit Northern Cyprus and vice versa.

    "We have held talks with the Northern Cyprus Minister of Culture, Environment and Tourism, Unel Ustun, which resulted in signing a memo of cooperation in the sphere of tourism," Economy Minister Valon Saraqini told reporters Wednesday in Skopje at sidelines of "Basic Factors for Receptive Tourism Development", organized by the Macedonian Chamber of Tourism.

    Macedonia's Government and Ministry of Economy has already launched numerous activities to promote the country as an attractive tourist destination, Saraqini said.

    "Our friend (Turkish actor and Honorary Consul to Northern Cyprus) Necati Sasmaz, who is paying a second visit to Macedonia, has been also promoting Macedonia as a hospitable, friendly and warm country for all tourists," Saraqini said.

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    Macedonia: Police Arrest Alleged Human Smugglers In Border Village
    Macedonia: Police Arrest Alleged Human Smugglers In Border Village

    Written by: RFE RL
    April 28, 2012
    (RFE/RL) — Macedonian police say they have broken up a human trafficking ring by arresting two Macedonian citizens in a village near the border with Serbia.

    The two men, whose names were not released, have been charged with “trafficking immigrants, kidnapping, and robbery.”

    Police also found 59 migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China — including four children and a pregnant woman — during their search for the suspects in the village of Lojane, about 45 kilometers north of Skopje.
    In January, RFE/RL’s Balkan Service documented how the predominantly ethnic-Albanian village of Lojane has become a stopover on illegal migration routes from Asia and North Africa to Western Europe.

    Those reports included interviews in Lojane with illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan, Turkish Kurds, Chinese, and North Africans.

    Visa free travel with Albania... already a big mistake

    Friday, 27 April 2012
    MINA Breaking News
    Spokesman for Tetovo's police Marjan Josifovski today announced the arrest of an Albanian national responsible for robbing numerous Churches in the Tetovo region.

    The Albanian citizen (E.G, 23) was part of a three men group who at the time of the arrest was seen trying to enter the Sveti Nikola church, in the suburb of Koltuk.
    "Two of the three escaped, while police caught E.G. He admitted his involvement in at least three other Church robberies in the past four days." says Josifovski.

    Josifovski admits the situation is alarming. "We had 11 churches robbed across the country during the entire last year. This year, only in the last month and half we have had 15 churches and 1 mosque robbed, mostly in Western Macedonia."

    E.G. entered the country from Albania with an ID, and stayed illegally to commit various crimes. Police believes there may be numerous criminal gangs from Albania operating in Macedonia who can now easily enter and leave the country as they please.

    15 Albanische Staatsbürger ohne Aufenthaltserlaubnis festgenommen. - ???????? ?? ?????
    Пронајдени 15 албански државјани, кои илегално престојувале во Македонија
    САБОТА, 28 АПРИЛ 2012 13:09 МАКЕДОНИЈА

    Пронајдени се 15 албански државјани во тетовското село Џепчиште, кои илегално престојувале во Р.Македонија, информира полицијата.
    Во спроведената акциска контрола , во четири часот по полноќ, во една напуштена куќа во тетовското село биле пронајдени албанските државјани.

    Истите се приведени во Полициска станица-Тетово за понатамошна постапка

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    Was steht da Zoran ?

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    1.000 slawen haben eine 95 jahre alte albanische oma brutal zusammengeschlagen

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    Haha 15 albaner ohne Aufenthaltsbew.

    Es gibt hunderte und die meisten sind sehr nett und erledigen bau arbeiten flott und günstig!

    Und sie essen am liebsten nur Cevapicicicici am mittag

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    PM Gruevski announces new wave of Politicians, Executives...
    Sunday, 29 April 2012
    MINA Breaking News
    The 'New Wave' brings fresh energy, vigor and capacity. New people arrive in favor of preserving the working pace we wish to maintain, especially on posts where we see stalemate due to tiredness or unsatisfactory communication with citizens, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski told reporters on Sunday.

    The move is welcomed by citizens, he said after opening of two new labs at Skopje Faculty of Pharmacy. Obviously they also consider that some officials have entered a phase of tiredness and that a refreshment is needed, Gruevski added.
    A great number of individuals have responded to the 'New Wave' invitation, some of them party members and other who are not affiliated with the ruling party, he said.

    "I believe that this fresh energy will bring substantial benefit, but also offer a chance to many new people to take significant state posts," Gruevski said.
    He also announced new measures in support of citizens in 'this difficult period."
    "Some of them are part of the (ruling VMRO-DPMNE) manifest for development and reforms, while others will be new. However, all of them aim at improving the quality of life of the citizens," Gruevski said.

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    sind die u.s.a und MK gute freunde?

    wenn ich ein visum will für die u.s.a , ist es besser in die botschaft in mk oder in der schweiz ein visum zu beantragen?

    Also Touristen Visum

    bitte spamt nicht

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