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Nachrichten aus Mazedonien

Erstellt von Zoran, 28.02.2012, 09:06 Uhr · 13.782 Antworten · 736.397 Aufrufe

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    Gibt es diese seite auch auf DEU oder ALB?
    Македонски пасош - Википедија

    Die englische seite ist nicht vollständige!

    Mich interessieren das:

    Визен режим на Република Македонија со други држави, специјални административни региони и субјекти и територијални власти непризнати како држави

    Danke for Help

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    A geological institute is to be established in Macedonia
    by Karanovic & Nikolic Law Office on 7/17/2012

    The Macedonian Government has determined the text of the Draft Law regarding the Geological Institute. In accordance with this draft, Macedonia will establish a geological institute starting from the 1st of January 2013. The Government will now propose the enactment of the draft law to the Macedonian Assembly. The draft law is to be a joint project of the Ministries of the Economy and Environment and of Physical Planning.

    According to the Minister of Economy, Mr. Valon Saracini, the main reason for the establishing of the geological institute is the significantly increased number of investors in the field of mineral resources and the great potential of the country in this area, which, unfortunately, is not utilised enough because of a lack of geological data.
    In accordance with the Draft Law on the Geological Institute, the institute will conduct basic geological studies for the preparation of basic geological maps that are either nonexistent or that contain dated data. These basic geological maps are important for the further exploration of deposits of mineral resources. The geological institute will also prepare geochemical and hydrogeological maps.

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    (ФОТОГАЛЕРИЈА) Огнот го пеплоса Патетино

    Од силината на пламените јазици се рушеле и цели камени ѕидови од старите куќи
    Пламени јазици вчеравечер уништија 11 куќи од 18, колку што ги има во светиниколското село Патетино. Големиот пожар, кој го уништи Патетино, и денеска тлееше во шумите во близина на селото, а на помош на малиот број пожарникари од Свети Николе им дојде и полк на АРМ од гарнизонот во Штип.Според првичните информации, огнот најверојатно бил предизвикан од човечки фактор. Од МВР потврдија дека бил приведен С.Г. (59), жител на соседното село Ранчинци, кој бил осомничен за подметнување на пожарот.

    Текст: Игор Шегавиќ
    Фото: Слободан Ѓуриќ

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    Die Menschen tun mir richtig Leid. Ich hoffe mal es wird was unternommen damit die wenigstens ihre Häuser wieder aufstellen können.

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    Government focuses on strengthening ties with Macedonian diaspora
    Wednesday, 18 July 2012

    Skopje is hosting Wednesday and Thursday the third annual conference of expatriate organisations. The conference, attended by representatives of expatriate organisations from Europe, Australia, North and South America, was opened on Wednesday by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

    "Such gatherings and manifestations have an added value representing a strong incentive to remain united, resistant, strong and persistent before challenges facing nowadays, to support and promote our tradition and our Macedonian identity and Macedonian language," PM Gruevski said adding that it was in government's interest to preserve and improve the ties and cooperation with the diaspora.
    He saluted the expatriates who through various activities have worked on preserving the ties with their homeland, promoting the national and cultural identity of Macedonians worldwide as well as promoting Macedonia's state interests. At the same time, he urged them to continue doing so, especially "now when Macedonia is fighting for its place in developed European democracies and market economies."

    According to the PM, these events were a proof of the tight and unbreakable bond between Macedonian expatriates and their roots in Macedonia and a confirmation that contacts and cooperation with the Macedonian diaspora could be maintained and developed.

    "The Macedonian diaspora is an important and indivisible part of every country. Your perseverance in nourishing, developing and affirming the Macedonian national, cultural, language and spiritual identity has been acknowledged on many occasions through your activities in numerous associations, church municipalities, cultural societies, humanitarian organisations, sports clubs, etc. More than anything, they are a witness that the awareness for Macedonian roots hasn't been forgotten at all, on the contrary that it is widely spread all over the globe where Macedonians have settled," PM Gruevski noted.

    According to him, in a time when the Macedonian issue hasn't been closed yet, when there are forces "still hoping to manage to break up the feeling of the Macedonian people", the support of the Macedonian diaspora is of great importance.
    Pointing out the reforms implemented by the government to improve the business climate and to attract foreign investments, PM Gruevski said the cooperation and attempts made by the Macedonian diaspora to attract investments was of major significance. "The Macedonian diaspora plays a key role in combining two global priorities of Macedonia's economy - attracting foreign investments and exporting Macedonian products."

    The conference by bringing together 140 expatriate organisations is the biggest gathering of the Macedonian diaspora.
    "The event aims at improving the ties between Macedonia and the expatriates. The massive turnout shows that they have recognised the government's policies related to the diaspora," said Vasil Naumov, the director of the Agency of Emigration.
    Debates on Macedonian language, ways to preserve culture, citizenship and a mini business forum will take place at the conference organised by the Agency of Emigration.

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    Evening Rain puts out Strumica Fire
    Monday, 23 July 2012

    Two civilians and two firemen were hurt in Strumica earlier today as they battled fires near a place called Chamchiflik. The fire engulfed around 100 hectares of oak forest.

    Just when firemen thought it'd be very difficult to put the fires out in the evening hours, most welcomed rain appeared around 7:30pm.

    Thanks to the rain, the fire was completely put out. Employees from JP Macedonian Forests stated for media the fire had been started accidentally by locals.

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    UN chief Ban Ki-moon visits Macedonia
    Skopje, 24 July 2012 (MIA) - In the framework of his Balkan tour, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, accompanied by envoy in the name talks Matthew Nimetz, pays July 24-25 an official visit to the Republic of Macedonia.
    "The fact that Ban Ki-moon will be accompanied by the special envoy in the name issue, Matthew Nimetz is seen as a confirmation of the importance attributed by the UN head for prompt settlement of the issue and for finding a way to accelerate the process. Country's constructive approach and determination toward finding a mutually acceptable solution to the name dispute will be reiterated to the UN Secretary General and mediator Nimetz," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said in a press release.
    Nimetz's office has said the UN envoy would depart for Thessaloniki on Thursday for a meeting with Greek negotiator Adamantios Vassilakis, who would afterwards brief the country's government.
    The UN chief begins the two-day stay in Ohrid, where he is set to hold talks with President Gjorge Ivanov early on Wednesday. Afterwards, he will depart for Skopje, where he is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, as well as deliver an address at the Parliament.
    According to MoFA, Ban Ki-moon will be informed on Macedonia's achievements since its independence and during the country's 19-year membership to the UN, regarding the establishment of a multi-ethnic functional democracy, contribution to regional development and cooperation with an emphasis on building good neighbourly ties, efforts and contribution to advance and respect human rights worldwide - which is being acknowledged with country's candidacy for membership into the Human Rights Council for 2014-2016, intention to boost participation in UN-led peace missions as well as a number of other activities aimed at strengthening the cooperation and partnership between the Republic of Macedonia and the United Nations.
    Macedonia's successful presiding over the 62nd UN General Assembly will be pointed out to Ban Ki-moon, among other things, as an example that a small country such as Macedonia is able to play a role in mobilising UN members to address certain global issues.
    Scheduled meetings between the UN chief and country's top officials will offer an opportunity to highlight and confirm Macedonia's full support for UN's efforts in maintaining peace and security around the world and in particular the efforts made by the Secretary General in reforming the entire UN system, his activities to resolve the situation in Syria, the transition in Libya and Tunisia as well as further activities related to sustainable development following a recent UN conference in Rio, including other topic of global interest.
    The visit offers an exceptional opportunity for sharing viewpoints with the head of the world organisation on numerous current issues from the UN agenda, such as its engagement in solving crises worldwide, tackling a wide range of global challenges such as eradication of poverty, combat against terrorism, non-proliferation of weapons, sustainable development, climate changes, etc.
    After the Macedonia stay, UN head Ban Ki-moon leaves for Bosnia&Herzegovina, thus completing his Balkan tour, which encompassed all states of former Yugoslavia.

    Persons seriously injured in Strumica fire admitted in Skopje city hospital
    Skopje, 24 July 2012 (MIA) - Five persons injured while extinguishing fire in Strumica were brought late Monday to Skopje's St. Naum city hospital. Three of them are in critical condition while 15-years-old boy suffered minor injuries.
    Director of the city hospital Jasminka Cabukovska said that the injured persons are in serious health condition. Three persons are already put on ventilator and one is in very difficult condition with minimal survival chances.
    The rest of the injured persons are hospitalised in Strumica hospital, she said.
    PM Nikola Gruevski, Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimovski and Deputy Health Minister Jovica Andovski visited the injured persons.
    The fire that broke out Monday in Camciflik locality at 12 p.m. due to the carelessness spread at around 50 hectares of pine trees but was extinguished thanked to the rain at 7.30 p.m.

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    UK salutes and supports reforms in Macedonia
    Brussels, 24 July 2012 (MIA) - The United Kingdom salutes reforms in Macedonia and supports such dynamics in the future, British Minister for Europe David Lidington told Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki on Tuesday, MIA reports from Brussels.

    Interlocutors focused on Macedonia's foreign policy priorities, primarily on the country's EU integration.

    FM Poposki voiced expectation from Union member-states to recognize efforts within the High-Level Accession Dialogue.

    "UK's continual principled support to EU's enlargement process is of exceptional significance for Macedonia. We believe that such sincere support is also necessary for maintenance of credibility in the process. We expect this support to yield results towards Macedonia's full-fledged EU membership", said FM Poposki after the meeting.

    According to him, bilateral relations with the UK are friendly and open.

    FM Poposki and Vice Premier for European Affairs Teuta Arifi will take part at the 9. meeting of the Macedonia-EU Stabilization and Association Council later in the day.

    In addition, Poposki will meet Cypriot colleague Erato Kozakou-Markoullis, whose country currently holds the EU Presidency.

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    9 ehemalige Funktionäre des MVR verhaftet, unter ihnen der Chef-Security Mann von Boshkovski - angeblich verwickelt in dem Mord von 2001 an Marijan Tushevski und Kiro Janev.

    Шефот на обезбедување на Бошкоски уапсен за убиство, осомничен е и Бошкоски

    Вторник, 24 Јули 2012 13:28

    Споделете ја веста со Вашите пријатели

    Поранешни полициски функционери и вработени во Секторот за набљудување и следење при МВР се дел од деветмината кои утрово беа приведени во врска со убиството на Маријан Тушевски и Киро Јанев.

    Меѓу уапсените е и Зоран Трајковски, шеф на обезбедувањето на Љубе Бошкоски. Бошкоски кој одлежува казна затвор поради нелегално финансирање на предизборна кампања е исто така еден од осомничените за помагање на двократното убиство.Убиството беше извршено во 2001 година во кафуле во Капиштец. Тушевски беше убиен со11 куршуми, а Јанев со еден проектил.
    Осомничени се вкупно четворица Срби и 11 Македонци. Деветмината уапсени се македонски државјани. За директни сторители на убиството се теретат тројца од осомничените Срби кои во моментов се во бегство.
    Нофицијално директни сторители на двократнто убиство се Предраг Чубрило, Милан Илиќ и Милорад Ковачевиќ.
    Освен Бошковски и Трајковски, од поранешните функционери осомничен е и Сашко Јовановски викан Тупан, кој во тоа време работел во Секторот за набљудување и следење при МВР.
    Деветминава приведени во време на извршување на кривичното дело биле вработени во Министерството за внатрешни работи. Во моментов приведените се наоѓаат пред истражен судија, а според неофицијалните информации мотив за убиството се финансиски средства.
    Акцијата во која беа уапсени осомничените е спроведена во рамки на оперативната обработка „Ровер“ која е активна повеќе години.
    Осомничените се приведени по барање на Основното јавно обвинителство, а по издадена наредба на Кривичен суд.

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    Two Die In Macedonia Forest Fire

    July 25, 2012
    Reports from the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia say two foresters died and one was critically injured on July 24 while trying to put out a forest fire.

    The MINA news agency reports that four other people -- including a teenage boy -- were hospitalized after strong winds fanned the flames of the forest fire near Strumica, about 100 kilometers southeast of Skopje. About 50 acres of pine forest was burned before the fire eventually was extinguished by rain.

    Belgrade's TV B92 quotes Agriculture Minister Ivo Kotevski as saying arson is suspected.

    MINA reported that the fire appeared to have been started as a result of "carelessness."

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