Eye for tooth” Cruel retalion for Turkey if she attacks Greece

Newspaper “O Kosmos tou Ependiti”(Investors World) Sat. 25 June 2005

A major change in the Defense Dogma of Greece, with the new policy of National Defense which adopted by the Hellenic Armed Forces
The Greatest change consists in the transformation of the Armed Forces Doctrine from a “defensive” to “reluctant - defensive”. That means that for now on the planning, the armament and the organization of the Armed Forces will not aim only the accurate defense but the prevention of any attack by the enemy forces. The Goal is to make clear to the enemy that if he attacks Greece then the cost will much bigger than any of the attempted benefits that he aim at!
The Former Defense Dogma of Greece was the “instant flexible response” meaning that Greece will aim the equal accomplishment. With that Greece Response was reduced, because we clearly say to the enemy that our reaction will be EQUAL to yours Attack. For example if Turkey occupies an island Greece will occupy an island too (just an example)
With the New Policy of National Defense Greece adopted the “capability of instant reaction” allowing the Military leadership to plan with no limits the Reaction of Greece. With that Greece announce that the Reaction will be much stronger and painful to the enemy so he better not attack. For example with the New Dogma if Turkey occupy an Island Greece will occupy Constantinople!
As for the Cyprus there is a report that the EAX (common Defense area) Dogma is still active. But it says that there must be some benefits from the Cyprus entry to the EU, meaning that we expect A Help from the European countries as well, but we will not depend on that.

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It seems that Greece has realised that she is in coalition course by Turkey and is preparing for the worst scenario.The same newpaper reports that according classified US sources a Greek-Turkish clash is very likely to happen during the summer.Also another sources reports that in a possible crisis armed cores of Albanian UCC terrorists are going to be mobilized in Western/Northern Greece.
hat er sich vertan? meint er colision course? Und was ist mit den albanern? werden die ausgerüstet?

Based on current relations, which aint that bad considering they have been worse in the past, and in 1996 we came close to war, I doubt anything will happen besides more of the usual mock dog fights after Turkish violations of our air space.

What could trigger something, is a big event. Something huge.

Your on to something about the Albanian terrorists though in the north west. They do exist. They are just waiting for a time to start up. Just like they did in Kosovo, just like they did in FYROM.
ist da was dran?