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Die Schläger der Opposition, sollen die zerstörten Elektronischen Anlagen und den Schaden im Parlament bezahlen

Topalli: The Opposition Should Pay the Damages
The Speaker of the Albanian Assembly, Jozefina Topalli has made clear yesterday that the destroyed electronic system will be paid by those that damaged it.Topalli launched this declaration in the settings of the plenary hall, where she went to closely see the situation after the mess caused by the violent actions from the deputies of the opposition. Topalli stressed that every damaged thing that means damage of Albanian taxpayers’ money will be restored using the money of the opposition deputies, who performed these abnormal actions. “As you can see, everything in the hall is destroyed, not just the electronic voting system, but the whole electronic system, including the audio system etc. I can say that for all these damages that are the money of Albanian taxpayers, I will ask that all this be paid by the ones that caused the damages,” the Speaker of Albanian Assembly said. In relation to the actions of the opposition deputies, represented by the head of the Socialist Movement for Integration and other deputies, Topalli was expressed that this behaviour, after all ruins the image of the Parliament and of the lawmakers of this state. “These actions ruin the Parliament’s and country’s image and it has cost for all Albanians,” added the Speaker of Albanian Assembly Topalli. During yesterday’s meeting held in the early morning hours, she also declared that she will personally take care of opening as soon as possible a new tender in relation to the restoration of the Parliament’s hall. Still yesterday, during the declaration launched in the media from the parliament’s hall, Topalli invited again the deputies of the leftwing opposition to collaborate in becoming part of the commission for the electoral reform. Just one day after the incidents in the parliament’s hall at the end of this parliamentary session for the 17th legislature, where the deputies of the leftwing opposition performed violent acts destroying the equipments of the hall, its electronic system, and menaced the Speaker of Albanian Assembly, Jozefina Topalli, the latter called on all deputies of the leftwing opposition to collaborate.
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