Die Unterstuetzung fuer die serbische Lobby in den USA waechst.....

Senator Brownback: "I support your cause"

April 28, 2005

PHOTO: Fr. Irinej Dobrijevic, Fr. Jezekilj, Bishop Grigorije, Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), Bishop Teodosije, Professor Sijakovic, Andy Verich (Serbian Unity Congress) April 14, 2005.

WASHINGTON – Senator Sam Brownback: “I support your cause” - speaking to Andy Verich (SUC Director) and members of the local SUC DC Chapter at a reception sponsored by the Institute on Religioun and Public Policy on April 20th, 2005. The Kansas Senator made news last year following the March 2004 anti-Serb pogrom when a letter he wrote to President Bush, was published that states:

"We should not consider advancing the cause of independence of a people whose first act when liberated was to ethnically cleanse a quarter of a million of their fellow citizens and destroy over a hundred of their holy sites."

Senator Brownback also stated that he will continue to support the efforts led by Senator Voinovich (R-OH) to improve the situation for Serbs.
....Zum groessten Teil sind es Republikaner, welche sich dem "Serbian Congressional Caucus" anschliessen...

Pence and Bilirakis join the Serbian Caucus!

WASHINGTON, April 13 - SUC Washington office learned that Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) and Congressman Mike Bilirakis (R-FL) were the latest to join the Congressional Serbian Caucus.

Rep Mike Pence [IN-6]

- Member of the International Relations Committee
- Member of the International Terrorism and Human Rights Subcommittee

Rep Mike Bilirakis [FL-9]

- Greek Orthodox
- Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues
- Member of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues
Hier die Liste der Mitglieder:

Serbian Caucus in 109th US Congress