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Serbia, Turkey and EU relations

Erstellt von GregorSamsa, 25.10.2011, 14:21 Uhr · 11 Antworten · 1.944 Aufrufe

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    Serbia, Turkey and EU relations

    Turkey and Serbia hit highs and lows on their EU ascension paths.

    By Igor Jovanovic and Menekse Tokyay for Southeast European Times in Belgrade and Istanbul -- 24/10/11

    (Den Artikel kann man auf "Shqip, Bosanski, Български, Hrvatski, English, Ελληνική, Македонски, Srpski, Română, Türkçe" lesen)

    In Serbia, the Kosovo situation is rarely comparable with that of Turkey and Cyprus regarding the EU accession process. Yet Serbian officials are aware that bilateral disputes with EU member states and unresolved issues are an obstacle to the country's EU aspirations.

    On October 12th, Serbia received an EC invitation for EU member candidate status, after having achieved significant progress in relations with Kosovo, with the condition to set a negotiations starting date with Brussels.

    In his reaction to the EC's decision, Serbian President Boris Tadic said Belgrade would continue the dialogue with Pristina, but stressed that Serbia could not recognise Kosovo's independence.

    "Serbia has opened a dialogue and wants it to continue, to find a realistic solution acceptable to all, but also has principles it will not give up on, such as the indivisibility of [its] territory," Tadic said.

    The Serbian government's EU Integration Office told SETimes it did not study Turkey's accession problems regarding Cyprus, viewing it as irrelevant. They considered Croatia and Macedonia's cases, as countries that had problems with EU member countries, Slovenia and Greece respectively.

    The EU appears more careful in opening the way for Serbia's membership by imposing the normalisation of its relations with Kosovo [as a precondition], thereby avoiding the Cyprus deadlock.

    By accepting Greek Cypriots as a full member and only legitimate representative for the island of Cyprus in 2004, the EU only emphasised the longstanding division, suggesting that accession may not be a cure for all, as expected.

    "By this accession, the EU first destabilised the equilibrium in the East Mediterranean favouring Greece and Greek Cypriots. Then, the Greek Cypriots became a 'default veto player' for Turkey-EU relations to improve," explains Mustafa Kutlay, an EU expert from Turkey's International Strategic Research Organisation.

    Maja Poznatov, the EurActiv web editor, told SETimes that Serbia is not required to acknowledge Kosovo now, because it is not recognised by five Union members, but pointed out that after the Cyprus experience, it is difficult to expect another case like that to enter the EU.

    "Serbia is not expected to resolve the matter overnight, but the EU will not wait for the end of the accession process either. Serbia may even be asked to pledge that, if it joins the EU, it will be more constructive in the case of Kosovo; that is, it will not block the EU's policy on Kosovo," she told SETimes.

    Poznatov says Kosovo need not be the sole controversial issue along Serbia's path to the EU.

    "Given that the member countries at each stage of the talks, opening and closing of chapters, vote on whether a candidate country has met the conditions, in principle, there are many opportunities for them to block the negotiations for political reasons," she said.

    As Turkey has nearly 35,000 troops in the north of the island, the Cyprus issue became one of the major obstacles before Turkey's EU accession process, and Turkey's prospects for EU membership hinge on its ability to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

    Hande Yalcin, a student, is one of many complaining of a double standard with Turkey over the issue of Cyprus.

    "The EU accepted Greek Cypriots in the union before solving the conflict in the divided island. All got balled up then. The precondition imposed on Turkey for membership into the EU was not imposed on Greece and Greek Cyprus. This is not fair," she says.

    Meanwhile, a heated debate is under way in Serbia on whether it should give up Kosovo en route to the EU. Belgraders' opinions differ.

    Art historian Marko Panic says that "it will not be tragic for Serbia not to join the EU," but "by losing Kosovo both the state and the people would lose their identity".

    Salesman Nikola Markovic disagrees. "If we do not join the EU, I do not see how can we develop economically. If we remain poor, especially then we will not be able to defend Kosovo," he told SETimes.

    Considering that Cyprus will take over the EU presidency in the second half of 2012, giving the presidency a representation by a country not recognised by Turkey, analysts say it likely will become more difficult to advance the negotiation process.

    Quelle: Serbia, Turkey and EU relations (

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    Türkei kommt sowieso net rein :

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    Avatar von SinisaGlavasevic

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    schwer, dass auch nur einer der beiden Länder vor 2020 reinkommt. Wobei, ein Volk mit türkischen Wurzeln ( egal ob jetzt Türkei oder Serbien) würde sicher für Abwechslung in der EU sorgen :P :P

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    Türkei kommt sowieso nicht rein.

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    Zitat Zitat von SinisaGlavasevic Beitrag anzeigen
    schwer, dass auch nur einer der beiden Länder vor 2020 reinkommt. Wobei, ein Volk mit türkischen Wurzeln ( egal ob jetzt Türkei oder Serbien) würde sicher für Abwechslung in der EU sorgen :P :P
    Witz des Tages.

    Dafür kriegst du ein :

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    Zitat Zitat von Weltburger Beitrag anzeigen
    Türkei kommt sowieso net rein :
    doch doch ihr Türken habt euch so in die europäische Identität integriert dass es nur eine Frage der Zeit ist
    UEFA; Europarat, EUROVISION und bald EU
    soviel zu Asien träumt weiter

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    Avatar von Гуштер

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    Ich bin froh, dass unser südlicher Nachbar uns von diesem Verein fernhält.

    Vielen Dank Ellada.

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    Fuck EU!

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    Sonny Black
    Why is this Thread not in German translated?

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    türkei braucht die eu nicht die sind ohne die besser dran man sieht es ja die wirtschaft floriert.

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