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Sicht eines Bulgaren über die "Makedonier"

Erstellt von Albanesi, 13.07.2005, 19:05 Uhr · 6 Antworten · 1.251 Aufrufe

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    Sicht eines Bulgaren über die "Makedonier"

    Mazedonien: die Bulgaren in Mazedonien sind ueber 1 400 000. Trotz der Bedrohungen, Peinigungen und Verfolgungen erklaeren sich mehr und mehr Menschen fuer Bulgaren. Die meisten sind Christen aber es gibt auch Bulgaromohammedaner und Protestanten. Ein groesser Teil von dennen lernt an bulgarishen Hochschulen und viele wollen bulgarische Buerger werden.

    Serbien: Am meisten gibt es Bulgaren in den sogenannten westlichen Gebieten und in den Moravagebieten - ueber 200 000.

    Voivodina - ueber 40 000

    Belgrad - ueber 80 000

    Kosovo - ueber 20 000; in dem Gebiet Gora gibt es 18 Doerfer von Bulgaromohammedanern

    Griechenland: in aegaeischem Mazedonien - mehr als 250 000
    in aegaeischem Trakien uber 50 000 - zum Hauptteil Bulgaromohammedaner
    100 000 sind die Bulgaren, die in den letzten Jahren nach Griechenland wegen wirtschaftlicher Gruenden gefahren sind.

    Albanien: 150 000, am meisten in den oestlichen Gegenden von Albanien.

    Mehr als 300 000 - zum Hauptteil in Norddobrudja, im wlachischen Land und Banat. Grosser Teil der bulgarische Bevoelkerung ist assimiliert.

    80 000 - meistens Auswanderer aus Mazedonien, Moravagebieten und den westlichen Gebieten.

    2 000 meistens Auswanderer aus Mazedonien, Moravagebieten und den westlichen Gebieten.

    10 000 - meistens Auswanderer aus Mazedonien, Moravagebieten und den westlichen Gebieten.

    60 000 /Christen und Bulgaromohammedaner/, der Hauptteil in Istanbul, Odrin und die Gebieten. Grosser Teil der bulgarische Bevoelkerung ist assimiliert oder hat das Land verlassen.

    Mehr als 120 000 und die meisten sind aus Besarabien und Bulgarien

    Die Stammhaelter der Bulgaren aus dem Volgagebiet:
    kasanische Tataren
    Man kann sagen, dass das Bulgarentum in diesen Gemeinschaften in den letzten Jahren aufersteht.

    ueber 60 000 in Besarabien, Krim und Odessa

    die Bulgaren in Moldau sind mehr als 90 000.
    Die Gagausen sind 180 000. Die sind Auswanderer aus Bulgarien, die sich fuer Bulgaren erklaerten, aber in den letzten Jahren ist die tuerkische Propaganda sehr stark und die entfremden sich immer mehr vom Bulgaretum.

    Кasachstan, Кirgistan, Usbekistan, Тurkmenistan und Tadjikistan - mehr als 25 000

    Ungarn - 10 000 Bulgaren

    Tschechien - 10 000

    Oesterreich - 20 000

    Mehr als 100 000 in den anderen Laendern Europas

    USA - 200 000

    Каnada - 200 000

    Brasilien -15 000

    Аrgentinien - 30 000

    Suedafrikanische Republik - 15 000

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    Okeeeeeeee schon klar. Protestanten sind keine Christen.

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    koja logika....e jebote albanesi

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    Dieser Absinth schreibt sehr viel Humbug obwohl durch seine Adern auch hellenisches Blut fliesst. Die Zahlen hat er aus irgendwelchen VMRO-Seiten (Also nicht objektiv und somit unakzeptabel). Siehe selbst. Ich kann dir mal die Meinung eines Vlachen posten.

    Original-makedonische Gruesse

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    Der Typ ist wohl nicht ganz dicht.



    (Krassimir Iliev, ex-secretary of OMO "Ilinden", St. Vrach, 1992)

    In 1940 the leader of the Norwegian fascists Vidkun Quisling supported actively the Hitlerite occupation of Norway. This way the people who collaborate with a national enemy and betray their country came to be called quislings.

    On 10th March 1990 around 4 p.m. I, together with ten or so other men were drinking in the tavern "Brezata" in Sandanski. In our tipsy company there was only one Macedonist - Georgi Buhala. He proposed us to attend a Macedonian demonstration in Sofia to "deal" with the Shopi ['Shopi' - ethnographic group around Sofia, Samokov, Kjustendil, etc.]. Without giving too much of a thought, we decided to take the night train to Sofia. The [bad] things the Communists did in Pirin Macedonia were known very well and at that moment, when the first steps were made towards the elimination of the totalitarian regime, we, not having any idea about the political aim of that meeting and with a certain doze of anger, went to "deal" with the Shopi. Travelling in a drunken state, with no tickets and amidst continuous scandals with the service personnel of the train, we arrived at the Central Railway station in Sofia on 11th March 1990. Half an hour later 25 more people from the valley of Struma arrived with the first inter-city from Pirin Macedonia.

    We reached the meeting place - NDK [NDK stands for 'National Palace of Culture'], where we were met by the leader of all Macedonists in Bulgarian, the self-proclaimed film producer Georgi Solunski, together with a TV crew for Skopje headed by Dragi Ivanovski and the correspondent of the Skopje semi-official "Nova Makedonija" in Sofia - Vladimir Tulevski. We were some 35-40 people in total. I and my company thought that we have come to a demonstration, but instead we had to sign a petition that was to be presented to the Bulgarian Parliament. The procession had to start at 11 a.m. Around 12 a.m. there appeared members of VMRO-SMD. A member of my group waved at him to hurry up: "Come on, how long are we going to wait for you!". Then it was explained to him that they were not "our" guys, but "vrhovists". A year later the journalist from the Macedonian TV Vladimir Lape compiled a special chronological emission of all activities of the Macedonists. What impressed me there? - The sound of our meeting on 11th March 1990 was cut off. Why? - Because we were drunk and swearing profusely.

    On 12th March 1990 I was stopped in the square of the town of Sandanski by the then activist of "Ilinden" Vihren Zaprev. He asked me: "Do you want to join us?" I asked to join what. The answer was: "The Independent Macedonian Organisation "Ilinden" - VMRO /independent/ (NMO "Ilinden" - VMRO /ind./). When I replied positively, he wrote down my name in one notebook and thus I became their activist, without seeing any of their program documents. On 13th March 1990 near the town's swimming pool in Sandanski there was convened the constituent meeting of the local organisation of NMO "Ilinden" - VMRO /ind./ 33 people were attending. V. Zaprev was elected as a leader, Kr. Iliev [the author of this text] - as a secretary, Ivan Petrov - as a treasurer. There I also got acquainted with Jordan Kostadinov from KChPMPM (Committee for Human Rights of the Macedonians in Pirin Macedonia). This was the beginning of my activity in "Ilinden".

    The first bigger event I attended already as a member of "Ilinden" was the counter-demonstration on 23rd March 1990 in Petrich against the demonstration of VMRO-SMD. There I got acquainted with Atanas Kirjakov and Sokrat Markilov. After the counter-demonstration we moved to the town's park in order to analyse the situation. There Kirjakov gave me the office address of Dimche Beljanovski from Radio Skopje.

    On 14th (?) March 1990 in Sandanski (in the flat of V. Zaprev) was organized the constituent meeting of OMO "Ilinden". It was attended by representatives from NMO "Ilinden" - VMRO /ind./ and KChPMPM and its agenda was:
    1. Getting known with the statute and the platforms of NMO "Ilinden" and KChPMPM;
    2. The adoption of a new name and the formulation of a new statute and programme;
    3. The election of a temporary ruling body until the congress of the organisation.;
    4. The incorporation of new members;
    5. The preparation of a meeting-pilgrimage to the grave of Jane Sandanski in connection with the 75th anniversary of his death;

    The newly elected leadership included: Stojan Georgiev - president; Jordan Kostadinov - deputy-president; Petur Marchev - secretary; Kiril Ivanov - treasurer; Atanas Kirjakov - main co-ordinator; Jordan Berbatov, Teodosij Popov, Georgi Suharev, Dimitur Karamachev, Krassimir Iliev [the author], Kostadin Zlatinov, Krasimir Tupareev - members of the co-ordination committee /co-ordinators/. A control commission consisting of Ivan Ajurov and Vihren Zaprev was also elected. The people who would speak at the Jane Sandanski meeting were also selected. I was among them and I had to read the political declaration of OMO "Ilinden".

    One detail deserves the attention here and it concerns the preparations for the meeting. I don't know how Mr. Kirjakov succeeded in convincing the directorate "Cultural recreation and decoration". But we were [later] notified by the then head of the Sandanski municipality Mr. Ivan Manikatov (letter No. 48-00-10 from 18 April 1990) that in compliance with the Law for the parties, our meeting had been banned because our organisation had not been registered. With the help of the directorate "Cultural recreation and decoration" in the town of Blagoevgrad we were able to construct a platform on the fields besides the Rozhen monastery. Only the back of the stage was missing and I and Kirjakov had to steal it from the store of the "Cultural recreation and decoration" directorate. The back was put in place late in the evening and we put guards (they were there for three days).

    The long-awaited day of 22nd April 1990 /Sunday/ arrived. The meeting had to start at 10 a.m. People from Skopje also arrived. There were quite a few people from Bulgaria because we used a trick - we wrote an additional note to the placards that the famous folk-singer Vaska Ilieva (well-known to the people of Pirin Macedonia) would also attend.

    Without going into the details of the meeting itself, I would like to quote several excerpts from the program of the Macedonists:

    "The Nevrokop bishopric must be detached from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
    The bishop must be Macedonian.
    The young men of Pirin Macedonia must be exempted from military service.
    The Bulgarian occupational troops, which have occupied Pirin Macedonia since 1912 and have represented a national and economical burden for the Macedonian nation must be withdrawn.
    All Bulgarian political parties and organisation on the territory of Pirin Macedonia must cease to exist or they must be renamed 'Macedonian", i.e. they had to accept the Skopjean thesis and, thus, to oppose the Bulgarian politics of assimilation.
    The regional newspaper "Pirinsko delo", the newspaper "Makedonija" and all similar media, which falsify the Macedonian history and culture and incite ethnic conflicts, must be banned.
    OMO "Ilinden" calls for a condemnation of the Bulgarian state by an international court and for reparations to be paid for the sufferings and pains caused by the actions of Bulgaria."

    Ach wie probulgarisch die VMRO doch ist, was, Albanesi?

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    Makedonier haltet durch lasst euch nicht unterkriegen.........

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    ma fuck das nervt mich vielleicht, diese ständige scheissere um makedonija. man das ding is slawisch und fertig aus..raus mit den ausländern und wunderbar

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