Diese Mazedonische Albanische Gangster Familie stellt immerhin mal den Vize Arbeits Minster in Mazdonien.

Wenn Albaner von Politik reden, dann meinen sie halt immer nur das Gangstertum!

Das sind Mörder und grosse Drogen Dealer, wie die Gerichts Akten zeigen.

Jetzt wurde er in Bulgarien verhaftet.

nternationally Wanted Drug Dealer Seized by Bulgarian, Macedonian Police


SOFIA, Bulgaria -- The Bulgarian National Service for Fighting Organised Crime announced Saturday (18 December) that an internationally wanted drug dealer has been seized in Haskovo, Bulgaria, following a joint action of the Bulgarian and Macedonian police. The 38-year-old suspect, identified by police as Ziberi N., was on Interpol's wanted list. (Nova TV, BNR - 18/12/04)


Murderous road rage attack

An Albanian drug dealer has been charged with attempted murder for an Athens road rage attack in which he allegedly drove his car into a motorcycle causing it to crash, reports said yesterday.

The motorcycle driver, 38-year-old male nurse Giorgos Koukoulidis, and his passenger, a 28-year-old woman whose name was not made public, suffered horrific injuries when their motorbike crashed on high-speed Syngrou Avenue on Sunday night as Koukoulidis swerved to avoid a car driven by Albanian national Georgios Ziberi, 34, a convicted drug dealer. Ziberi then sped off, but police got his registration number from witnesses and arrested him in his Piraeus home on Tuesday.

Police said Ziberi, who had been told off by Koukoulidis for dangerous driving, started swearing at the couple and suddenly drove at them, causing the biker to lose control. Koukoulidis needed to have both his hands amputated, while his companion lost one hand.

Ziberi, who was deported last year after serving a three-year jail term, was charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm.


Diese Leute waren mal Minister. Albanische eben!

Solche Leuten waren Sprecher der PDP!

These days Macedonian media were swamped with rumours about the imminent `streamlining' of retirement pensions. Yesterday the Vice-President of the Macedonian Government and Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Naser Ziberi, denied these speculations as unfounded in an interview for A-1 TV. Ziberi attended yesterday's session of the Retirement Pension and Disability Fund. Afterwards he revealed that thorough reforms of the retirement pension system were not to be expected prior to the second half of 1998. Thus for the time being no novelties are on the horizon. Efforts are being concentrated on analyzing the CARANA proposal (which favours the decreasing of pensions) and other options and research studies. The Fund session focused - he stated - on the financial difficulties confronting this institution and on possible solutions. The adopted conclusions may yield results, said Naser Ziberi, while underlining that he would back these up during the next Government session.