Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Islamischen Terroristen mit der Terror Organisation UCK-KLA, wurde in diesem UN Report mit vielen Details 1998 dokumentiert. Im grössten Verbrecher Raum DRENICA, spielte die Islamische Terror Brigade "Abu Bekir Sidik" unter dem Kommando von Ekrem Avija (Avdi) eine wichtige Rolle im Internationalen Terrorismus.

Wie FBI Interpol Reports belegen, suchte Bin Laden diese Verbrecher Region für Terror Anschläge aus, um vor allem für seine Afghanistanischen Terroristen, die Drogen Vertriebs Wege nach Europa und Amerika zu öffnen und Drogen zu vermarkten.

Sehr aktiv war vor allem die Islamische Terror Brigade "
Fifty-fifth session
Item 5 of the provisional agenda


.................................................. .........
With the terrorist activities in Kosovo and Metohija further escalating, data have been officially registered on the active participation of foreign mercenaries in the terrorist activities of the so-called 'Kosovo Liberation Army' (KLA). Evidence is available on the support and assistance that the Republic of Albania has been providing for terrorists active within the so-called 'Liberation Army'. Thus, for example, northern Albania has been transformed into a number of recruitment centres for terrorists' training and into depots for the so-called KLA. The Yugoslav authorities possess documentation on the nationality, training expertise, tasks, experience and payment of foreign mercenaries who have been taken into Serbia to carry out activities in its territory (Kosovo and Metohija). In June and July of 1998, criminal charges were filed against seven Albanian nationals (mostly from the municipality of Tropoja, taken prisoners in our country on the occasion of smuggling large quantities of arms for committing terrorist activities in Kosovo and Metohija).

"Apart from Albanian nationals, most other terrorists are the so-called 'mujaheddins', nationals from some Arab countries - Afghanistan, Sudan, Russian Federation (Chechnya) and others. Many of them have participated in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Muslim side. These are highly professional and well-trained fanatics who take a direct part in capturing and cleansing the region, in kidnapping citizens and members of police, in committing horrendous tortures and liquidations. They have served as special training instructors for the so-called KLA.

"Apart from Albania, the Republic of Macedonia has also been used as a canal for the illegal entry of mercenaries into Yugoslav territory.

"In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and some other countries, highly trained professionals with substantial experience acquired in war operations and sabotage-terrorist activities in various parts of the world have been recruited. Mercenary recruitment and training centres and weapons pooling centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been in the vicinity of the cities of Zenica, Tuzla and Travnik. The Yugoslav authorities possess also data on the training of members of separatist-terrorist gangs in Kosovo and Metohija in the village of Mehurici, municipality of Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Members of Muslim military formations in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina have organized the transfer of Muslim mercenaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina into the territory of Serbia (Kosovo and Metohija)."

"(...) The Islamic influence upon terrorist activities perpetrated by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has been manifested in a number of ways, first of all through aid for purchasing armaments and military equipment provided by radical Islamic countries, but also through Mujahedin fighting within the KLA units. There is irrefutable evidence on the linkage between terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija and the Mujahedin in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, aimed at forced secession of Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

"(...) In 1998 the leaders of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with the idea of providing professional, experienced commanders and perpetrators of terrorist acts, have directed their activities to recruiting mercenaries and volunteers from Islamic countries and from Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the beginning of 1998, in the region of Zenica and Kalesija (Bosnia and Herzegovina), posts of the so-called KLA were set up, charged with recruiting mercenaries and volunteers, mostly among the demobilized members of the Muslim army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly ex-members of its special units. According to the information obtained, their monthly pay ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 deutsche mark. Mujahedin from Arab and other Muslim countries are in charge of the training.

"(...) Yugoslav authorities have obtained evidence whereby, from May to July 1998, in the region of Drenica in Kosovo and Metohija, a joint Mujahedin unit, 'Abu Bekir Sidik' was operating. This unit was first set up in mid-1997 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the instructions coming from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Some DM 300,000, earmarked for arms purchasing and illegal transfer into Kosovo and Metohija have been provided by the 'World Office for Islamic Appeal'. The first contingent was illegally brought into the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) in July 1997, and the first Mujahedin unit was infiltrated in May 1998 to the village of Donji Prekaz. The unit, under the command of Ekrem Avija, consisted of 120 Mujahedin, divided into seven groups. A separated group consisted of Mujahedin from Saudi Arabia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries, with an Egyptian national, Abu Ismail, heading it (he had been in charge of the former Mujahedin unit in the Bosnian war).

"(...) I should like to point to the increasing presence of the Islamic factor in Kosovo and Metohija, which indicates to broader strategic interests to exert influence upon Albania, and the whole of the Balkans."


Und wie bewiesen ist die DRENICA Region die Heimat Region der Super Kriminellen wie Thaci, Östremi, Ahmeti, Jashari und Clans. DRENICA Region die Heimat Region der Super Kriminellen wie Thaci, Östremi, Ahmeti, Jashari und Clans.

DRENICA die von Interpol dokumentierte Islamische Terror Zelle im Kosovo