Der Italienische Aussenamts Sprecher Gioanfranco Fini, sagt ganz klar, das jede Art von Autonomie für den Kosovo destabilisieren würde.

Und hier hat Fino Recht, denn denn ein eigener Mafia- und Terror Staat durch das Internationale Verbrechern der UCK Terroristen, kann nur zu einer Destabilisierung führen.

Source: Agence France-Presse (AFP)

Date: 15 Feb 2005
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Independent Kosovo "highly destabilising" for region: Italian FM

ROME, Feb 15 (AFP) - An independent Kosovo would be "highly destabilising" for the region but, the province must also not be left without some form of autonomy, a spokesperson for Italian foreign minister, Gianfranco Fini, said Tuesday

Fini will tour the Balkans February 23-25 visiting Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

"Italy's position is that firstly the question of the quality of standards (rights of minorities) applied in this province must be dealt with before approaching the problem of its legal status," the spokesperson, Pasquale Terracciano said.

"There are still a number of problems in Kosovo which are still not resolved and in this context, the choice of final legal status would be leaping ahead. Independence would be highly destabilising," Terracciano said.

However Italy rejected any return to the days when Kosovo had no autonomy and believes that the ultimate solution should be a compromise between the two extremes, "with the perspective of euro-Atlantic integration", referring to possible membership over the long-term of the European Union and NATO.

The tour by Fini is intended to "focus attention on the Balkans which have moved off the international agenda because of Afghanistan and Iraq but where the situation remains anything but stable", Terracciano said.

Italy is very involved in the Balkans where it has deployed 4,500 troops, with 2,850 in Kosovo, 1,100 in Bosnia, 500 in Albania and 25 in Macedonia.

Kosovo became a UN protectorate in 1999 after NATO bombing ended a brutal Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists who took up arms against the regime of the then Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic to demand independence.

The province technically remains part of Serbia and Serbian President Boris Tadic reiterated Belgrade's refusal to contemplate its independence during his visit to Serb villages there this week.

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