Das UCK Ganvoen Pack, welches sich dort die Stellung des Fracht Chefs und Chefs für verlorene Sachen erkaufte, wurde verhaftet.

Die haben dort praktisch Alles gefälscht und Gebühren in die eigene Tasche gesteckt.


Friday, 01 October 2004

FIU Arrested Two Senior Officials from Pristina Airport

PRISTINA - Officials of the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) arrested
in conjunction with the UNMIK Department of Justice on Monday two senior
officials of Pristina Airport. The Chief of the Cargo Handling Section
and the Chief of the Cargo Lost and Found Deposit are suspected to have
abused their official position through the appropriation of money
belonging to Pristina Airport. They will additionally be charged with
misappropriation and fraud in office.
According to the FIU, the two suspects managed by means of a false
presentation of the actual facts and through false statements to receive
a reduced amount of storage fees regarding merchandise imported and
awaiting to be placed into consumption. The amount was not paid to the
airport but kept by the suspects. The activity carried out produced a
significant financial loss for Pristina Airport.
Since 2002, the FIU performs investigations wherever public money is
involved. They conduct inspections seeking out misuse of funds or assets
of public bodies and public or socially owned enterprises.


Und solche primitiven Voll Idioten Banditen, wollen einen Staat regieren? Unglaublich.