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Will die UNMIk Visas für den Kosovo einführen

Erstellt von lupo-de-mare, 17.05.2005, 21:42 Uhr · 1 Antwort · 551 Aufrufe

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    Will die UNMIk Visas für den Kosovo einführen

    Um die kriminellen Umtriebe in der Region zu unterbinden plant die UNMIK Visas für den Kosovo.

    Im Gegenzug würde dann Mazedonien ein Total Embargo gegen den Kosovo einführen.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2005
    Macedonian coalition urges "full embargo" against Kosovo

    Prishtina [Pristina], 16 May: The coalition of some parties in Shkup [Skopje], known as "The Third Path Centre," called upon the Macedonian Government to impose a full embargo against Kosova [Kosovo] "in response to UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] announcement to put visas for entering Kosova."

    The head of the Democratic League, a partner in this coalition, Pavle Trajanov, said today at a press conference in Shkup that the Macedonian Government should not only respond the same but also go even a step further.

    "Macedonia should not afford itself to be inferior towards Kosova. If Kosova is under the UN protectorate, then all things should be discussed with UNMIK and New York," Trajanov said.

    "The current government is to be blamed for difficult position of the country internationally," he said adding that Macedonian citizens have to get visa to travel to Albania and Greece, and that UNMIK and Bulgaria are planning the same.

    The UNMIK plan for a more rigid control at the borders with Macedonia and Albania lead to harsh responses in Shkup.

    Source: KosovaLive web site, Pristina, in English 16 May 05

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