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Zwei Freunde auf dem Balkan: Makedonien und die Türkei

Erstellt von Kejo, 22.05.2012, 21:14 Uhr · 948 Antworten · 163.494 Aufrufe

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    Zitat Zitat von Harput Beitrag anzeigen
    Dann hör doch auf, Selbstgespräche zu führen.

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    Skopje, Macedonia, 12/21/2012, TIKA award for President Ivanov


    Gjore Prvi Makedonski.jpg

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    Turkey and Macedonia co-operate to open Ottoman archives

    The State Ottoman Archives of Turkey and Macedonia are launching a joint project to catalogue, digitalise and share Ottoman archives.
    By Biljana Lajmanovska and Menekse Tokyay for Southeast European Times in Skopje and Istanbul -- 24/12/12

    Macedonia contains some of the richest Ottoman archives outside Turkey. [Menekse Tokyay/SETimes]

    Turkey and Macedonia are launching a joint project to catalogue, digitalise and share Ottoman archive documents as part of a pilot project that the Turkish National Archives hopes to implement in nearly 40 other countries.
    The project aims to further transparent historical research and make the detailed Ottoman archives more accessible to researchers and historians to better understand the social, political and economic life of territories formerly under Ottoman rule.
    Macedonia, as a centre of Ottoman rule in the Balkans for over five centuries, contains some of the richest Ottoman archives outside Turkey, including land registers, court documents (kadı) and other detailed documents from the Ottoman period.
    But Mustafa Budak, the deputy director of the Prime Ministerial State Archives in Turkey, toldSETimes that to date there has been a lack of comprehensive cataloguing and digital processing of the Ottoman archives available in Macedonia.
    "We can provide Macedonian authorities with necessary training on archives, with all additional expert staff and equipment," he said, adding that after the one year project the experience gains in Macedonia would then be applied to Albania and eventually other countries in the Balkans.
    In Macedonia, one aim of the initiative is to increase knowledge about Ottoman history and culture for both Turkish and Macedonian researchers while overcoming prejudices within Macedonian society about Ottoman history.
    Budak noted that "archives are the bureaucratic memory of a state as well as the main memory tool among the nation and the state."

    The project could shed light not only on the history of Macedonia, but also provide details about the political and social life of cities like Bitola, known in Turkish as Monastir, which holds a special place for Macedonians and Turks alike.
    As the political, economic and cultural centre of the Balkans in the Ottoman era, Pllumi Veliu, the Mufti of Bitola, says documents in the archives will shed light on life in the region and overcome historical inaccuracies that have been created by historians, educational and scientific institutions in Macedonia.
    "This project will end all taboos, the entire invented history of Bitola and will reveal the true life of the citizens of this town during Ottoman rule," Veliu told SETimes, noting the city was a "diplomatic metropolis where Islam, Christianity and Judaism crossed its paths."
    "Islam was the state religion, but followers of other religions could live in Bitola in peace and tranquility, with no restraints. It is the town where the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk finished his military education," said Veliu, explaining why Ottoman heritage is important to citizens of Bitola and Turks.

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    NeSa Energy to Begin Macedonia Wind Farm Construction in July

    By Sally Bakewell - Jan 24, 2013 1:42 PM GMT+0100

    NeSa Energy, a Turkish developer with plans to build a 130-million euro ($173 million) wind farm in Macedonia, will begin work on the venture in July.
    The 110-megawatt plant will take about two years to finish, Ali Samra, an owner of NeSa, said by e-mail. “We are in touch with some bank and finance groups for financing the project,” he said. “We are working to agree with one of them.”
    The company signed an agreement to build the 44-turbine project, subject to conditions such as wind-speed verification, with southern Macedonia’s Bogdanci municipality on Jan. 17.
    The park will receive preferential rates for producing clean power, or a so-called feed-in tariff, Samra said.
    Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, plans to get about 21 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 as it seeks to join the European Union. The Balkan nation applied for membership in March 2004 and has been a candidate since 2005.

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    Dass sich Mazedonien den neo-Osmanen anbiedert finde ich bedauerlich.

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    Investment benefits presented at Istanbul roundable

    2/2/2013 2:21:53 PM
    Skopje, 2 February 2013 (MIA) - Investment benefits and doing business in Macedonia were in the focus of Istanbul roundtable hosted by the Macedonian-Turkish Business Council, part of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).
    "The event is of exceptional importance, since information will reach about 1,3 million TOBB members", the Government said in a press release.
    Minister for Foreign Investments Bill Pavleski and Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion director Visar Fida took part in the presentation.
    At the event sidelines, Minister Pavleski met with Macedonian-Turkish Business Council chairman Hasan Hosben and a number of Turkish businessmen.
    Moreover, Minister Pavleski briefly met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, tackling bilateral friendly relations and possibilities for further trade and investment cooperation

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    Haben Makedonien und die Türkei einen Freunde für immer Ring ?

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    Macedonian and Turkish companies jointly at Azerbaijan's market

    2/4/2013 1:44:07 PM
    Skopje, 4 February 2013 (MIA) - The opportunities for presentation of Macedonian companies at Azerbaijani market, as an important country in Caspian region, was discussed at Monday's talks between representatives of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Chamber of Commerce of Azerbaijan.
    Participation of Macedonia's companies at several fair events, planning of legal framework for bilateral economic ties, improvement of exchange of information system and organising business forum with companies from Azerbaijan was agreed during the visit to Azerbaijan by the Macedonian business delegation led by Chamber's President Branko Azeski.
    If those prerequisites are to be met then there is an opportunity to see our products at this important regional market, Economic Chamber of Macedonia said in a press release.
    The Republic of Azerbaijan's GDP is estimated at US$93.5 billion and GDP per capita is US$10.000. Azerbaijani export amounts US$34.5 billion and import of goods and services is US$10.2 billion. Previous economic exchange between Macedonia and Azerbaijan was at very low level. Only goods from pharmaceutical and food industry from Macedonia can be found at Azerbaijan's market.
    Last week's agreement signed between Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey - TOBB for joint presentation of Macedonian and Turkish companies at Azerbaijan's market is worth mentioning aimed at opening new markets for our companies, Economic Chamber of Macedonia said in a press release

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