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Anonymous - Message to Greece

Erstellt von Zoran, 22.12.2013, 15:19 Uhr · 24 Antworten · 3.040 Aufrufe

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    Ausrufezeichen Anonymous - Message to Greece

    To the people of the Greece, we are Anonymous, almost every citizen in your country is an ethicist. We've been in the shadows, analyzing the work of Greece. You won't accept Macedonia in the Europe Union, unless Macedonia changes it's name.
    Why is Greece trying to steal the Macedonian History?
    Historian and Professor Eugene Borza who is credited as "Macedonian specialist" by the American Philological Association, and who have done extensive studies regarding the ethnicity of the ancient Macedonians, had also presented in-depth analysis on the modern Greek position which claims that the ancient Macedonians "were Greek". In his In the Shadow of Olympus (p.91-92) Borza writes:
    "Thus, long before there was a sufficient ancient evidence to argue about the ethnic identity--as revealed by language--of the ancient Macedonians, there emerged a "Greek" position claiming that the Macedonian language was Greek, and that thus the inhabitants were Greek."
    The modern Greeks have therefore, developed a position that the Macedonians were Greek, long before there was sufficient ancient evidence to argue about their ethnicity. Yet although modern historiography had long abandoned this prematurely established "Greek" position, modern Greeks are still its most zealous defenders despite the overwhelming evidence available today, which overwhelmingly shows that the Macedonians were not Greeks but a distinct nation. Borza continues:
    "For example, recent work describes the funerary stelae found in the tumulus covering the royal tombs at Vergina. These stelae date from the fourth and early third centuries, and the preponderance of names are Greek... The excavator of Vergina, Manolis Andronikos, in a useful summary of the epigraphic evidence, writes: "In the most unambivalent way this evidence confirms the opinion of those historians who maintain that the Macedonians were a Greek tribe, like all the others who lived on Greek territory, and shows that the theory that they were of Illyrian or Thracian descent and were hellenized by Philip and Alexander rests on no objective criteria." Manolis Andronikos Vergina:The Royal Tombs, 83-85."
    Here is Borza's answer to the Greek archeologist Manolis Andronikos:
    "This argument is true enough only as far as it goes. It neglects that the hellenization of the Macedonians might have occurred earlier then the age of Philip and Alexander, and can not therefore serve as a means of proving the Macedonians were a Greek tribe."
    Indeed, not only Andronakis was obviously wrong to conclude that the Macedonians were Greek, but also notice how the Greek archeologist does not point that the Macedonians might have been a separate nation. Instead he prefers to call it if not Greek, either Illyrian or Thracian, two ancient nations that can not be associated with the Balkans politics surrounding Greece, resulted from the 1913 partition of Macedonia (see below). Also notice how Andronikos used the term "like all the others who lived on Greek territory". It's like he wants to convince the reader that Macedonia has always been a "Greek territory", which is exactly what he uses as a base for his inaccurate conclusion.
    Another Greek writer, Michael Sakellariou, in his Macedonia 4000 years of Greek History, 44-63 (quite questionable of accuracy title to begin with), "proves" that the "Macedonians were Greek" although he purposely avoided all evidence that does not suit such conclusion.
    Greece's attitude towards Macedonia is unfortunate and unhelpful, we're here to unite the World, to do that we must erase all hopeless conclusions that starts ethicist and hatred.
    We are Anonymous,
    We are Legion,
    United as One,
    Divided by Zero,
    Expect us!

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    Bestimmt irgend ein Mazedöner der einen auf Anonymus macht

    Borza sagt auch :

    • Our understanding of the Macedonians' emergence into history is confounded by two events: the establishment of the Macedonians as an identifiable ethnic group, and the foundation of their ruling house. The "highlanders" or "Makedones" of the mountainous regions of western Macedonia are derived from northwest Greek stock; they were akin both to those who at an earlier time may have migrated south to become the historical "Dorians", and to other Pindus tribes who were the ancestors of the Epirotes or Molossians. That is, we may suggest that northwest Greece provided a pool of Indo-European speakers of Proto-Greek from which were drawn the tribes who later were known by different names as they established their regional identities in separate parts of the country... First, the matter of the Hellenic origins of the Macedonians: Nicholas Hammond's general conclusion (though not the details of his arguments) that the origin of the Macedonians lies in the pool of proto-Greek speakers who migrated out of the Pindus mountains during the Iron Age, is acceptable.

    • Only recently have we begun to clarify these muddy waters by revealing the Demosthenean corpus for what it is: oratory designed to sway public opinion and thereby to formulate public policy. That elusive creature, Truth, is everywhere subordinate to Rhetoric; Demosthenes' pronouncements are no more the true history of the period than are the public statements of politicians in any age.
      • Eugene N. Borza, "In The Shadow of Olympus", pp. 5-6, Princeton University Press

    • There is no doubt that this tradition of a superimposed Greek house was widely believed by the Macedonians [...] There was a persistent, well attested tradition in antiquity that told of a group of Greeks from Argos -descendants of Temenus, kinsman of Heracles- who came to Macedonia and established their rule over the Makedones, unifying them and providing a royal house.
      • Eugene N. Borza, "In The Shadow of Olympus", p. 80, Princeton University Press

    • "There is no reason to deny the Macedonians' own traditions about their early kings and the migration of the Macedones[..] The basic story as provided by Herodotus and Thucydides, minus the interpolation of the Temenid connections, undoubtedly reflects the Macedonians' own traditions about their early history.
      • Eugene N. Borza, "In The Shadow of Olympus", p. 84, Princeton University Press

    • Their daughter, who would be the half-sister of Alexander the Great and, later the wife of Cassander, was appropriately named Thessalonike, to commemorate Philip's victory in Thessaly. In 315 Cassander founded at or near the site of ancient Therme the great city that still bears her name.
      • Eugene N. Borza, "In The Shadow of Olympus", p.220, Princeton University Press

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    Zoran, hast du eigentlich nichts besseres zu tun?

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    als würde sich Anonymos für die Streitereien bezüglich der Geschichte zwischen Griechenland und Fyrom interessieren, und auch noch Stellung dazu nehmen für Fyrom und so tuen als hätten die Bewohner Fyroms recht und probieren das Historisch zu begründen wenn gleichzeitig fast alle renommierten Historiker auf der Welt Griechenlands Sicht vertreten. Man man man manche Slawomazedonskis schrecken ja vor nichts zurück für ihre Propaganda.

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    Ich glaube der Mehrheit der Griechen schert sich ein Dreck was irgendwelche Anonymous, Blogger oder was auch immer Irgendwas im Internet verbreitet

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    Leute, Anonymous ist ein Kollektiv, in dem jeder Mitglied sein kann, jeder kann sagen, dass er Anonymous ist, da es keine Führungsposition gibt. Das, was einem Angst machen kann ist, dass das Video ziemlich schnell verbreitet werden kann und viele falsche Aussagen in den Köpfen vieler Menschen eingepflanzt werden.

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    Zitat Zitat von Nikos Beitrag anzeigen
    Zoran, hast du eigentlich nichts besseres zu tun?
    Sein Verhalten ist verständlich, er will sich lieb Kind machen.

    Da Zoran als fyrom-Bewohner weder Albaner noch Slawe ist, Türke nicht und schon gar kein Makedone, und uns zudem seine Volkszugehörigkeit hier vermittelt hat und uns bekannt ist, wird er entweder

    • zur Normalität zurückkehren und die Realitäten anerkennen, eingestehen daß er auf das falsche Pferd gesetzt hat, oder
    • seine fyrom-Durchhalteparolen so lange ins Netz stellen und andere irreführen, bis ihm das Wasser in seine Nasenflügeln steigt.

    Ich vermute das zweite und gönne ihn diese Freude des langsamen ...
    Hierzu soll er jede Unterstützung erhalten.

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    Oh man. Die Bewohner FYROMs sind schon geil, dass muss man dennen lassen. Comedy liegt ihnen einfach

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